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August 14, 2018
A message from Supervisor LaFountain: Swastika vandalism in Harris Whalen Park

This past Friday/Saturday an individual(s) spray painted swastikas on 17 trees along a trail in Harris Whalen Park. This hateful and very juvenile act has no place in our community, our county, or our country. The Penfield Town Board and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office take these types of acts very seriously and have opened an active investigation. We continue to be troubled by the pain that these type of hate acts cause our residents and those visiting our park system. 

The MCSO and our Town Parks Security have increased patrols in and around the area. The Penfield Town Board is interested in identifying and arresting the individuals, and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law.

If you saw anything unusual Friday or Saturday at or around Harris Whalen Park to please call 911 and share that information. Any piece of information, regardless of how minor it may seem, may be of assistance in this investigation. Thank you in advance for helping us keep Penfield a community that does not—and will not—tolerate these types of actions by a few seriously misguided individuals.

August 14, 2018
Supervisor's column August 14, 2018

Late last week, or early this past weekend, individual(s) spray painted swastikas on 17 trees along a trail in Harris Whalen Park. This hateful and very juvenile act has no place in our community, our county, or our country. I continue to be troubled by the pain that these type of hate acts cause most people. The few ignorant individuals that feel a need to commit these types of acts are cowards of the lowest level. 

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office takes these types of acts very seriously and they have opened an active investigation. They have increased patrols in and around the area, spoken with residents, and gathered evidence. The Penfield Town Board is interested in identifying and arresting the individuals, and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law.

The MCSO asks that if you saw anything unusual Friday or Saturday at or around Harris Whalen Park to please call 911 and share that information. Any piece of information, regardless of how minor it may seem, may be of assistance to their investigation. Thank you in advance for helping us keep Penfield a community that does not—and will not—tolerate these types of actions by a few seriously misguided individuals.

Budget 2019: The first roll-out to the town board last week showed a nine cent increase per thousand dollars, which is the amount of the bond for the purchase of the Shadow Pines property. Additionally, the board is reviewing other costs for equipment replacement, maintenance and repairs, and updating of systems. We will be presenting the 2019 Tentative Budget to the public on Wednesday, September 12 at 7:00 PM at the town board meeting. After the meeting it will be placed on the website, in the Town Clerk’s office, and at the Penfield Public Library for review.

I have shared this information in a previous column; however, I continue to receive calls and emails asking if and when the annual Penfield/Webster Household Hazardous Waste event will be held. If you are interested in this service, please mark your calendars for Saturday, September 15 at the Penfield DPW, 1607 Jackson Road from 7:45 AM to 1:00 PM. This is a great opportunity to clean out garages and basements of old paints/stains, thinners/solvents, pesticides, pool/photo chemicals, automotive fluids, driveway sealers, and other household chemical waste. Appointments are required. You may go online at to schedule or contact the DPW offices at 340-8710. Everything collected at this event is properly recycled or disposed of and no harmful materials are sent to the landfill. 

This past weekend, Councilwoman Linda Kohl presented a certificate of recognition to Ed Barton, a resident of Legacy Willow Pond who was celebrating his 102nd birthday and was enjoying a luncheon with his family and his friends at Legacy. Ed, on behalf of the town board and the entire community of Penfield, happy birthday! We hope you enjoyed your day.

Since the large trees in front of the Clark House were recently taken down I have received many calls and emails asking why those old beautiful trees had to be removed. As hard of a decision as that was, it needed to happen! The trees were so severely diseased they were hollow on the inside and cabled together to keep them from splitting apart. We will be posting pictures on our website under the ‘Shadow Pines and Clark House’ project page for everyone to see. Tree experts from both Birchcrest and Terry Tree who removed these trees were surprised they had not fallen down in one of our many windstorms. If those trees had fallen on nearby power lines the surrounding electrical grid may have been out for a few days to a week or more, depending on the number of poles that would have snapped off in a domino effect. 

As we continue to clean up the site around the Clark House and look to have it leased, we will be adding appropriate sized landscaping back to the site.

Until next week, enjoy the remaining portion of your summer as it seems to be going very quickly and another school year is just around the corner!


August 6, 2018
Supervisor's column August 6, 2018

At the town hall, we regularly hear from residents and others how they value the wonderful “quality of life” in Penfield. On that note, the Penfield Public Library has a plan to help you sample some of the “Best of Penfield” at their 5th annual open house on Sunday, August 12 from 1:30 to 4:30 PM. Librarian Bernadette Brinkman and her team have assembled more than 20 organizations to share information on the topics of wellness, public safety, faith, education, and much more. Visitors of all ages will enjoy demonstrations, performances, activities, and exhibits. Come join in on the fun! Refreshments will be available and the admission is FREE. Please note that the library will be open for its regular business transactions during this event.

