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March 25, 2019
Supervisor's column March 25, 2019

Last week, I had the honor of attending the 52nd Annual Awards Banquet of the Penfield Volunteer Emergency Ambulance (PVEA). This 100-member organization responds to more than 4,000 calls annually and logs 55,000+ volunteer hours of service to provide high level emergency response to Penfield and surrounding communities for mutual aid support. 

Many members were celebrated at the banquet; I would like to highlight a few special awards. Hugh Franklin received the 2018 PVEA Outstanding Service Award; Evan Fendt received PVEA Employee of the Year Award; Richard Sperduto was recognized for logging more than 979 volunteer hours in 2018; and Anne Krutell completed 35 years as a valued member of the organization.

We are so fortunate to have this amazing organization supporting and serving Penfield and our residents. On behalf of the entire community, I want to recognize everyone who is part of PVEA. Thank you for your service, you make a difference each and every day!

I recently reviewed the Penfield Ecumenical Food Shelf (PEFS) 2018 Annual Report and want to share some of the wonderful things they do to support Penfield residents in need. Last year, they distributed 35,100 pounds of fresh produce, provided 485 holiday “dinners with fixings” to families, served 98 families each week, and supported 103 children with additional summer food. PEFS could not do the work they do without a group of about 70 motivated volunteers. Their annual operating budget is $35,000. PEFS relies on private donations from local businesses and individuals to purchase foods including fresh meat, produce, eggs, cheese, and milk. Their local retail partners include Penfield Aldi’s, Penfield Wegmans, Schutt’s Apple Mill, Webster Target, Wickham Farms, and the Penfield Walmart.

If you would like to learn more about PEFS and the work they do for our Penfield Community, please go to, check them out on, or contact them at 234-0799. Thank you in advance for any financial or food donations you are able to provide in support their mission “to alleviate food insecurity in the Penfield community by providing nutritious food to those in need in a compassionate, respectful and non-judgmental manner.”

Penfield residents in need of a new or updated passport are invited to attend “Passport Night in Penfield” on Thursday, April 4, from 6:00 to 7:30 PM at the Penfield Town Hall, 3100 Atlantic Avenue. This service comes to Penfield through a partnership of the Monroe County Clerk’s Office and the Town of Penfield. Please call Town Clerk Amy Steklof at 340-8629 to sign up in advance; however, registration is not required.

The Penfield Public Library is offering a number of children’s programs during spring break week (April 15-19). Please visit for a complete listing of these programs and others offered by Penfield Public Library.

The next scenic trek hosted by the Penfield Trails Committee will be held on Saturday, April 13 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at Channing H. Philbrick Park. Come celebrate Daniel Penfield’s selection of “The Hollow” as the best mill site in all 97,000 square miles of the Genesee lands in 1795. Meet at the kiosk on the north side of the bride and look for the hike signs.

Even though the weather has not yet been ideal for yard work, my office has received several calls asking about the availability of mulch. As in past years, we have placed mulch in the parking lot west of the town hall for Penfield residents to pick up. We will keep this pile stocked now through early summer…help yourself! The mulch pile gets many visitors when warm weather sets in, please supervise children and pets at all times. 

Important dates and events in history: March 25 – Celebration of National Medal of Honor Day; March 29, 1973 – the last of American forces leave Vietnam; March 30, 1867 – the United States purchases the Alaska Territory from Russia for 7.2 million dollars; and on March 30, 1870 – the 15th Amendment is added to the Constitution. The 15th Amendment to the Constitution granted African American men the right to vote by declaring that the "right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude." 

Until next week enjoy the start of some nicer weather, it is just around the corner!


March 22, 2019
Passport Night in Penfield April 4 (updated)

Penfield residents in need of a new or updated passport are invited to attend “Passport Night in Penfield” on Thursday, April 4, 6:00 to 7:30 PM at the Penfield Town Hall, 3100 Atlantic Avenue. This service comes to Penfield through a partnership of the Monroe County Clerk’s Office and the Town of Penfield. Please call Town Clerk Amy Steklof at 340-8627 to sign up in advance, however, registration is not required.

“I am again pleased to work with the Monroe County Clerk’s Office to help local residents conveniently apply for their passports right here in Penfield,” said Amy Steklof.  “We get a great turnout every time we host this service.”

Residents may also apply for a Passport Card, which is limited to land and sea crossing between the US and Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. Some passport renewals may be eligible to renew by mail and save the $35 processing fee. County Clerk staff will review options with applicants on an individual basis.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Town of Penfield on providing this vital service to residents," said Monroe County Clerk Adam J. Bello. "Passport Night allows residents to have helpful one-on-one interactions with Clerk staff to ensure all of their questions are answered and their passport needs are met."

Passport applicants must provide proof of U.S. citizenship in one of three forms: a certified copy of a birth certificate with a raised seal and their parents’ names; original naturalization papers, or an old U.S. passport issued in the person’s name. Children under 16 will still need to bring their raised seal birth certificate even if they have an old passport. Proof of identity is also required in the form of a valid NYS Driver License or non-Driver ID, a valid military ID, naturalization papers issued to the applicant as an adult, or an INS Alien Registration Card. People born in Monroe County may obtain a copy of their birth certificate by contacting the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Visit the department’s website at for details.

