Staff Spotlight: Youth Services Team at PPL
The Youth Services team at the Penfield Public Library went above and beyond with summer reading activities this year. The newly created summer reading game was a big hit with children in grades K and up.

Activities included a Harry Potter birthday party, a teen lock-in, a magic show, arts & crafts, special story times, interactive movie events, a LEGO challenge, an author visit, and a deluxe foam party. The Youth Services Team also decorated the children’s room and the Ruth Braman Room to reflect the summer reading game theme with hundreds of joyful cut-outs. In total, over 2,400 people participated!

Thank you, Julie Rapp, Natalie Burch, Stephanie Blando, Tracie Drake, Katie Mulvey, Dani Galens and Elis Martinez-Kranz. Your hard work is truly appreciated!