Proposed Code Amendment - Fence Regulation Revisions
Summary of Proposed Changes to 250-7.1

The following provides an overview of the proposed revisions to the current code. Given the modifications proposed, the existing section of code would be replaced in its entirety with the draft local law. The draft local law also identifies changes to Terms Defined contained in Article II of Chapter 250 to ensure consistency and clarity in definitions.

• Added restrictions for installation of fencing within filed town and agency easements and specified the requirements for requesting exceptions for Town easements.
• Clarified specifications for permanent fencing
• More clearly described regulations for height and location of boundary and privacy fencing on residential property
• Modified the maximum height for Industrial and Public Utility Uses
• More clearly defined fencing regulations for properties used for agricultural production
• Added regulations and specifications pertaining to deer fencing
• Added regulations and specification pertaining to seasonal and other temporary fencing
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  • Proposed Fence Regulation Revisions REVISED
    document _recordid 3814
    Revised Local Law on 11-28-22
  • Proposed Fence Regulation Revisions Local Law (DRAFT)
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  • Summary of Changes to 250-7.1 for Fence Changes
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