The fee for a new US Passport for an applicant 16 and older is $145 ($110 plus a $35 application fee). For an applicant under 16, the fee is $115 ($80 plus a $35 application fee). Passport cards—which may be used only for travel by land or sea between the US, Canada, and Mexico—are $30 for applicants aged 16 and older and $15 for applicants under 16. Passport card renewals are $30 and passport book renewals are $110. Passport photos are $7.00 for a set of two.

For application requirements, residents can visit the County Clerk’s website at Residents may download a passport application to complete in advance.  Forms are available on the US Department of State’s Travel website at .

Passport processing typically takes 4-6 weeks. Please call the Monroe County Clerk’s Office at 585-753-1600 with specific questions regarding the passport application process.

Please Note: Applicants between the ages of 16 to 18 must appear with a parent or legal guardian. Children under 16 must appear with both parents or legal guardians. One parent or guardian may appear, if and only if the parent or guardian that is not present completes and has notarized a DS-3053 Form, “Statement of Consent: Issuance of a Passport to a Minor Under Age 16” along with a copy of the absent parent or guardian’s driver license. If a parent has sole custody of a minor child, a certified copy of the custody report may be used.

March 18, 2019
Supervisor's column March 18, 2019

Penfield is home to remarkable people who have achieved incredible accomplishments in school, business, sports, and more. In this spirit, I would like to introduce you to Sung Kim. He is probably better known as Master Kim of Master Kim’s Tae Kwon Do Institute, located in the heart of Panorama Plaza. 

In 1992, at the age of nineteen, Master Kim’s father (Grand Master Kim) told him to teach others what he knew. Heeding this advice, Sung Kim opened up his Tae Kwon Do Institute headquarters in Penfield, NY. He did this as he personally trained at a high level and also graduated from the State University College at Brockport. Today, there are three Master Kim’s Tae Kwon Do Institute locations in the Rochester area Penfield, Irondequoit, and Greece.

Families that attend classes at Master Kim’s are very familiar with “Super Cup,” “Kick-a-Thon,” “Bully Awareness,” “After School Care,” and other popular programs. 

What many may not know is that Master Kim is an Olympic Medalist! Also, he and his family will travel to Seoul, South Korea in a few short weeks to test for his 8th Degree Black Belt at KUKKIWON, The World Taekwondo Headquarters. At 45 years old, he will be the youngest 8th Degree Black Belt in the United States certified by KUKKIWON, which is the only rank accepted by the International Olympic Committee.

So what is involved and what is required of Master Kim to purse his 8th Degree Black Belt? All of his documents have been received by KUKKIWON: an application, curriculum vitae of his taekwondo career, and his 10-plus page thesis on effective taekwondo teaching methods. I understand he is really looking forward to the physical exam, which begins with a four-hour training session with a KUKKIWON Grandmaster. All of the content will have to be demonstrated and he will have to pass an interview. Ultimately, this test is the culmination of 40 years of commitment to the art that has given him so much. I have heard Master Kim say that he has the greatest job in the world, and there hasn’t been a time that he did not have Taekwondo in his life.

On behalf of the entire community of Penfield, I would like to recognize Master Kim for his accomplishments and wish him well as he and his family travel to Seoul in April to be part of this history-making event. Thank you for everything you do to support our community and residents, you make a difference each and every day!

If you have been by the town hall and the Little League fields you may have noticed projects underway on fencing, back-stops, cutting in of a warning track, and other improvements. This work and more is being done in preparation for hosting the 2019, 2020, and 2021 New York State Championships for Majors 10, 11, and 12-year-olds. Penfield Little League and our community were honored to receive this award. This means that any team from New York State that wants to get to Williamsport for the World Series must come through Penfield. Many changes will be occurring this spring and summer to improve and upgrade this already wonderful facility. Now, if this is not a sure sign of spring, I don’t know what is! I am excited for the first pitch of the season and to hear the familiar call of “play ball!”

Please be on the lookout for the Summer 2019 Pen-Rec Brochure that is on its way to Penfield homes in the next few weeks. There are a number of new programs offered for all ages. I want to recognize the Recreation Team for another great job…thanks all!

Bri-Pen Senior Rides is very active in supporting Brighton and Penfield seniors by getting them to medical appointments, religious services or to town recreation centers. If you need a ride or would like to volunteer, please call 340-8674.

Until next week, be well and be safe; I hope to see you out in the community!


March 12, 2019
DEC Announces Brush Burning Prohibited in New York State March 16 through May 14

Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos today reminds residents that with spring approaching conditions for wildfires will become heightened and residential brush burning is prohibited March 16 through May 14 across New York State.

"While many people associate wildfires with the western United States, the start of spring weather and the potential for dry conditions increases the risk for wildfires in New York," Commissioner Seggos said. "New York prohibits residential burning during the coming high-risk fire season to reduce wildfires and protect people, property, and natural resources. The ban has been extremely effective in reducing the number of wildfires, and we're encouraging New Yorkers to put safety first."