One last reminder…Senator Rich Funke will be hosting his 4th annual electronics recycling event on Saturday, August 11 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM at Bishop Kearney High School, 125 Kings Highway. Go to for a list of materials that will be accepted for recycling, and please note that there will be a limit of two CRT (tube) monitors or televisions per vehicle. Electronics recycling events are always popular and collection trucks fill quickly. Recyclers must stop collecting when they reach maximum capacity for the day, so plan on getting there early. This “rain or shine” collection is sponsored by Senator Funke, Spectrum, and Sunnking Recycling.

Keep an eye out for the “Fall 2018” Pen-Rec program brochure that is due to hit mailboxes later this week. This 50-page publication has a wonderful lineup of programs for residents of all ages. Registration begins on September 4. Due to the popularity of our programs, sessions fill up quickly so don’t delay registering for your favorite class, scenic trek, or program!

Budget 2019: This week marks the initial “roll-up” the town comptroller and I will have with the town board to review all department budget requests for 2019. I continue to be impressed with our department heads as they sort out “needs” versus “wants” as we continue to manage your tax dollars in the best interest of all residents. Areas that have seen the largest increase in proposed spending include the cost of the bond for the purchase of Shadow Pines, replacement costs of equipment within DPW, and medical expenses. We will be presenting the Tentative Budget to the public at the Wednesday, September 12 Town Board meeting at 7:00 PM. The Tentative Budget will be available for review on the website, in the town clerk’s office, and the Penfield Public Library following the presentation.

If you have driven by our DPW facilities on Jackson Road over the last week you will see the new pole barn taking shape. The contractor has informed us that they will have it completed by the week of August 13 or before. Financing of this cold storage facility comes from a grant we received from Senator Rich Funke to replace an early 1900s barn that had reached its useful life.

The next FREE guided hike of the Penfield Trails Committee will be held at Ellison Park this Saturday, August 11, from 9:00 to 11:00 AM. Discover the off-beat pathways that reveal the natural vistas carved by 10,000 years of Irondequoit Creek flow. Meet at the south entrance (1008 Penfield Road) and look for hike signs. For more information and to pre-register for this free hike, call 340-8655, option 0. Please wear appropriate footwear (hiking boots/shoes) and PLEASE, NO PETS! 

The Penfield Trails Committee is always seeking volunteers to serve on its planning committee and to help with manual labor for maintenance of trails. For more information, please call Penfield Recreation at 340-8655.

How do they do that? Penfield is home to many distinctive businesses and industries that generate curiosity. Now you can get a close-up look at what they do and how they do it! Take a tour of facilities, learn about business operations, and discover what goes on do day-to-day in our town. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn more about Penfield and the businesses that thrive here! Tour Dolomite Quarry on Tuesday, August 14 at 3:00 PM or 6:00 PM and Schutt’s Apple Mill & Country Store on Friday, August 24 at 10:00 AM. While the programs are FREE, please register each family member that will be attending by calling 340-8655. Specific instructions on meeting location and more will be sent to those who register.

Until next week, enjoy all that is going on in Penfield!


July 30, 2018
Supervisor's column July 30, 2018

Many of you may have heard from news sources that the American Red Cross is in emergency need of blood. While the need is constant, right now they are desperately low on blood supply, and all of us can help! Donating blood is an easy way to be a hero. No one wants to imagine it, but at any time it could be you or a loved one that needs lifesaving blood.

There are two donation opportunities in Penfield in the coming weeks: Tuesday, August 7 at Harris Whalen Lodge and Wednesday, August 29 at Penfield Community Center. Schedule an appointment by calling 1-800 RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767). Walk-ins are also welcome! Each presenting donor will receive a $5 Amazon gift card.

Look for ways to make supporting the Red Cross fun…challenge your friends and family, create a blood donor club, chronicle your donation on your favorite social media, or make blood donation an employee service project!

This is the last week of the summer concert series at the Penfield Amphitheater and Kiwanis Stage. Bring the whole family to enjoy the lineup: Matt Chase & Thunder Canyon are featured on Upstage Tuesday, July 31 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM; Thursday Kids Fest will feature the Dady Brothers on August 2 from 7:00 to 8:00 PM; and this week’s Saturdays on Stage presents “Mr. Mustard” on August 4, 7:00 to 9:00 PM. Bring a lawn chair or blanket, snacks, and a cooler. Food will also be available from the PenRec food cart.

