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Town Tax Receiver F.A.Qs

F.A.Q: Tax Office

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I didn’t get a tax bill in the mail, how do I get one?
How do I get a receipt for my tax payment?
What exemptions am I qualified to receive?
How do I receive a tax bill now that I have paid off my mortgage?
How do I change the address on my tax bills?
We just bought this house. Why is the tax bill in the previous owner’s name?
Can I pay my taxes using a credit card?
I am a “snowbird” and will be away for the winter. Can you mail the Town and County bill to that address?
When should I receive my tax bills?
Why do I have to pay a penalty? I didn’t get the bill!
Can the Town of Penfield Tax Office forgive my penalty?
Can I pay my tax bill using my online banking?

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