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Business in Penfield
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Alongside our vast farmland and open spaces, local businesses play a vital role in serving the needs of the Penfield community. And what a strong community we are. Our residents have stable resources, diverse interests, and a commitment to community that is unmatched. The business environment in Penfield is friendly and competitive, fostering growth across a number of industries.

The Town works hand-in-hand with the Penfield Business Chamber and numerous neighborhood and community groups to support planned, effective commercial development. Through focused revitalization, we have attracted more than 30 new businesses to the Penfield business community over the past few years. The Department of Developmental Services, which matches interested entrepreneurs and business owners with development opportunities, has been steering this growth since 2000.

The Browncroft Boulevard and Creek Street intersection provides shopping and services to surrounding neighborhoods and serves as a way station for the 30,000+ commuters who pass through this area while traveling to and from Rochester on a daily basis.

Penfield's historic Four Corners is a bustling village-like neighborhood which hosts an abundance of pedestrian friendly businesses, homes, public parks, and scenic vistas and trails along the Irondequoit Creek corridor.

LaSalle's Landing, named for the famous French explorer Robert Cavalier de LaSalle, is the rumored historic launching place of one of the explorer's expeditions to find a warm-water trading route to the South Sea and China. Today, this burgeoning business district boasts diverse business and residential development opportunities, alongside unique water-based recreation and public parks.

Lloyd's Corners incorporates the mixture of office, retail, service, recreational and residential uses located along a one-mile span of state highway Route 441 and Route 250.

The Panorama Valley business district is one of the oldest modern and most vital shopping areas in eastern Monroe County. It provides a full range of retail uses, dining experiences, quality office space, a hotel, and serves as the home for multiple corporate global headquarters.

The vital Bay/Empire/Creek business district is Penfield's largest commercial zone, featuring plazas and office buildings that are patronized by residents from throughout the region.

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