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- Message from Supervisor LaFountain: Shadow Pines cleanup update

Since my last update on May 11, DPW crews have been busy removing dead, diseased, and downed trees (mostly pines) from the perimeter of the property. Many of you will have noticed this work on Whalen Road from Atlantic Ave. south to the small pioneer’s cemetery. Work will continue along Clark Road.

As the new property owners, we are taking out these hazardous trees to improve safety on the property and along adjacent roadways. It seems with every major wind event DPW needs to remove fallen pines from roadways under emergency conditions. This tree work is preventive and also gives remaining healthy trees a chance to flourish.

We have also been cleaning up the area directly surrounding the Clark House. Neglected and dead plant materials are being removed, the lawn is being mowed, and healthy plantings will be restored. This activity will continue as we work to return the Clark House to neighborhood standards.

During this cleanup period the public is not allowed on any portion of the property. We know residents are eager to explore the trails—we will get the word out when tree maintenance is complete and it is safe to enjoy designated portions of the property. 

Safety is our priority. Thank you for your patience as we perform this necessary work.

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