Supervisor's Note: Shadow Pines Update
I am sure many of you have spent time this summer enjoying recreational activities throughout the area, including at parks and lands right here in Penfield. I hope you had the opportunity to visit our Shadow Pines property. If you have not done so yet, I encourage you to get out and experience this gem located in the heart of our community.

Community space

As many of you know, Shadow Pines was previously home to a golf course and acquired by the Town of Penfield following a town-wide referendum in 2018. After purchase, the Shadow Pines Land Use Advisory Committee developed a list of recommended uses for the property and the Town Board has also created a master plan for the area. 

The property truly does offer opportunities for all in our community. Whether you are looking for a place to walk your dog or are a disc golf enthusiast, Shadow Pines and its expansive space offers a spot for you to enjoy.

Current uses and/or those under development or consideration for the property include:
  • Open Space
  • Trails
  • Lodges/pavilions
  • Mountain biking
  • Sports fields and pickleball courts
  • Disc Golf
  • Geocaching
  • Orienteering
What’s the property currently being used for?

Right now, the property is mainly used by walkers and hikers who frequent repurposed paths formerly devoted to golf carts. Penfield Central School District athletic teams also use the space for cross country running and Nordic skiing.

The property has a newly established disc golf course which was designed in cooperation with community groups. If you’ve been to Ellison Park, it follows a similar setup with holes and areas for pedestrians intermingling to create the most efficient use of the space.

Planning continues

We continue exploring opportunities to further improve the property with proposed additions such as restrooms, pickleball courts and lodge/pavilion spaces. These projects are under consideration to be built and funded in whole or part by American Rescue Plan Act funds received by the Town of Penfield.

Located on the property are multiple structures previously used by the golf course. This includes Clark House (formerly the clubhouse), a cart barn and two storage barns.

Last year, the architecture and engineering firm Bergmann examined options for the future of the Clark House. Findings of the study were presented during a Town Board meeting in December 2021, and again on May 11, 2022. The Bergmann study noted that the Clark House is unusable in its current condition. Engineers found the building requires major upgrades to make the space structurally sound and up to code. Options and general cost estimates for updates to the building are available on our website.

The Town Board is continuing its discussion on the future of the Clark House and other structures in the coming months. 

Working together

Throughout the entirety of the Shadow Pines acquisition and development process, feedback from our community has been critically important. Information received has helped us in our decision-making process. I encourage you to be an active participant in the process. Your voice is important.

In the case of Shadow Pines, the price tag of any project we take on is critical. We remain committed to fiscal responsibility and do not want projects such as Shadow Pines to place an undue financial burden on the Town and its residents. As such, we need to think outside of the box, compromise and be creative as we plan the future of Shadow Pines.

If you’re interested in learning more about the future of Shadow Pines, please visit our website where you’ll find a draft master plan for the property.

We will be hosting the Shadow Pines Celebration event on Saturday, September 24 from 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. and I invite you to join us.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

Marie Cinti
Town Supervisor