Town of Penfield adds translation services
The Town of Penfield has added translation services to assist individuals conducting Town business that do not speak English or are hearing impaired. Services are offered through Propio Language Services which leverages innovative technology and solutions to close the language gap.

Town staff can utilize services as needed by contacting Propio to connect with an experienced interpreter. The interpreter then translates via phone or video. In-person translation services are available with advance notice as well. In total, over 300 languages including American Sign Language (ASL) are available for translation.

“In Penfield, we strive to provide inclusive services to meet the needs of residents and those doing business with the Town,” said Town Supervisor Marie Cinti. “I am excited to add this tool to better serve our diverse community.”

The Town of Penfield continues to expand ways to assist residents when interacting with the Town. For more information about accessibility services, please contact the Department of Community TV and Website Service.