Area Variances: Accessory Storage Building
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23Z-013: The applicant plans to construct a 40 x 60 storage barn with a 10’ x 60’ porch (shed roof). The building will be used to store farm equipment, recreational items (such as boats and ATVs), camping gear, and seasonal items, providing protection from the weather. However, the proposed building height of 25’-3’ 1/2“ exceeds the maximum height allowed by code (20’), and the setback distance from the east side property line (20’) falls short of the required minimum setback of 50’ as per code. The total area of the proposed building, including the porch, is 3000 sq. ft. (40’ x 60’ plus 10’ x 60’ porch), which exceeds the area of the house (2862 sq. ft.). The actual storage area that will be used is 2600 sq. ft., with the remaining space being an open porch. This proposed building would be the only accessory storage building on the property.

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  • 1761 Plank Rd. - Area Variances
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    Zoning Board of Appeals | 23Z-013

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  • 1761 Plank Road | Public Hearing
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    Zoning Board of Appeals, Thursday, April 20, 2023

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  • Thursday, April 20, 2023
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    Zoning Board of Appeals, 23Z-013
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