Winter Parking Rules for Roads and Highways

When the snow comes, giving plow operators plenty of room to do their job is critical.

Overnight Winter Parking Rules state that no vehicles should be left within any public roadway between the hours of 2 am and 7 am.  This allows for easy access and removal of snow by the Department of Public Works before the morning commute.  Any vehicles in violation of over-night on-street parking shall be deemed a nuisance and a menace to the safe and proper regulation of traffic. The Department of Public Works or the Monroe County Sheriff's Office may remove, or cause to be removed any such vehicles to any location without any liability for damages to the vehicle. The owner or person in charge of such vehicle shall be required to reimburse the Town for the actual and necessary costs of removal and storage thereof before he/she is entitled to regain possession. Thank you for helping everyone this winter by following the Winter Parking Rules.