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Engineering Department Documents

Engineering Department
Traffic Counts Summary Report - 2018-01-09
Shadow Pines Phase I ESA -2017-November
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for the Former Shadow Pines Golf Course Town of Penfield. Prepared by: C&S Engineers, Inc. 499 Col. Eileen Collins Blvd Syracuse, New York 13212
2017-03-01 Self Inspection of Ponds Form
SPDES 5 Acre Waiver Request
Town of Penfield Design Specifications
This document is the official design specifications for the development of any property within the Town of Penfield. The primary goal of these specifications is to promote proper design and construction of publicly dedicated facilities that will serve the residents of the Town of Penfield. This will be achieved through a thorough design review process and thorough construction inspection. A secondary goal is to provide facilities that will have a positive effect on the health and general welfare of the community. Finally, it shall promote the highest quality of dedicated Town infrastructure and provide for ease of future maintenance.
2015-03-10 Message from Town Engineer regarding Preventing Flooding
Traffic Calming October 2010 Report
Allens Creek Preliminary Geomorphic Assessment 2011
Taking it to the Streets Brochure
Stormwater Ponds Presentation
2000-06-21 Stormwater Management Policy
Local Law NO. 3
Town of Penfield Local Law NO. 3 Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention and Erosion and Sediment Control Law
Local Law NO. 5
Town of Penfield Local Law NO. 5 Stormwater Illicit Discharge Connection Law
Local Law NO. 4
Town of Penfield Local Law NO. 4 Design and Management of Post-Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Measures Law

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