Local law, amend Chapter 94, Town Code
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The proposed Local Law would amend Penfield Town Code, Chapter 94 (Building and Construction) to ensure that the town’s regulations conform with the New York State Department of State’s model code language. The amendment includes: the addition of terms and definitions not previously included in the code; minor modifications to building permitting and inspection processes; the insertion of two new sections required by New York State (i.e., Condition Assessments of Parking Garages and Climatic and Geographic Design Criteria); modifications to clarify the intent of Article II (Electric Inspection); and removal of Article III (Fire Sprinkler Systems).

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  • Local Law to Update Chapter 94
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    The Town is amending Chapter 94 to conform to updated model regulations provided by the New York State Department of State. The existing Chapter 94 of Penfield Town Code shall be replaced in its entirety with following regulations.