Even though much of the state is currently blanketed in snow, warming temperatures can quickly cause wildfire conditions to arise.
DEC posts daily a fire danger rating map and forecast during fire season on its website and on the NY Fishing, Hunting & Wildlife App available on DEC's website. Currently, wildfire conditions in the state are low risk.

Historically, open burning of debris is the largest single cause of spring wildfires in New York State. When temperatures are warmer and the past fall's debris, dead grass, and leaves dry out, wildfires can start and spread easily and be further fueled by winds and a lack of green vegetation.

New York first enacted strict restrictions on open burning in 2009 to help prevent wildfires and reduce air pollution. State regulations allow residential brush fires in towns with fewer than 20,000 residents during most of the year, but prohibit such burning in spring when most wildfires in New York occur. Since the ban was established, the eight-year annual average number of spring fires decreased by 42.6 percent, from 2,649 in 2009, to 1,521 in 2018.

Campfires using charcoal or untreated wood are allowed, but people should never leave such fires unattended and must extinguish them. Burning garbage or leaves is prohibited year-round.
Wildfires can be deadly and destructive, and the national annual cost of their consequences can range anywhere from $71.1 to $347.8 billion, according to recent study by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Last year's Camp Fire in northern California destroyed the city of Paradise and killed more than 80 people, making it the nation's deadliest wildfire in more than a century. This year, the USDA Forest Service, the National Association of State Foresters, and the Ad Council are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the launch of the Smokey Bear Wildfire Prevention campaign, the longest-running public service advertising campaign in U.S. history.

"Smokey Bear has educated generations of Americans about their role in preventing wildfires," Commissioner Seggos said. "Smokey's words are still an urgent and relevant reminder for all of us to follow-'Remember, only YOU can prevent forest fires."

Some towns, primarily in and around the Adirondack and Catskill parks, are designated "fire towns." Open burning is prohibited year-round in these municipalities unless an individual or group has a written permit from DEC. To find out whether a municipality is designated a "fire town" or to obtain a permit, contact the appropriate DEC regional office. A list of regional offices is available on DEC's website.

Violators of the state's open burning regulation are subject to both criminal and civil enforcement actions, with a minimum fine of $500 for a first offense. To report environmental law violations call 1-800-TIPP DEC (1-800-847-7332), or report online on DEC's website.

March 11, 2019
Supervisor's column March 11, 2019

As the weather begins to warm up in the coming weeks and we see signs of spring, the town will begin to receive calls regarding lawn damage from our road and/or sidewalk plows. It is our policy and practice to go throughout the town and repair this damage. Please allow time during March and April for us to complete this work as weather permits. If you have any questions you may contact our DPW at 340-8710.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department (MCSD) would like to remind residents that there are individuals who like to “shop” our vehicles for valuables such as loose change, purses, computers, cell phones, GPS, radar detectors, and more. In many cases, as officers are taking reports following a theft, they discover the vehicles were unlocked! To protect yourself, do not leave valuables in your car. If for some reason you feel you need to leave valuables in your vehicle, keep them hidden and lock your doors. Also, do not put valuables in your trunk in open view at the gym or shopping center—you never know who is watching. The Sheriff’s Department has had great success in arresting a number of these individuals; however, it seems as though there are others willing to take up this illegal occupation…please do not make yourself a victim!  

If you are senior in need of tax help please note that the AARP/Tax Aide is offering FREE income tax return preparation to seniors once a week on Wednesdays at the Penfield Community Center through April 3. Appointments are required. Their goal is to provide FREE services for low to moderate income households with an emphasis on assisting seniors 60 and older. (AARP membership is NOT required). To make an appointment you must call 340-8655, ext-0.

The Recreation Department has asked me to remind parents and campers that the 2019 Pen-Rec Summer Day Camp 2019 is filling up quickly. If you have not signed up, please consider doing so before all your favorite dates and locations are taken. New items to summer camp 2019 include one-week sessions, a weekly bounce house, special theme days, and the former 10 percent online-only discount is now built into the fee for all! Our summer camp is certified by the NYS Department of Health and participants must provide current immunization records. The participant’s up-to-date records must be sent via email to, faxed to 585-340-8617, or be mailed/hand delivered to the Penfield Recreation Department on or before your child’s first day of summer camp.

The Penfield Volunteer Emergency Ambulance (PVEA) will be holding a blood drive this Friday, March 15 from 1:00 to 6:00 PM at their base, 1585 Jackson Road. Every day, blood donors help patients of all ages: accident and burn victims, heart surgery and organ transplant patients, and those battling cancer. In fact, every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. To schedule your life saving appointment please call 1-800-RED-Cross or visit and use sponsor keyword: PVEA.  

Mark your calendars: the Town of Penfield will be hosting Passport Night in Penfield on Thursday, April 4 from 6:00 to 7:30 PM in the town hall auditorium. Please contact the Town Clerk’s office at 340-8629 to schedule an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome. 

One last reminder…the next Flapjack Saturday Community Fundraiser sponsored by the First Baptist Church of Penfield (FBP) will be held this Saturday, March 16, from 8:00 to 10:00 AM at 1862 Penfield Road. FBP invites you for delicious pancakes, pure maple syrup, scrambled eggs, sausage, and more…all for just $5.00 per person.  All March proceeds will go directly to benefit Habitat for Humanity. For more information and details, please visit

Until next week, enjoy the longer days. It looks as though we are starting to see some glimmer of spring!


