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Howitt-Bayview LLC has been approved for a site plan approval and a conditional use permit for the construction of a 4-story, 85,200 square foot, 60-unit multifamily dwelling with related parking in the LaSalle’s Landing District. In addition, several community benefits and amenities are being provided in exchange for relief of lot occupancy (unit density), building height, and the location of a parking area and stormwater management pond on an adjacent property.

The proposal is to construct a 60-unit multifamily dwelling with 125 on-site parking spaces at 1211 Empire Boulevard. Approximately 38 of these spaces and a stormwater management area will be located on adjacent lands at 41 Woodhaven Drive, owned by Howitt-Bayview LLC. The project also includes site preparation for 18+/- parking spaces along the north property line to serve K2 Brothers Brewing at 1221 Empire Boulevard.

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Legal Notices1 document

  • 2020-08-05 Public Hearing Notice for 1211 Empire Blvd.
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Application1 document

  • Bayview Landing Info. Packet
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Resolution Notice of Decision1 document

  • 20T-180 Final approvals for Apt. 1211 Empire Blvd. & Woodhaven Dr.(Howitt-Bayview LLC)
    document _recordid 2313