The final event of the amphitheater season is the annual “Tastin’ the Blues” on Saturday, September 15 from 12:00 to 4:00 PM. Steve Grills and the Roadmasters with Joe Beard will perform, and the ever-popular chili judging and beer sampling will be in full swing. I hope to see you there!

Congratulations to the Shepherd Home and Executive Director Ashley Tack on a very successful 8th annual Golf Tournament. The event raised very important funding for this community jewel that has provided compassionate end of life care to more than 175 residents since their doors opened in 2005. To learn more about this wonderful facility and how to further support their mission, please visit

Budget 2019 update: This week will be a deeper review of equipment needs and replacements for 2019. DPW equipment tends to be the most visible with large trucks that are used for plowing and salting in the winter and hauling dirt, stone, and other debris the rest of the year. These trucks are each a $250,000 investment and we tend to run them for 15 to 17 years. There is always a balance as to when to purchase a new vehicle versus repair to ensure we are not over-investing in repairs. I would like to recognize our mechanics team that performs some creative work to get the most out of our fleet while ensuring we are managing costs and keeping the equipment safe.

As I mentioned last week, the month of August is a time to tighten all of the expense and revenue lines as we prepare for presentation to the public. I indicated last week that we would be presenting to the public on Wednesday, September 19. I apologize for the error, but due to the Yom Kippur holiday, we will be presenting the Tentative Budget to the public the week before, on Wednesday, September 12 at 7:00 PM at the town board meeting.

As we prepare for another upcoming school year, it is important to remind Penfield residents that the Penfield Public Library is a “Safe Place” community partner. Young people seeking assistance with housing, safety, or other crisis situations can come to the library to be connected with outreach workers from the Center for Youth who will assess the needs of the young person in question and access necessary services. 

Important dates and events in history: August 1, 1870 – Colorado is the 38th state admitted to the Union; August 2, 1964 – US Destroyer Maddox is attacked in international waters in the Gulf of Tonkin, beginning America’s major involvement in the Vietnam War; August 3, 1492 – Christopher Columbus sets sail to find a westward route to the east; August 4, 1790 – US Coast Guard is established.

Until next week be well and be safe!


July 23, 2018
Supervisor's column July 23, 2018

I would like to share news that Senator Rich Funke will be hosting his 4th annual electronics recycling event on Saturday, August 11 from 9:00 AM to noon at Bishop Kearney High School, 125 Kings Highway. To learn what materials are being accepted for recycling, please go to Please note that there will be a limit of two CRT (tube) monitors or televisions per vehicle. The event will take place as scheduled or until they reach capacity of 10 to 20 trailers, whichever comes first. Collection must stop once trailers reach maximum capacity, so plan on getting there early because these events are quite popular. This event is scheduled rain or shine, simply drive through and your electronics will be unloaded! This event is sponsored by Senator Funke, Spectrum, and Sunnking Recycling.

Because of the unusual heat and humidity this summer, the Town’s Employees Wellness Team has asked me to pass along some thoughts on the importance of staying hydrated. Did you know that physicians and dieticians suggest that the average adult drink at least 64 ounces of water each day? Our bodies are made up of more than 60 percent water. This means that each time you lose fluids, through sweating for example, you need to fully replenish that water. When water is not replaced quickly and fully, dehydration may set in. Losing as little as two percent of your body’s water content can lead to fatigue and extreme body temperature swings in the form of fever or chills. It is important to hydrate before, during, and after exercise to avoid energy loss, cramps, and unnecessary muscle soreness.

Also, working in hot and humid environments for extended periods can contribute to heat cramps, exhaustion, stress, and the most serious and possibly even deadly heat-related condition, heat stroke. It is important that you recognize the signs and symptoms of these conditions. When working outdoors: drink water regularly; wear light, loose-fitting, breathable clothing; take frequent short breaks in cool shade; eat smaller meals before work activity; and avoid caffeine, alcohol, and large amounts of sugar. Check with your health care provider about the risks associated with all medications taken; and watch out for the following signs and symptoms of heat exposure: confusion, dark-colored urine, dizziness, fainting, fatigue, headache, muscle or abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

This week at the amphitheater: “Teagan and the Tweeds” on Upstage Tuesday, July 24 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM and Thursday Kids Fest, July 26 from 7:00 to 8:00 PM featuring Mike Kornrich. We could be dodging a few rain drops this week, but we will be optimistic the shows will go on so bring a lawn chair or blanket, snacks, and a cooler. Food will also be available from the PenRec food cart. The summer concert series is fun for the entire family!