March 5, 2019
Supervisor's column March 5, 2019

Reminder…”It’s your lucky day,” the next Flapjack Saturday Community Fundraiser sponsored by the First Baptist Church of Penfield (FBP) will be held on Saturday, March 16 from 8:00 to 10:00 AM at 1862 Penfield Road. FBP invites you for delicious pancakes, pure maple syrup, scrambled eggs, sausage, and more…all for just $5.00 per person. All March proceeds will go directly to benefit Habitat for Humanity. Fellowship Hall is handicapped accessible and the breakfast is outstanding! For more information and details, please go to

Last week I had the honor of attending the first annual pasta dinner fundraiser for the Penfield Community Victory Garden at the Penfield Community Center. This dedicated group of gardeners and friends worked with about a dozen businesses to have all the food goods donated for this event and they prepared a wonderful dinner complete with trimmings. Despite some foul winter weather, the group was able to raise approximately $1,800 that they will put back into this community resource by way of a building, fencing, and other improvements to add value to the program. Congratulations on a very successful fundraiser, I look forward to next year’s event.

The Penfield Rotary Club held another successful Brew & Dinner Pairing at the Penfield County Club with proceeds benefitting Camp Haccamo and Honor Flight Rochester. Chef Matthew Lott and his team prepared four amazing tapas style courses inspired by and paired with K2 Brothers craft beer. Bach to Rock Music School provided some wonderful entertainment and Iron Smoke Distillery was on hand providing samples. Congratulations to Marie Cinti, Club President; Steve Lawrence, Membership Chair; and Keith Rose, Event Coordinator on another great event in support of two very special and deserving organizations.

Yesterday, the town of Penfield hosted an eastside “town hall” style presentation about the ongoing opioid crisis affecting our neighborhoods. The presentation was informative and eye-opening but also gave practical advice to employers on how to best respond to the needs of employees who may be dealing with opioid addiction or the challenges of a loved one with addiction issues.

During this 90-minute presentation we heard from local dignitaries, business leaders, treatment professionals, and law enforcement on ways we, as town and village leaders, can address and help with the crisis, not only in the workplace but in our communities and personal lives. Attendees were provided with resources and strategies as well as a “Toolbox to Recovery” that can be used in our town and village offices and beyond. The opioid crisis has a significant impact on workplaces, the local economy, families, and our communities but we can all play a part in helping those in need.

Are you looking for some fun activities with your youngest Penfield resident? If so, come join in on “single servings” on March 21, April 25 and May 16. This program is for children ages 2-6 with an adult. March 21 is entitled “Something Good.” Is your family brave enough to sign up for a mystery class? We will read Mrs. Murray’s favorite children’s book, make her favorite snack, and participate in some of her favorite crafts and activities, registration # 112413-03. April 25 is “Messy.” Come have fun and leave the mess here! We’ll listen to the book “Pigsty” and explore paint, fizz, foam and shaving cream together. Everyone will make a messy snack and have some fun projects to take home, registration # 112413-04. May 16 is “Celebrate the USA.” Let’s have a night of red, white and blue! Our snack and all of our projects will revolve around the colors of the flag. Let’s be patriotic and have fun together, registration # 112413-05. All programs are at the Penfield Community Center and run from 6:00 to 7:00PM. The fee is $15.00 per session. 

Reminder…set your clocks ahead this weekend. Sunday, March 10 is the beginning of daylight savings time. This is a sure sign of spring, and with the weather we have experienced in recent weeks I think we will all happily take the longer daylight hours to help move us closer to spring!

Until next week…stay warm, turn your clocks ahead, and think spring!


February 25, 2019
Supervisor's column February 25, 2019

I hope everyone came through this weekend’s significant wind event with minimal impact to their property. RG&E and the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) did an excellent job communicating with the media, towns, and villages regarding available resources to support communities impacted by this event. Hundreds of line and tree crews were brought in from other parts of New York and out of state to support local crews and minimize the amount of time that residents were without power. We will continue daily conference calls with RG&E and Monroe County until all power is restored across the county. If you are still without power or have other hazardous electric or gas situations, please contact RG&E directly at 1-800-743-1701.

The AARP/Tax Aide service is once again offering FREE income tax return preparation to seniors once a week on Wednesdays at the Penfield Community Center, by appointment, through April 3. The goal is to provide FREE services for low to moderate income households with an emphasis on assisting seniors 60 and older. (Please note that AARP membership is not required). To make an appointment you must call 340-8655, ext. 0.

Have you ever thought about becoming a Notary Public or do you need a refresher on Notary Law and the duties/responsibilities afforded to you? If so, this comprehensive class on the Notary Public License Law is for you! The class will provide all the information necessary to pass the Notary exam, ways to shield yourself from liability in the execution of your duties, and will cover appointment, testing, and renewal policies and procedures. You must be at least 18 years old to attend the two classes on March 4 and 11 from 6:30 to 8:30PM at the Pittsford Community Center, room 206, 35 Lincoln Ave. in Pittsford. The fee is $50.00/person.

