Keeps our waters clean, avoid illegal dumping in storm sewers and streams
With increased outdoor activities and spring clean-ups underway, the frequency of illegal dumping in storm sewers and waterways increases. Illegal dumping has detrimental effects on infrastructure and the environment and can cause blocked pipes, drainage problems, and polluted water. Other than rainwater, nothing should be discharged into storm sewers or waterways.

Below is a list of common debris and waste products that are reported to be illegally dumped into sewers and streams:
  • Leaves
  • Yard clippings
  • Pet waste
  • Fertilizers
  • Household cleaners
  • Automotive fluids
  • Chlorinated water from hot tubs and pools
If caught, illegal dumping can result in penalties such as tickets and hefty fines.

The Town of Penfield falls within several watersheds, and the Town’s stormwater ultimately discharges into Irondequoit Bay and Lake Ontario. This means anything dumped into storm sewers and streams within the Town ultimately ends up in the waters of the bay and lake.

Let’s all work together to keep our waters safe and clean. The small actions of each person can lead to a better environment for everyone.

To learn more about the Town’s stormwater management practices, click here.