Allen's Creek Stabilization Project

Next Board Meeting for application discussion: 
Wednesday, November 15, 2023 at 6:30 PM | Town Board Work Session (Allen's Creek Stabilization Bid Award)

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The Town of Penfield has been working with Barton and Loguidice for several years to investigate the existing stream and bank conditions along a portion of Allen's Creek. A significant hill slide several years ago blocked the creek and temporarily diverted its flow, causing erosion and changes to the creek over time. The review covered the section of the creek located between the Penfield/Brighton town line downstream to the Allen's Creek townhomes and along the rear yards of Shirewood and Burrows Hills Drive. After submitting applications to both the NYSDEC and the US Army Corps, the Town of Penfield has secured all the required permits to conduct the necessary stabilization on this section of the creek. The proposed stream restoration and stabilization actions aim to stabilize currently eroding banks, stop channel incision, reconnect the channel to its floodplain to increase storm flow attenuation and restore the channel plan and profile to balance sediment load with sediment transport capability. This work will comply with the received environmental permits and will be monitored by the Town of Penfield, NYSDEC, and a stream stabilization consultant.

A neighborhood informational meeting was held by the Town of Penfield on March 28, 2023. Town Engineer Mark Valentine and Wendell Buckman of Barton & Loguidice presented the scope of the project and answered questions regarding the process. Watch the video recording below.

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  • Allen's Creek Stabilization Project Map
    document seq 0.98
  • Presentation | Allen's Creek Stabilization Project
    document seq 0.99
    Overview of the project in the Shirewood and Burrows Hills Neighborhood
  • Allen's Creek Advertisement for Bids
    document seq 1.00
    Bid opening date: June 9th 2023 at 11:00am

Meeting Video(s)6 documents

  • Wednesday, September 6, 2023
    document seq 94.00
    Town Board Resolution 23T-183 (Advertise for Sealed Proposals)
  • Wednesday, August 16, 2023
    document seq 95.00
    Town Board Work Session (Action Item)
  • Wednesday, June 21, 2023
    document seq 96.00
    Town Board Work Session - Bid Update
  • Wednesday, June 7, 2023
    document seq 97.00
    Town Board Resolution 23T-141 (Administration Contract)
  • Wednesday, May 17, 2023
    document seq 98.00
    Town Board Work Session Action Item
  • Neighborhood Informational Meeting
    document seq 99.00
    March 28, 2023 - Allen's Creek Stabilization Project Overview

Previous Meetings

September 6 | Town Board Legislative (Resolution - Bid for Services)
August 16 | Town Board Work Session (Action Item - Bid Authorization)
June 21 | Town Board Work Session (Bid Update)
June 7 | Town Board Legislative (Resolution - Administration Contract)
May 17 | Town Board Work Session (Action Item - Supplemental Services)

March 28 | Neighborhood Informational Meeting: Allen's Creek Stabilization Project