Supervisor's Note: May 2022

As I write this, I am roughly 150 days into my time as Penfield Town Supervisor. It’s certainly been a busy five months, and I remain grateful for the opportunity to serve our community.

With this being a new role for me, I am often asked if the job is what I thought it would be.

In general, yes, the job is exactly how I thought it would be. It’s a more than full schedule of overseeing day-to-day functions to keep Town services running, working with residents to address questions and concerns, and identifying areas where we can further improve our community.

Enhanced communications efforts

One concern I’ve heard is that the Town does not communicate frequently enough. I appreciate the feedback, and I understand there is always room for improvement.

Listed below are a few changes and improvements to enhance communications and outreach with the community:
Additional ways you can receive current information and updates include:

I plan to increase my communication with residents by publishing a column more frequently, but I intend to shift slightly from reporting on upcoming events to an emphasis on explaining and informing residents of the hows and whys of Town operations.

My goal is to have a frank and honest discussion of Penfield’s growth, budget development, facilities, taxes, and anything else you would like to hear about.

Stay engaged   

Speaking of frankness - communication is a two-way street.

It is the Town’s responsibility to disseminate information, but it is equally important that residents be actively engaged in the community and local government. I acknowledge the day-to-day efforts of local government may seem mundane, uninteresting, or even trivial, but decisions made locally often have the greatest impact on our daily lives.

Here are some easy ways to remain engaged with the Town:
I recognize some residents do not wish to or do not have access to digital media. 

To assist with this, consider the following:
  • Free use of computers and internet at Penfield Public Library
  • Digital signboards at Town facilities (coming later in the year)
  • Notification via USPS mail for select projects and announcements in your neighborhood
  • Specific questions? Call Town Hall (585) 340-8630
  • Attend or watch public meetings
I look forward to working together.

Marie Cinti
Penfield Town Supervisor