Winter Safety Reminder: Space Heater Usage

With frigid temperatures in the forecast for this weekend, the Town of Penfield Fire Marshal’s Office would like to remind you how to safely use auxiliary heating appliances. Auxiliary heating appliances, commonly referred to as space heaters, must be used with the utmost caution as they can be very dangerous.

Below, check out a last of safety tips:

  • Never plug a space heater into an extension cord
  • Never use a space heater while sleeping or away from home
  • Never use a space heater that burns a liquid fuel such as kerosene, propane, fuel oil, etc. indoors
  • Never plug more than 1 space heater into the same outlet
  • Always keep space heaters AT LEAST 3 feet from any combustibles
  • Always use space heaters that are UL listed and have “tip over” protection (space heater automatically turns off if tipped over)
  • Only use space heaters in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Only use space heaters when absolutely necessary