Budget 2019 update: This week, town comptroller Barbara Chirdo and I will complete the last of our department head reviews of initial budget submissions for consideration by the town board. We also continue to gather information on retirement costs from New York State, health care costs for 2019, workers compensation insurance premiums, costs/fees from other levels of government, and much more. The month of August is a time to tighten all of the expense and revenue lines as we prepare for presentation to the public at the town board meeting on Wednesday, September 19 at 7:00 PM.

Last week, I participated as one of six celebrity judges for the Atria Senior Living “Chef Showdown 2018.” Chef Paul Molisani of Atria took on Chef John Strakal of the Market at I-Square. Their secret ingredient…tomatoes!  Both chefs prepared wonderful dishes for this Iron Chef Competition that were judged for taste, plating, and originality. At the end, Chef Paul came out on top with his creation of a green fried tomato with a whipped guacamole/cream topping and sundried tomato reduction sauce to top it all off…it was a tomato-tastic time!

Until next week, continue to enjoy your summer, stay hydrated, and come join in on one of the summer concert series at the amphitheater! Also, if you see Mrs. LaFountain out and about in the community, please wish her a very happy birthday (Wednesday, July 25th), I know she would appreciate that!


July 19, 2018
A Message from Supervisor LaFountain: 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update and Shadow Pines Future Land Use committees established

At last night’s town board meeting, the board approved the 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update Committee and Shadow Pines Land Use Advisory Committee. Next, initial meetings for each committee will be planned in the coming weeks to share introductory information, establish goals, and set project calendars.

I encourage all residents to follow each project online (2020 Comprehensive Plan Update and Shadow Pines Future Land Use ) and attend future public meetings. I will also provide frequent updates in my weekly online column at

On behalf of the town board, thank you to all residents who expressed an interest in serving on these committees.

July 16, 2018
Supervisor's column July 16, 2018

Over the weekend, I had the honor of joining Margaret Gleasman, her family, and the residents of Legacy Willow Pond to celebrate her 102nd birthday. Margaret was born in Boonville, NY. She is an amazing lady who has seen a lot of change in the world. Margaret told me that at a recent doctor’s visit, her physician told her she is so healthy she will live another 10 years; now there are some great genes! Margaret, on behalf of the Town Board and the entire community of Penfield, happy birthday and many more!

Enjoy this week’s music at the Penfield Amphitheater and Kiwanis Stage: Upstage Tuesday features “Jumbo Shrimp” on July 17 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM, and Thursday Kids Fest will feature “Paulsen and Baker” on July 19 from 7:00 to 8:00 PM. Hopefully the nice stretch of weather will continue, so bring a lawn chair or blanket, snacks, and a cooler. Food will also be available from the PenRec food cart. The summer concert series is fun for the entire family!

The 2019 budget cycle is well underway; all department heads have provided their first submissions for review by the Finance Director and myself before we roll up to the town board starting in August. Consistent with what I have done in the past, I will report on the progress of the budget development each week until the Tentative Budget is released on September 19 at the board meeting and on the town website.

Progress continues at Shadow Pines with the removal of dead and near-falling trees on the front nine (property north of Clark Road). The first mowing of a meandering trail connecting the first hole tee box through to the ninth green was started last week. DPW crews continue to clean up around the Clark House and parking lot. The trees cut down along Whalen Road will be moved to an area north of the parking lot for grinding by the county’s tub-grinder in early August. Several trees on Clark Road that are cabled together will also be removed over the next week or two. Our goal is to open the front nine for walking and hiking in early August, I will keep everyone posted via this column and on the website.

After that, we will begin cleaning up the back nine (the property south of Clark Road) beginning in August and working through September, with a goal of opening that area late September or early October. Until the various sections of the property are officially opened, please stay off the property for your safety and that of your family, thank you!

Trying to beat the heat? Don’t have a pool? Come splash into family open swim and lap swim at the Penfield High School pool now through August 2. Come by 1:00 to 3:30 PM and join in on the fun for just $2.00 per person, payable at the pool. 

Splash Bash 2018, hosted by Sea Dragons Swim Club, is scheduled for Wednesday, August 15 from 6:30 to 8:00 PM at the Penfield High School pool. Children ages 6 to 19 are welcome (you must be able to swim a full lap of the pool). Come enjoy pool games, prizes, food, and the chance to dive into the world of competitive swimming. Club coaches and current members will be available to answer any questions you might have. For more information, please go to

Daytime Education at Recreation (DEAR) is wisdom at its finest hour! DEAR continues to grow and expand for lifetime learners who wish to engage in intellectual, socially viable cognitive activities to help keep their minds sharp and alert while reducing the risk—or delaying the onset—of age-related concerns. Come join the national movement to learn and share life experiences with others by exploring a multitude of free programs! For more information, please look at the PenRec Summer 2018 brochure or visit to view all the program offerings. 