The next “Out to Lunch Club” van trip is scheduled for March 6 when the group will travel to the Maple Tree Inn, Angelica, for the 56th season of pancakes at their best! Enjoy Cartwright’s Buckwheat Pancakes topped with fresh maple syrup along with maple sundaes. The fee is $26.00/person and includes transportation and pancakes. The van departs the Penfield Community Center at 9:30 AM and returns at approximately 2:30 PM.

A reminder from DEAR…Daytime Education at Recreation, wisdom at its finest hour! Please check out pages 36 – 42 in the Winter/Spring 2019 edition of the Pen-Rec brochure or go online at We are excited to offer classes and lectures to our consortium of lifetime learners. Join the national movement to learn and share life experience with others, exploring the multitude of FREE programs available through the Recreation Department, you will not be disappointed!

Be sure to check out the many Penfield Public Library programs sponsored by the Friends of the Penfield Public Library for our youngest residents. Librarian Bunny Brinkman and her staff are very creative with their program offerings, please take a moment to go online at to review and register.

A last reminder for the next Penfield Trails Committee scenic trek to be held on Saturday, March 9 from 10:00 AM to noon at the Shadow Pines property. Meet at the parking lot near the Clark House and look for the hike signs.

Important dates and events in history: February 25, 1913 – the 16th Amendment is added to the Constitution – this amendment allows the federal (United States) government to levy (collect) an income tax from all Americans, other taxes, such as taxes on houses or other property are considered “direct” taxes by the Constitution and would have to be divided back among the states; February 26, 1951 – the 22nd Amendment is added to the Constitution – this amendment limits the president to only two four-year terms in office. Before the 22nd amendment, presidents traditionally served two terms, following the example of George Washington. This led to the 22nd amendment, which was passed by Congress in 1947 and ratified by the states by 1951; February 27, 1869 – the 15th Amendment is passed by Congress – this Amendment to the Constitution granted African-American men the right to vote by declaring that the "right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude."  

Until next week, be well and be safe!


February 24, 2019
Message from Supervisor LaFountain: Storm Update as of 2:30 PM

I have just completed a conference call with RG&E and representatives from State, County and other municipalities regarding the current Storm Preparedness. Due to the fact that the wind event is coming into our area later than initially planned, RG&E will be operating in a “make-safe” mode during the non-daylight hours. This means that any downed power lines will be made safe. Customers should call 1-800-743-1701 to report downed power lines or other hazardous situations. Restoration will begin in the daylight hours tomorrow (Monday) starting with transmission lines and substations that bring electricity to the local distribution system that serves the customers. Penfield Community Center, 1985 Baird Road, will be opened as a warming center as outages may occur. DPW crews will be on duty to assist RG&E to clear downed trees in roadways to ensure emergency vehicles can get through to all areas of the community. If you see a tree down in a roadway, please call DPW at 340-8710 to report.

Please be safe…

Tony LaFountain

Penfield Town Supervisor

February 24, 2019
Message from Supervisor LaFountain: Storm Preparedness

Town of Penfield staff and officials continue to communicate with the Monroe County Office of Emergency Preparedness and RG&E to ensure our residents are safe. Penfield Community Center will be open as a warming center as needed in the event of power outage. In the event of a long term power outage, the Town of Penfield will work with Monroe County Office of Emergency Preparedness to assess community needs.

Please be safe,

Tony LaFountain

Town Supervisor

February 22, 2019
High Winds Projected for 2/24 in Penfield

Sunday and Monday's weather looks to bring 70+mph winds according to the National Weather Service, which could lead to downed trees and power lines. Should this occur, please call 911 and RG&E if power lines are down. NEVER approach tree limbs or branches that may be entangled within power lines, nor attempt to move any lines that are on the ground as electricity can still be active. Fallen trees can also cause damage to underground gas lines if the base of the tree is uprooted. Please call 911 and RG&E if you smell gas in your home.

Should a power outage occur in your neighborhood you can report the outage to RG&E

If a tree falls within a neighborhood right-of-way (roadway), please contact (585) 340-8710, dispatchers are on duty.

These are the times when our elderly neighbors and those needing care are especially vulnerable. Please check on your neighbors when possible to ensure that they are safe.


For additional safety tips, including the use of generators and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning precautions, visit our website page.

February 20, 2019
Supervisor's column February 20, 2019

I would like to recognize and thank the guest columnists that stepped up and prepared such wonderful columns while I was out of the office with a knee replacement. Our department heads are true professionals who work so very hard to support Penfield in every aspect of the day-to-day operations of local government…thank you team, your actions do not go unnoticed!

If you are looking for a night off from cooking, mark your calendars for a delicious pasta dinner! Members of the Penfield Community Victory Garden (PCVG) and Boy Scout Troop 230 will host a pasta dinner on Wednesday, February 27, from 4:30 until the pasta is gone at the Penfield Community Center. Eat in or take out! Tickets are available at the Penfield Recreation office or at the door for $8 per person (kids 3 and under are free). There will also be a raffle to support the PCVG. For questions or tickets, please call 340-8655, option 0. I hope to see you there.

