Supervisor's Note: Speeding in our community
One of the most important lessons I learned from my father was that I should always consider how my actions affect other people.

As I get older, I realize more and more the gravity of what my dad taught me. It can be hard to think of others when going through our day, and it’s easy to feel that we exist in a bubble all to ourselves. But know this; our community is most certainly interconnected, and our actions always affect others.

Why am I bringing this up in a note written by the Town Supervisor? 

Because Town Hall is receiving numerous complaints about speeding on roads throughout our community.

At the very least, speeding is a nuisance to those living in the area. And at its worst, a speeding driver can cost people their lives.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office provides our public safety and law enforcement services. The Town and MCSO regularly communicate with each other and work collaboratively to serve the community.  But neither the MCSO nor the Town can be everywhere at once.  

We must collectively take responsibility for our actions and remember that we are part of one community. That means being aware of our behaviors and how they impact others-- in this case speeding. It’s a particularly important time to remember this message as we begin the new school year.

The sense of collective community also extends beyond simply obeying speed limits. It speaks to the need for all of us to step back and evaluate how we can be better. Better neighbors, better citizens, and better members of the community.

I am confident in our community and know we can do this. Let’s make Penfield an even safer place to call home.