Supervisor's Note: March 2022
As we move into spring, the sunlight is stronger, the wind not quite as cold, and the days are growing longer. Spring will be in fits and starts for a while, but slowly and surely, winter’s grip is loosening.

Even with the promise of spring, the world still feels shaky. Turn on any news channel and you are likely to hear about COVID, inflation, and geopolitical upheaval. For as much as we are a singular human race, at times we feel deeply fractured.

Yet, as I have transitioned into my role of Town Supervisor, I have seen so much good, especially right here in Penfield. I am grateful to my colleagues on the Town Board, at the Town Hall, and in the community for the warm welcome and assistance during the transition.

With the acclimation process over, it is now time to get to work in moving Penfield forward. One of the most critical elements of this work includes the need for a long-term facilities plan.

Over the years, our Town has been fortunate to experience continued growth while many areas in the state have seen declining populations. With the growth, our Town facilities have not kept pace. We recognize our facilities, including the Department of Public Works, Justice Courts, Recreation (including senior programs), and the Penfield Public Library, need improvements.

As a resident of Penfield, you may or may not use the Library or the Justice Courts, and maybe you haven’t participated in our wonderful Rec programs. However, I can assure you the Department of Public Works plays a critical role in the daily lives of all residents. It is the backbone of our Town. For example, if the roads are plowed, if the road drains after a rainstorm, if our Town parks are open - that is the result of hard work from the Department of Public Works.

Moving forward, we must examine ways to optimize operating efficiency while ensuring residents have access to outstanding services and facilities. Initial planning efforts are underway, and I eagerly anticipate continuing this conversation with the public in the coming months.

I mentioned in previous Town communications that the question, “Where can we improve?” must always be asked. I’ve continued asking this question and have received a wealth of feedback. To that end, we have made some immediate changes and are planning for more in the months ahead.

  1. Our reception window in the Town Hall is now staffed during most hours of the day, and visitors are welcomed by a Town Hall employee. We continue to look at the customer experience for visitors and ways to improve. Stay tuned.
  2. We have increased our communications tools and are rolling out an e-newsletter. You can sign up to receive the e-newsletter on our website, Look for more new tools as the year rolls on.
Exciting times are certainly ahead for our Town, and I am honored to play a small role in the successes of this community. As always, please reach out should you have any questions or concerns.

Marie Cinti