Jennings, Nulton, and Mattle Funeral Home
1704 Penfield Rd - Aerial Map (1)
23P-010 and 23Z-049
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23P-010: (Planning Board)
Project includes building modifications, parking lot addition and new driveway entrance to Penfield Road.

23Z-049: (Zoning Board of Appeals)
To allow a garage with less side setback and less rear setback than required

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Application(s)2 documents

  • 1704 Penfield Road - Preliminary & Final (Approved)
    document seq 0.00
    Planning Board | 23P-0010 (Conditional Use Permit)
  • 1704 Penfield Rd Road - Area Variances (Approved)
    document seq 0.00
    Zoning Board | 23Z-0049

Legal Notice(s)2 documents

  • 1704 Penfield Road - Public Hearing
    document seq 98.00
    Zoning Board of Appeals - Thursday, August 17, 2023
  • 1704 Penfield Road - Public Hearing
    document seq 99.00
    Planning Board - Thursday, August 10, 2023

Meeting Video(s)3 documents

  • Thursday, August 17, 2023
    document seq 97.00
    Zoning Board of Appeals, 23Z-049
  • Thursday, August 10, 2023
    document seq 98.00
    Planning Board Work Session, 23P-010
  • Thursday, August 10, 2023
    document seq 99.00
    Planning Board Public Hearing, 23P-010

Previous Meetings

August 17 | Zoning Board of Appeals | 23Z-049 (Approval)
August 10 | Planning Board Hearing / Work Session | 23P-010 (Approval)