Staff Spotlight: Lisa Grosser
What started as a part-time job at Penfield Town Hall has become a 20-year career for Lisa Grosser. Over the years, Grosser has become a familiar face, and voice, holding numerous positions with the Town of Penfield.

Currently, Lisa serves as administrator to the Town Supervisor. She began this role under former Town Supervisor Tony LaFountain in February 2020 and has continued under Town Supervisor Marie Cinti.

Each day, her work is critical to making the Town of Penfield operate successfully. In her position, Lisa assists the Town Supervisor, scheduling internal meetings with Town staff, receiving and resolving constituent inquiries, working on special projects, and serving on special committees.  

“Lisa is an invaluable member of our team,” said Town Supervisor Marie Cinti. “From the day I stepped into my role as Town Supervisor, Lisa has been ready to help and ensure office operations are running smoothly.”

Previously, Grosser served as Deputy Town Clerk from 2011-2019, and Records Clerk from 2002-2010

Thanks for your service, Lisa!