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Supply Chain Shortages May Affect Library Material Availability
BooksSupply Chain Shortages May Affect Library Material Availability
The global publishing industry expects disruption in shipping and shortages in labor and manufacturing supplies for books and printed matter. In addition, UPS, FedEx, and other transportation companies anticipate increased volume and delays in their delivery schedules. All of these factors will undoubtedly impact our ability to deliver expected titles by announced publication dates. In some cases, publishers are delaying publication on some promised titles. We are working with our distributors to ensure the least impact possible on our inventory and the expectations of our patrons. We are ordering early and predicting demand in order to have enough copies to satisfy our readers.  Despite our best efforts, we might occasionally have to defer our fulfillment of your holds. We thank you for your patience as we work through this bottleneck in the delivery of our services. For more information, you might enjoy this article from The New York Times: ‘The Beginning of the Snowball’: Supply-Chain Snarls Delay Books.