Important dates and events in history: July 18, 1914 – the United States Army Air Corps is established; July 20, 1969 – American astronaut Neil Armstrong is the first human to walk on the moon; July 21, 1861 – Confederate forces win the first Battle of Bull Run; and on July 23, 1868 – the 14th Amendment is added to the Constitution, defining national citizenship and forbidding the states to restrict the basic rights of citizens or other persons. 

Until next week, enjoy the ongoing warm weather, drink plenty of water, and don’t forget about our pets who may mind the weather more than we do!


July 10, 2018
Supervisor's column July 10, 2018

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the Department of Agriculture and Markets (DAM) have announced that New York State's fifth annual Invasive Species Awareness Week (ISAW) is July 8-14. ISAW is an annual campaign that encourages New Yorkers to help protect lands and waters from the negative impacts of invasive species. The theme of this year's campaign is "What YOU can do to help stop the spread!" focusing on simple actions people can take to keep these unwanted species from hitchhiking to new areas.

Invasive species are plants, animals, insects, and pathogens that are not native to an area and cause harm to the environment, the economy, or human health. These pests are one of the greatest threats to New York's biodiversity and residents can help to stop their spread. Managing invasive species after these pests become established is challenging and prevention is the easiest and most cost-effective strategy.

DEC, DAM, and New York State Parks are focusing on an early detection campaign to look for the invasive “spotted lanternfly” (SLF). SLF feed on more than 70 plant species and are a significant threat to New York's forests and agricultural and tourism industries. Invasive species, such as the spotted lanternfly, can cause significant damage to agricultural crops. Awareness and reporting is key to the efforts to protect New York's forest and agricultural industries from these harmful pests.

Invasive Species Awareness Week is a great opportunity to highlight the environmental threats that these species can pose within parks and communities as well as address the ways in which the public can assist in preventing their spread. For more information on SLF, including video, visit DEC's Spotted Lanternfly webpage.

I have received the final numbers from the annual resident spring drop-off the Town of Penfield hosts each May at the DPW facility on Jackson Road. This year we took in and landfilled 210,000 lbs. (105 tons) of debris including furniture, demo material, and non-refuse/garbage materials. We also collected and recycled 15,600 lbs. of tires, 31,630 lbs. of metal; and 8,820 lbs. of appliances containing Freon. 

The next free guided hike of the Penfield Trails Committee will be held this Saturday, July 14, at Abraham Lincoln Park from 9:00 to 11:00 AM. Come and explore the ups and downs of this county park from wooded uplands to the Bay Shore trail connections. Meet at the parking lot off Empire Blvd. just west and south of the Plank Road/Empire Blvd. intersection and look for the hike signs. For more information and to pre-register, please call 340-8655, option 0. Please wear appropriate footwear (hiking boots/shoes) and PLEASE no pets! 

This week, the summer concert series at the Penfield Amphitheater and Kiwanis Stage features “Keys to the Caddy” on Upstage Tuesday, July 10 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM; and Thursday Kids Fest features “Mr. Loops” on July 12 from 7:00 to 8:00 PM. We expect beautiful weather so bring a lawn chair or blanket, snacks, and a cooler. Food will also be available from the PenRec food cart…I hope to see you there!  

Bri-Pen Senior Rides continues to grow and that is good news! This is where you can help…volunteer to drive Penfield and Brighton seniors to their medical appointments, religious services, and town community centers. Drive at your convenience, any availability is a great help. If you are interested in volunteering or want to learn more about the program please call 340-8674.

Next is my annual summer request to remember to support the Penfield Ecumenical Food Shelf (PEFS). It seems from Labor Day to Memorial Day we are in a routine of work, school, sports, dance, Tae Kwon Do, and countless other programs including volunteering or supporting volunteer organizations like the PEFS. Then when summer vacations begin, families are busy traveling to visit relatives, taking trips to the wonderful lakes around the area, and many other adventures.

Yet the PEFS performs their amazing work of supporting more than 85 families in need 52 weeks a year. For more information on current needs and to learn more on how you can help support their important work in the Penfield community please visit

Until next week, enjoy the great weather and activities outside. This is what we wait for all winter and it only seems to be with us for a short time. Don’t forget about the summer concert series at the amphitheater over the next four weeks!


June 29, 2018
A Message from Supervisor LaFountain: Independence Day, hydration

With Independence Day falling in the middle of next week many residents will be away enjoying the holiday, so I will take a break from the column next week and resume on July 9. In the meantime, I wish everyone a happy and safe Independence Day celebration. With the extreme heat and humidity expected in the coming days please stay hydrated, find some shade and water, and please take a moment to check on your elderly neighbors. I hope to see you at the Town’s Independence Day celebration this Saturday, June 30!

