Supervisor's Note: Town of Penfield actively recruiting for open positions
As you know, organizations of all types throughout the country are facing hiring challenges.

The Town of Penfield is impacted by this national trend as well, and recruitment and retention of employees is a vital concern for leadership. Currently, we have 14 open positions including 9 full-time, 2 part-time, and 3 per diem positions.

Despite the openings, the Town of Penfield continues to provide its full range of services to keep the Town of Penfield running smoothly. Led by our Human Resources Department, filling current vacancies is a top priority to make sure we continue to provide all services residents expect.

Fortunately, the Town of Penfield has a dedicated full-time staff of just over 100 employees along with numerous part-time and seasonal employees. I greatly appreciate the commitment of this group which is working diligently to ensure the success of our Town as we manage staffing challenges.

With that said, the large number of vacancies does put stress on the system, and we must continue our recruitment efforts.

I encourage anyone interested to explore employment opportunities with the Town of Penfield. Working in public service allows you to make a positive impact each day on your local community. Whether plowing roads in the winter or making recreation opportunities available for residents in the summer, each employee contributes to making Penfield the great place it is.

We will continue to adapt to the labor market, adjusting our recruiting techniques and reevaluating employee benefits to ensure we attract and retain high-quality talent.

To learn more about employment opportunities, please visit If there is not a job posted which fits what you are looking for, keep checking our website as we regularly post new positions as they become available.

Marie Cinti
Town Supervisor