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What are the black tubes across the road on my street?

The Town of Penfield conducts routine traffic studies on roads within town limits. These studies are performed on a regular basis in the town using a solar-powered traffic counter device. The solar-powered device is left in place to collect data for approximately one week.

What is the information used for?  

The device is used by the town to study both volumes of traffic and the speed at which vehicles travel. The recorded data provides real-time information for town engineers to review when evaluating traffic trends on high traffic and cut-through roads.

How can I see collected data? 

The Town of Penfield posts data collected for town roads. Current year counts are highlighted.

How can I see data for New York State and Monroe County roads?  

That information can be seen at the following links: 


Monroe County link:

Can I request to have the traffic counters installed on my street?

Yes. You can either send an email to or submit a request through the website link.

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