June 29, 2018
A Message from Supervisor LaFountain:Penfield Jewelry and Coin Exchange

On June 28, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office arrested the owner of Penfield Jewelry and Coin Exchange (on Penfield Road in the Four Corners) for allegedly buying and selling a rifle without conducting a background check and following other required procedures. 

At this time, the Town of Penfield is gathering information on this matter from law enforcement as it becomes available. As the investigation unfolds, the Town will support the MCSO in the investigation as requested. We are also working with Town attorneys and code enforcement personnel to evaluate the continued business permit status of Penfield Jewelry and Coin Exchange.

I will share information on the Town’s response to this matter as it becomes available. 

June 26, 2018
Supervisor's column June 26, 2018

As I mentioned previously in my column, the 2019 Town Budget process is underway. Town Comptroller Barbara Chirdo and I will be meeting with department heads throughout the summer to review plans and budget proposals for 2019. In keeping with our commitment to fiscal discipline, as we develop the 2019 Budget will we continue our tradition of preparing a five-year outlook with particular attention to debt management.

What’s new this budget cycle is the Town’s recent acquisition of the former Shadow Pines Golf Course. The Town did not own the 212-acre property during the 2018 budget process and therefore did not include a line item for maintenance and operations. For the remainder of 2018 we will “fit in” maintenance between planned projects and track costs to establish a baseline for first-time inclusion in the 2019 Town Budget. 

Because of the Town’s strong financial history, high credit rating, and discipline of managing a five-year budget outlook, we are in a good position to take on the debt for the authorized bonding of $3.39M to purchase Shadow Pines. In fact, even with this additional obligation, according to “Open Book New York,” the Town of Penfield’s debt burden is lower than other comparable towns in New York State. This speaks well of our budget process, structured debt management, and consistent attention to financial matters by Town staff and the Town Board.

As we develop the proposed budget this summer, I will use this column to share priorities and issues shaping Town operations for 2019.

Last week I had the honor of visiting Atria Senior Living to enjoy time with Mary Cappadonia, an amazing lady who was celebrating her 100th birthday. Over the years I have gotten to know Mary through our senior programs at the community center; she is an inspiration to all and lights up the room when she enters. Mary, thank you for your energy and love of life. You have touched so many lives in so many ways you will never know…God bless and best wishes!

Congratulations to the Kiwanis Club of Penfield-Perinton, Penfield Rotary, and Town of Penfield employees for another successful charity golf tournament. The 2018 tournament was dedicated to the late Fr. Frederick W. Bush from the Holy Spirit parish at the corner of Plank and Hatch Roads. All of the funds raised will be donated to the Golisano Children’s Hospital, Penfield HS Scholarship, Shepherd Home, the food shelves in Penfield, Perinton & East Rochester, and several other local beneficiaries.

The 2018 Penfield Amphitheater Summer Concert Series begins July 10 with “Keys to the Caddy” opening the Tuesday Upstage series. This 12-piece band plays classic rock, rhythm and blues, pop, country, jazz…anything but opera! This concert will run from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. 

On July 12, “Mr. Loops” will open Thursday Kids Fest. Mr. Loops will be playing a collection of kids’ rock songs that keep everyone hopping. This concert runs from 7:00 to 8:00 PM. I hope to see you at one of our many programs this season that runs through August 4.

Last reminder! The 2018 Independence Day celebration in Penfield will be this Saturday with the parade beginning at 10:00 AM. Later on, join the activities at Harris Whalen Park for music, food and fun from 5:00 to 10:00 PM. This year’s featured bands are Black Rabbit and Dog House. The always amazing fireworks begin at 10:00 PM to round out the day. The weather looks like it will be nice and hot! 

Until next week, be well and be safe!


June 18, 2018
Supervisor's column June 18, 2018

Several weeks ago I shared with you that a project is underway at our Department of Public Works Complex at 1607 Jackson Road. Diseased and dying trees were removed, and the red barn—which had surpassed its useful purpose—was demolished to make way for a new and more efficient structure. The site is prepared, the contract has been awarded, and construction should begin over the next two to four weeks. As you may recall, Senator Rich Funke secured a New York State grant on behalf of Penfield so that we could undertake this project. 

Additionally, later this month you will see activity on our long-awaited solar photovoltaic farm to the south of the DPW facility. After years of planning, the project has recently cleared RG&E’s procedures and we are ready to begin installation. 

The project is being managed by Larsen Engineers for funding through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s (NYSERDA) NY-Sun solar PV incentive program for grid-connected solar photovoltaic systems. 