Over the past several weeks, employees of the Department of Public Works have been dealing with a variety of quickly changing weather conditions including snow, high winds with drifting snow, and sleet with freezing rain. These dedicated folks work extended hours to clear roads and sidewalks for the safety of our residents traveling to work, school, and important appointments. I would like to recognize and thank them for their service to our community…great job all!

You might have seen or heard some references to the recently adopted Governor’s budget and its unprecedented cuts to the unrestricted state revenue sharing program known as Aid and Incentives to Municipalities (AIM) to the tune of $59 million, effectively gutting the program to all local governments. What does this mean for Penfield? Our impact amounts to $142,000. Why is this such a blow to local governments? This action was taken after all of our budgets were proposed and adopted for 2019. We do everything possible to project expenses and revenues for the year as we are putting our budgets together. The decision to cut AIM funds without any notice tells me that Albany is not our government partner as we so often hear from the governor’s office! I understand and respect that government at all levels must control and work towards reduced spending; however, to pull this historic funding with no warning in the eleventh hour is poor management by the governor and the legislative bodies in Albany. 

What’s next and how do we address this $142,000 shortfall? I will be working with all department heads to identify areas to cut back and review proposals with the town board to minimize the impact on overall plans for 2019. I will keep everyone updated as new or additional information comes to light on this matter.

One last plug for the Monday, February 25 Penfield Symphony Orchestra concert entitled “A Suite for a Sweet” to be held at the Penfield High School Auditorium at 7:30 PM. For more information on this concert and remaining programs for the year, please visit

The next scenic trek sponsored by the Penfield Trails Committee will be held on Saturday, March 9 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the Shadow Pines property. Join the committee as they explore the hiking trail developed thus far. Meet at the parking lot adjacent to the Clark House off Whalen Road and look for the hike signs. 

The Penfield Trails Committee is always seeking volunteers to serve on its planning committee, as well as volunteers to do manual labor for trail maintenance. For more information, please call the Penfield Recreation Department at 340-8655, option 0. 

Bri-Pen Senior Rides is always looking for volunteers. Support is especially important this time of year with a number of residents vacationing in the warm weather and not available to help until March or April. If you would like to help as a driver or volunteer to dispatch one day a week from your home, please call 340-8674. Your involvement will help a Brighton or Penfield senior by getting them to a medical appointment, religious services, or the town recreation center.

Until next week, enjoy the longer days and keep your fingers crossed for milder weather!


February 12, 2019
Supervisor’s guest column from Heidi Boehl, Department Head, Building/Fire Marshal/Zoning

The priority of the Town of Penfield Building Inspectors, Code Enforcement Officers, Zoning Administration, and Fire Marshals is to promote and protect the general health, safety, and welfare of the community as we progress into the future socially, physically, and economically. We enforce the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code, Town Laws, Town Zoning Ordinances, and Town Design Criteria. Our Building Inspectors, Code Enforcement Officers and Fire Marshals are out in the field year-round conducting periodic inspections, required construction inspections, and addressing citizen concerns to ensure the safety of residents, families, and visitors to establishments in our community.

From Building and Zoning:

With February recess just around the corner, now is a good time to submit your building permit application for our staff to review. Once spring arrives, many homeowners tend to get the “spring bug” and decide to enhance their homes with a new deck, pool, shed or a remodel/addition of a room or a few rooms. Here are a few reminders as you plan your next project.

Property owners are responsible for ensuring permits are obtained PRIOR to work being started when they intend to:

·         construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish, or change the occupancy of a building or structure

·         install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any electrical or plumbing system

·         install a solid fuel burning heating appliance, chimney or flue in any dwelling unit (installation is regulated by New York State Building Codes)

The property owner is also responsible for ensuring that all required inspections have been performed—including the final inspection—and that a Certificate of Occupancy/Certificate of Compliance has been issued. We strongly urge property owners to confirm with the building department that all inspections have been completed and that a Certificate of Occupancy/Certificate of Compliance has been issued prior to final payment to a contractor. If you do not find a copy of a Certificate of Occupancy/Certificate of Compliance for a completed project, please call our department at (585)340-8636 to confirm compliance status and to obtain a copy for your records. Failure to complete this process will complicate future projects and delay real estate transactions.

From Code Enforcement:

Our Code Enforcement officers are busy monitoring and enforcing a variety of applicable ordinances, codes, and regulations related to zoning, land use, nuisance housing, building codes, health and safety, and other matters of public concern. The New York State Code states that residents shall maintain clean, safe, and sanitary structures and exterior of one’s property. Here are a few reminders to help keep our town looking great.

·         All garbage is required to be kept in approved containers such as totes, dumpsters, trash cans.

·         A maximum of one unregistered or uninspected vehicle is permitted, however it must be parked in the driveway and owned by the resident.

·         A resident may keep and maintain a compost pile consisting of organic materials including leaves and grass clippings on their property provided it is 10 feet from the property line and not obstructing drainage or utility access.

·         One accessory structure is allowed on the property.

Let’s all work together and help our neighbors towards a common goal. Help Mrs. Smith who just lost her husband by mowing her lawn, or help Mr. Jones who just had hip replacement surgery and is “too proud” to ask for assistance by bringing his garbage in from the curb. A strong neighborhood means better peace of mind for all who live and work there.

