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Free Friday Films Resume Sept 24

Friday Film Series
September 24 - 2:00 PM
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The Meddler 2016 PG-13

Susan Sarandon plays Marnie Minervini a recently widowed woman who decides to leave her lonely life in New Jersey to live close to her daughter Lori in Los Angeles.  In her attempt to find new meaning in her life, she begins to interfere in her daughter’s. This unexpected intrusion begins to set a wedge between the two of them.  Marnie soon realizes she can’t use Lori as an outlet to find happiness and begins to meet new friends who are more in need of her assistance and who can give her the much needed value she struggles to find on her own.   
This is a sweet, fun and touching film that doesn’t try to over reach.  Susan Sarandon is remarkable in the role of Marnie. 

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