The Penfield Town Board, Energy and Environmental Energy Advisory Committee (EEAC), and staff have been working with Larsen Engineering to explore the concept and then design, fund, and implement the solar array. 

Like many municipal solar installations, this solar array will be financed through a solar power purchase agreement (PPA)—an agreement in which a developer is responsible for the design, permitting, financing and installation of a solar energy system on a customer’s property. 

Cleanup, layout, and grading are nearly complete, and beginning around June 25 you will see installation of a perimeter fence around the solar array area. Following that, crews will install racks, panels, and wiring. RG&E will install five poles on the property to connect to transformers. We expect connection to the utility grid, commissioning, and testing in the early fall.

Once online, the system is expected to generate 1.2 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy annually, enough to offset approximately 75 percent of the Town of Penfield’s electrical usage at our three major facilities: the town hall, community center, and DPW campus. This is the equivalent of powering 120 households for a year. 

This project will provide power for the Town of Penfield at a fixed rate for the next 20 years. I will continue to provide project updates in my weekly column and a forthcoming project page, both available at

Mark your calendars for the annual Independence Day celebration in Penfield to be held on Saturday, June 30. The parade starts at 10:00 AM; the route begins at Penfield high school, proceeds through the Four Corners, and ends at the community center on Baird Road. We are once again honored to have Mr. Don Alhart as the Parade Emcee, and this year’s Parade Marshal is retired Sheriff Patrick M. O’Flynn.

Later in the day, music, food, and fun will run from 5:00 to 10:30 PM at Harris Whalen Park with music by Black Rabbit and Dog House. Food trucks will be on hand to provide a variety of food and snacks, and the always popular fireworks will begin at 10:00 PM. I hope to see you all there!

On behalf of the Town Board, I would like to recognize all the Penfield students who will be moving from elementary to junior high, from junior high to high school, and also graduating seniors who are off to college or on to explore the next chapter of their lives. Congratulations and best wishes to all!

Until next week enjoy the summer weather!


June 11, 2018
Supervisor's column June 11, 2018

MUSIC TONIGHT!…One last reminder, the Penfield Pops Band will be playing at the Penfield Amphitheater & Kiwanis Stage tonight at 7:00 PM. The weather will be perfect and this talented group of musicians provides wonderful entertainment!

Last week, I had the honor of attending an open house for one of Penfield’s newest small businesses, Radiant Sun Acupuncture, located at 1742 Penfield. Owner/operator Julie Grogan and her family welcomed several dozen clients, friends, and community members as they cut the ribbon for her new location. Services provided at Radiant Sun Acupuncture include acupuncture, electroacupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, Gua Sha, Qi Gong, and Tui Na. We are delighted that Julie chose Penfield for her business!

A reminder on behalf of the Penfield Ecumenical Food Shelf…As we get closer to the end of the school year and summer vacations get underway, please remember to support the PEFS. The families they serve have year-round needs, and donations tend to drop off during busy summer months. Also this year, PEFS has a program called “Summer Food for Kids.” Consider visiting the PEFS website at to review their current needs and wish list. A special thank you goes to the many generous donors and volunteers who make the PEFS operation possible…your efforts do make a difference!

Over the last several weeks I have had a number of residents ask where they can find Penfield TV, as they no longer see programming on channel 12 and 15. Spectrum Cable wanted those channels for themselves, and as we all know, it’s about the exposure and the money. Therefore, Penfield TV has been moved to channels 1301 and 1303. Additionally, we provide a high definition web stream at and through ROKU. Board meetings and other local programs are made available on-demand through YouTube, Vimeo and ROKU under the channel “Penfield Television.” If you have any questions, please email or call the department at 340-8661.

Mark your calendars for the Penfield Library’s 2018 Children’s Summer Reading Game that begins Monday, June 25 and runs through Wednesday, August 1. For complete Reading Game and summer program information, please contact the library at 340-8720 x4016 or visit

Looking for some gardening tips? Consider spending time “Gardening with Broccolo Garden Center” at 2755 Penfield Road. This is a new program series with many different offerings including Made in the Shade, Habitat Plants from Around the World, Houdini Hydrangea Blooms, Butterfly Friendly Garden, the Four Season Garden and Natural Solutions for Deterring Deer, Stink Bugs and More! Go to to see all the details for each of these programs and to sign up for one or more of these wonderful programs. 

If you spend time at Greenwood Park for lacrosse, tennis, or the new playground, you will see our DPW crews expanding the parking lot to better serve you. This park has become very popular and parking has always been at a premium. This work should take a few weeks; thank you in advance for your patience!

Until next week, enjoy this wonderful weather we are having! Spend time outside and consider enjoying one of our many parks in Penfield! 


