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Water Management


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Steps Homeowners Can Take to Improve Drainage

  • Keep gutters and downspouts clean. 
  • Clean up any sand or gravel you may have used for traction on winter ice. This will help keep culverts and storm sewers clear for downstream waters. 
  • Driveway pipes, culverts and catch basins should be kept clear of yard waste or garbage. Rake up any accumulation of leaves or debris. 
  • Remove anything that has the potential for clogging up the system, such as a child's ball, recycling items such as milk jugs, etc. 
  • Swales should be kept clear to allow water to drain. Do not plant flowers or trees in drainage areas and do not spread grass clippings in the swale areas.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to support the work of the Town's watershed committee by volunteering to help observe water and drainage conditions in your watershed district, please contact the engineering department at or(585)340-8681.


F.A.Q: Drainage

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Glossary of Drainage Terms
Town-wide Drainage, What is it?
Localized Drainage, What is it?
Site-Specific Drainage, What is it?
Drainage problem, How to report?
Drainage problem, What happens when reported?
Watershed, What is it?

Water Management Videos
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2018 Town of Penfield MS4 Report
2016-04-05 NYSDEC Completed Permit Application for Willow Pond Modifications
2015-03-10 Message from Town Engineer regarding Preventing Flooding
Stormwater Ponds Presentation
2000-06-21 Stormwater Management Policy

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