From our Fire Marshals:

As winter is not over quite yet, we want to remind everyone to help keep fire hydrants clear of snow. Please discuss this with your neighbors and adopt a hydrant in your area to protect your neighborhood. Hydrants that are clearly visible and accessible to emergency responders will help them get water on a fire more quickly than if they have to search for and clear a hydrant that may not even be the closest to a burning structure. Snow should be cleared three feet all the way around the hydrant with a clear path to the roadway.

It is equally important to keep vents from high efficiency furnaces and water heaters clear of snow and debris. These type of vents typically terminate within a few feet of ground level on the outside of the structure. If these vents are obstructed by snow, the appliance served by the vent will begin to malfunction. This malfunction could cause excess carbon monoxide (CO) to build up in the structure. High levels of CO can cause illness and/or death. When clearing your driveway of snow, take your shovel for a walk around your house to complete this critical task.

Keeping exits clear of snow is not just an issue for commercial buildings. It is important to clear the exits in your own home as well. This includes shoveling your front sidewalk and porch, regardless of how much you use it. In an emergency, you want to have a minimum of two ways out of your home at all times. Clearing more than two exits is even better! This can include a back door leading to a deck or patio. Keep a path cleared of snow leading from the door, across the deck/patio and into the yard. A cleared path to the front of the house will help emergency services access your home if needed. If you live in a rental, apartment, or a location where you are not responsible for clearing snow and you notice an issue, report it to your landlord or maintenance contractor. If the situation is not resolved and you believe it to be a life hazard please contact my office; we will investigate and ask the responsible party to remedy the hazard as well.

Supporting our Community:

Do you know there is a drop off bin for The Penfield Ecumenical Food Shelf (PEFS) at the town hall? It is located in the Town Hall atrium and is decorated by the season. Right now it is decorated with Valentine’s Day in mind. Stop in and drop off donations of non-perishable food as we express our kindness to those in need. At the end of every month we take it over to the food shelf on Jackson Rd. Thank you in advance for supporting this wonderful resource in our community…it makes a difference to so many lives.


Heidi Boehl
Department Head
Building/Fire Marshal/Zoning


February 12, 2019
Penfield Community Victory Garden Pasta Dinner

Penfield Community Victory Garden, in conjunction with Boy Scout Troop #230, will hold the first annual Pasta Dinner and Raffle Fundraiser on Wednesday, February 27, 4:30 pm until sold out, at Penfield Community Center, 1985 Baird Road, Penfield. Eat in or take out!

Tickets are $8.00 each, and kids under 3 are free. Tickets may be purchased in advance at Penfield Recreation department, or at the door. 

This event will raise funds for Penfield Community Victory Garden’s operating budget. Penfield Community Victory Garden is run completely by volunteers, and is designed and operated to provide Penfield residents with an opportunity to grow their own ORGANIC based vegetables, flowers, and herbs for their own consumption or for the needy. The garden also provides for the development of the Penfield community by working together to improve the garden, sharing knowledge and techniques of organic gardening, and managing the garden through the PCV Garden volunteer committee. The garden is located on a 3.3-acre piece of town-owned property at 1748 Five Mile Line Road.

Volunteers are always needed for many aspects of the planning and oversight of the garden, as well as manual labor. No experience necessary! 

For more information, or to purchase dinner tickets, please call Penfield Recreation at (585) 340-8655.

February 8, 2019
Family Winter Snow Night Out - CANCELLED

In order to communicate with vendors, volunteers, and staff in a timely manner, it was decided on Friday, February 15 that the Family Snow Night Out event would be canceled. The lack of projected weekend snowfall and Friday’s conditions of ice and mud at the event site were contributing factors in the decision making. The Rec Dept will be looking to reschedule the event in late February or March, so please keep monitoring the recreation website for event updates!


The public is invited to join Penfield Recreation for a Family Winter Snow Night Out on Tuesday, February 19, 6:00 to 8:00 PM at Harris Whalen Park. Come play in the snow under the February Snow Moon!

This unique nighttime experience at Harris Whalen Park will include snow games, building snow sculptures, sledding in the moonlight, snowshoeing on moonlit trails, staying warm by a fire, and viewing the February Snow Moon through a telescope (weather permitting). Snowshoes will be available to borrow. Participants are asked to bring a flashlight or headlamp for snowshoeing, and a sled for sledding. Warm refreshments will be available!

"With the winter season's colder weather keeping many people indoors more often than not, this family winter event will showcase options to explore the outdoors at our local parks," said Andrew Urckfitz, assistant recreation director. "Bundle up and beat the cabin fever with fun a winter snow night out in Penfield with your family!"

This event is free and all ages are invited. Sponsored by Penfield Recreation and Wegmans, our wellness partner.