June 4, 2018
Message from Supervisor LaFountain: Shadow Pines cleanup update

DPW crews continue to remove dead, diseased, and downed trees from the perimeter of the property along Whalen and Clark Roads. Once this task is finished we will continue addressing hazardous trees in the interior of the property.

A dumpster is on site as we clear trash and brush from the Clark House and adjacent buildings. Plantings are being spruced up, stumps being ground out and regular mowing of the Clark House grounds is underway. Weather permitting, we will also attend to roadside mowing along Atlantic Ave. in the coming week.

DPW is weaving Shadow Pines projects into their traditional seasonal work and will be on-site as weather and schedules permit.

As I have stated before, during this cleanup period the public is not allowed on any portion of the property–signs stating this have been placed on the property. We will get the word out when tree maintenance is complete and it is safe to enjoy designated portions of the property. Our focus is on preparing the former front nine for public use.

Safety is our priority. Thank you for your patience as we perform this necessary work.

June 4, 2018
Supervisor's column June 4, 2018

Supervisor’s column June 4 2018

MAKE SOMEONE WHOLE AGAIN…without A, B, and O, we can't save anybody. You are the #MissingType we need. The American Red Cross will hold a Blood Drive at Penfield Community Center on Wednesday, June 13, 2:00 to 7:00 PM. To schedule your life-saving appointment, please call 1-800-Red-Cross, or visit and use sponsor keyword: penfieldcommunitycenter. Your donation does make a difference…thank you in advance for supporting this very important event!

Last week, our Director of Public Works and I attended an open house meeting with the NYS Department of Transportation regarding the planned maintenance paving project of Routes 941B and 404 (Empire Blvd.) from Helendale Road in Irondequoit to Gravel Road in Webster, including all of Penfield. This project, proposed for 2019, will consist of the following work: a two-inch deep milling and paving operation; a change to the pavement markings from Plank Road to the Bay/Creek Street intersection with a left-turn lane for westbound traffic turning onto Plank Road and a center two-way left turn lane; an extended center two-way left turn lane from Kirkland Drive toward Gravel Road; adjustments to existing manholes and drainage structures; replacement of ground-mounted signs; sidewalk ramp rehabilitation as needed to meet ADA standards; and pedestrian signal upgrades. 

The schedule of work for this project is as follows: completion of design work – July 2018; bid opening – October 2018; start of construction – spring of 2019; and substantial construction completion – fall of 2019. The current estimated construction cost is $3.4 million. If you have any questions, please contact Dan Farrelly, Project Design Engineer, at (585) 371-9242 or by email at  As the NYSDOT gets closer to the actual start of construction, we will add additional general information to our website for Penfield residents. 

Speaking of roadwork, Monroe County DOT will begin a preventive maintenance project in Penfield commencing today, Monday, June 4, on Creek Street running from Browncroft Blvd. to Plank Road. The project involves milling and resurfacing this portion of Creek Street. The project will continue through the remainder of June. 

It was a bit warm Friday night for the music and food truck rodeo at the Penfield Amphitheater & Kiwanis Stage, but the music was hotter! Food trucks were lined up and served a variety of great food and drink. A special thank you goes to all the Penfield School performing groups—this event is a wonderful way to kick-off our summer concert series. 

Mark your calendars for all of this year’s programs at the Penfield Amphitheater & Kiwanis Stage: Tuesdays Upstage, Thursdays Kids Fest, Saturdays on Stage, the Penfield Pops Band, and Tastin’ the Blues. For more details on performances please check out page 8 of the Summer 2018 PenRec brochure or log on to

I would like to recognize Barbara Quinn, Coordinator of Dayton’s Corners School/Museum, and her team, for the wonderful annual pie social that was held yesterday, June 3. While the afternoon turned wet, it did not dampen the spirit of the more than 75 people who showed up for a tour, to visit with teachers, and of course, to enjoy lemonade and a piece of pie from Bakers Street Bakery. This school-museum is a wonderful asset in our community and is enjoyed by more than twelve hundred fourth graders each school year…great job ladies! 

I would like to close this week’s column by recognizing a wonderful man that I have had the honor of getting to know over the years—the Reverend James A. Schwartz, pastor of St Joseph’s Church and the Church of the Holy Spirit. Fr. Jim was ordained on June 1, 1968, and celebrated 50 years of Priestly Ministry this past weekend at St. Joseph’s and will do so next week at Holy Spirit. Congratulations Fr. Jim and thank you for your service to our community, you have touched many lives with love and friendship during your 50 years!

Until next week, consider performing a random act of kindness for a friend or neighbor, it is amazing how good that can make you both feel!



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