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- Supervisor’s column January 27, 2020

We are always looking for residents with some available time to sign up as a volunteer driver for the senior transportation program known as Bri-Pen Senior Rides. Drivers and dispatchers are needed for this very important program to get seniors who do not drive to medical appointments, religious services, or town recreation centers. Drivers will be thoroughly trained through Lifespan’s “Give a Lift” program and will receive supplemental insurance. For more information about volunteering, please call Pam at 340-8664. Thank you in advance for helping a neighbor!

The next “Nels Carman Big Band Night” will be held on Tuesday, February 4, 7:30–9:30 PM at the Penfield Community Center. The Penfield Rotary Band will play two hours of your favorite big band sounds for dancing and listening. Everyone is welcome, the fee is $2.00 and you pay at the door.

Join the Penfield Trails Committee for their next guided hike on Friday night February 7, 6:30–7:30 PM. Yes…that’s right…Friday night! Join the committee for this full moon hike as part of the Recreation Department’s “Winter Woods Hike.” Listen for screech owls as you hike through the Harris Whalen Park trails. Bring a headlamp or flashlight. Meet at the upper pavilion parking lot at Harris Whalen Park and look for the hike signs.

Winter break is the week of February 17–21. If you are looking for some different activities for our youngest residents, please see the program offerings in both the Penfield Public Library and the Recreation Department. There is a complete lineup in the 2020winter/spring Pen-Rec brochure in print or online at or

The next Penfield Symphony Orchestra concert is February 24 at 7:30 PM in the Penfield High School auditorium. The program is "Caramia and Rodgers: Our Favorite Valentines." Commencing with local composer Verne Reynolds’ rarely-heard Celebration Overture, the concert then features local Eastman faculty jazz pianist Tony Caramia presenting American female composer Dana Suesse’s jazz nocturne Afternoon of a Black Faun, her romantic piece My Silent Love, and her energetic Jazz Concerto in D. The second half is a symphonic celebration of the popular, tuneful music of Richard Rodgers (Oklahoma, The King and I, Victory at Sea, South Pacific.)  

Tickets can be purchased online at, by phone at 585-872-0774, in person at the Penfield Recreation Department or Canandaigua National Bank (Penfield Branch), and at the door on the night of the concert. Advance tickets cost $15 for adults ($16 at the door), and $12 for senior citizens 60 and over ($16 at the door). For students of any age with a student ID, advance tickets are free or $1 at the door. 

The Penfield Symphony Orchestra is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to enriching the Rochester community for over 60 years. Directed by Dr. David Harman since 2000, this 90-piece orchestra enriches the community by providing fine music and a setting where both amateur and professional musicians perform a variety of classical music. For information on concerts and highlights, follow the Penfield Symphony Orchestra on Facebook at, on Twitter at, or visit the website at

Important dates and events in history: January 29, 1919 – the Eighteenth Amendment is added to the Constitution. The Eighteenth Amendment declared the production, transport, and sale of intoxicating liquors illegal, though it did not outlaw the actual consumption of alcohol. Shortly after the amendment was ratified, Congress passed the Volstead Act to provide for the federal enforcement of Prohibition. Note…The Eighteenth Amendment is the only amendment to ever have been repealed from the United States Constitution–via the inclusion of the Twenty-First Amendment; January 30, 1964 – The 24th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America abolished the poll tax for all federal elections. A poll tax was a tax of anywhere from one to a few dollars that had to be paid annually by each voter in order to be able to cast a vote; February 1, 1865 – The 13th amendment to the United States Constitution provides that "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” 

Until next week, enjoy the mild break in the weather, I’m sure it will not last!


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