For more information, please call Penfield Recreation at (585) 340-8655, option 0

February 4, 2019
Supervisor's guest column from Eric Tait, Director of DPW, Feb 4, 2019

Part I: Winter Review

The Farmer’s Almanac accurately predicted the fall and early winter weather being that of above average temperatures and wet conditions. With that said, our recent frosty forecast has been a bit of a surprise. On January 19, the snow began falling at a steady rate for the next four days. In total, we received approximately 17 inches of snow, at times wet and heavy. Just as the snowfall seemed to lighten up, the rain began and made for slippery and sloppy road conditions. All DPW crews were hands-on throughout the event. Like many residents, we were also presented with challenges including the weight and moisture content of the snow, the extended period that it took to accumulate, a number of cars parked in the road or abandoned, and some equipment breakdowns.

Throughout the storm and winter so far, the DPW has worked to keep all roads in the town open and passable with 18 trucks continuously deployed to plow and salt their routes. Other loaders and smaller trucks have been used to clear parking lots, doorways, and assist with some of the smaller cul-de-sacs and circles. Our parks team cleared primary sidewalks, and the DPW clerks fielded numerous storm-related calls and relayed priorities to the foremen.

In all, the DPW team has worked hundreds of hours and spread nearly 4,000 tons of salt to date in an effort keep all local, county and state roads, sidewalks, and town facilities open and passable for emergency responders and residents this winter.

Prior to our most recent storm, DPW crews have also been busy working to ensure public safety by addressing concerns and performing tree work at the former Shadow Pines golf course property. On September 1, 2018, the “front nine” portion of the property was opened up to the public and on February 1, 2019, the “back nine” portion was open to public access. With that, the entire property is now available for passive recreational use. As our crews continue wrapping up tree work on the property, please be cautious and give us plenty of room to work.

Hopefully Mother Nature is done with the wild weather but we’ll be ready either way. Let’s move on to spring news.

Part II: Spring Seasonal News

Once winter is truly gone, we will attend to spring chores including: filling potholes, repairing lawn damage from town plows, and repairing or replacing mailboxes damaged by our plow blades (not snow). We will also repair sidewalk damage, trim trees, and clean storm water drainage ponds and sewer systems.

Need mulch? Our mulch pile is currently stocked in the parking area on Columbus Crossing near the Town Hall. We will continue to replenish the pile throughout the spring and summer. This is a free service for Penfield residents in partnership with Monroe County DES. After grinding all the fall and winter debris we should have an impressive supply.

As a reminder, brush drop-off is open to residents year-round Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM–3:00 PM, except holidays.

Please make note of the following events and activities:

  • DPW will host its annual Spring Drop-off at the 1607 Jackson Road Facility on Friday, May 17, 7:30 AM–5:00 PM and Saturday, May 18, 9:00 AM–3:00 PM. This service is for Penfield residents only. We will accept general household refuse; furniture; metals; appliances; lawn mowers with fluids drained; vehicle batteries; concrete, brush, and tree limbs; and unmounted passenger vehicle tires (four per resident limit). We cannot accept propane tanks; household electronics including computers and accessories, printers, copiers; TVs; grass clippings and leaves; motorized vehicles; and/or hazardous materials.
  • Highway crews will conduct their annual oil and stone treatment program on approximately 13.5 miles of town roads and micro pave a number of cul-de-sacs and circles. Both processes extend road surface life. Details will be posted at and letters will be mailed out to all residents living on streets scheduled to be treated.
  • Highway crews will also be undertaking a road reconstruction project on Old Penfield Road between the west side of the bridge over Irondequoit Creek and Penfield Road (CR 269).
  • DPW crews will also be working on a project to expand the parking lot at LaSalle’s Landing Park.
  • DPW will continue to work on drainage tasks including catch basin replacements in the Beacon Hills neighborhood as well as cast-in-place pipe lining under Panorama Trail. Several additional projects are also scheduled for the summer season.
  • We are continuing to work on a few projects to support the town’s goals of becoming more energy efficient. Although we are not responsible for the installation, this past fall, DPW was busy preparing a site on the DPW complex for a new solar array being installed by Tesla (formerly Solar City). The agreement with Tesla is a power purchase agreement (PPA). With this PPA, Tesla pays the entire cost of equipment and materials up front and no Penfield taxpayer money is being spent on the project. Over time, the new system will provide approximately 70–75 percent of the electrical usage of our town facilities. The solar array is expected to be operational once RG&E grants the “permission to operate” mid to late February.
  • We will also continue to convert the town’s street lights to LED in an effort to upgrade the lighting.
  • If you are a parent or grandparent, please join us for our popular heavy equipment show for children at the Penfield Public Library on July 18. Watch the library website for details. Children and adults love to see and climb around the impressive DPW heavy equipment. Bring your camera!
  • If you need to dispose of household hazardous waste please note the Monroe County Department of Environmental Service (DES) has moved our traditional spring collection to the fall. Please keep an eye out on the website for the date, time, and location. Schedule your required appointment and learn more at

We have a wonderful group of dedicated people working at the Penfield DPW. Public safety and the safety of our employees is our highest priority, guiding our decision-making every day.

When you are out driving in your car—whether in a snow storm or on a beautiful summer day—please pay attention to the posted signage and our flag people and follow their directions. Please remember to always give heavy equipment and plows the room they need to perform their jobs. We want to ensure that at the end of each day, our valued employees return to their families in the same healthy condition in which they reported to work.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of the winter, spring, and summer!


Town of Penfield
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