Shadow Pines Property: Disc Golf Course
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August 2022, Now Open for Play
 Unknown Image The Town of Penfield Shadow Pines property has a new addition with the recent opening of an 18-hole disc golf course.

The course, which is open for the public to enjoy, was designed and constructed in partnership with the Greater Rochester Disc Golf Club. Holes are interspersed throughout the northern portion of the property with permanent baskets installed.

Course maintenance will occur weekly on a seasonal basis with 23 acres mowed (April – October) for the disc golf course and other recreational uses. Tee boxes will be installed in the future. During the winter season, baskets will be removed.

When using the course, disc golfers are asked to be mindful of others using the property and be respectful of those walking along pathways adjacent to the course. Similarly, for those utilizing Shadow Pines for other activities, please be aware of discs being thrown by disc golfers. Signage is being added to the course to display the course layout, rules, and highlight potential flying disc areas.

The Town of Penfield appreciates the cooperation of all using the property and looks forward to further enhancing the land for the community to enjoy.

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Basic Disc Golf Rules

Disc golf, like any other sport, has basic rules that all players must follow. Some of these rules include:

  • Do not litter. Please keep the park clean for other users to enjoy.
  • One stroke is counted each time a disc is thrown and each time a penalty is incurred.
  • A 1 (one) stroke penalty is incurred when a players' disc goes out-of-bounds or in a water hazard.
  • The object of disc golf is to acquire the lowest score.
  • Tee throws must be completed within the designated tee pad
  • Your lie is the spot where your previous throw landed.
  • Your lie can be marked with a mini, if you choose.
  • You must throw from behind your lie but can follow through and step over your current lie if you are more than 10 meters from the basket.
  • Once your lie is within 10 meters of the basket, you must maintain balance and not step over your lie until the disc comes to rest inside the basket or target.
  • A hole is completed when your disc comes to rest inside the basket.
Official Disc Golf rules and regulations can be found by visiting

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Carry In/Carry Out

  • Please Don't Litter
  • This property belongs to all of us; It belongs to you.
  • This is a Carry In/Carry Out property, so there is no garbage pickup.
  • Take responsibility - don't litter and if you litter, kindly ask that it stop.
  • Help Keep This Town Property Clean and Green!

Score Card

Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Front 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Back Total
Blue 620' 245' 345' 330' 790' 340' 320' 375' 335' 3,700' 555' 815' 320' 425' 495' 470' 255' 315' 630' 4,280' 7,980'
White 480' 220' 420' 250' 610' 275' 235' 240' 320' 3,050' 465' 610' 310' 350' 415' 420 255' 290 800' 3,915' 6,965'
Red 270' 180' 275' 185' 450' 215' 205' 225' 320' 2,325' 405' 555' 230' 240' 255' 400 205' 265' 520' 3,075' 5,400'
Par 3 3 3 3 4 3 3 3 3 28 4 5 3 3 3 4 3 3 5 33 61

View and print card (pdf)

 Unknown Image Course Map

Link to Google Map


August 2, 2021
Visitors to Shadow Pines may notice DPW crews brush-mowing an area at Shadow Pines North in preparation for the installation of the first hole of a new 18-hole disc golf course. The Shadow Pines Land Use Advisory Committee recommended the addition of disc golf in its final report in 2019. In 2020, the engineering and landscape architecture firm BME Associates included an 18-hole disc golf course in the Shadow Pines Conceptual Master Plan. BME worked with members of the Greater Rochester Disc Golf Club and others to design an approximately 17-acre disc golf course that will appeal to all skill levels from novices to competitive professionals.

Work will continue on the remaining holes in the coming months, with hopes of completion later in the fall or early spring. Disc golf is a year-round sport so the course will be enjoyed in all seasons and is expected to attract visitors to Penfield and Shadow Pines. Disc golf will be complementary to other passive recreation uses of the property.

The overall Shadow Pines Property is approximately 212 acres in size and is located generally at the southwest of the Atlantic Avenue and Whalen Road intersection. The property is transected by Clark Road providing two distinct areas within the site, Shadow Pines North and Shadow Pines South. The northern portion occupies approximately 99 acres and the southern portion of the site 113 acres.

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