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The Penfield Tax Receiver Office is the billing and collection agency for Town and County property taxes and all School Taxes within the Town’s jurisdiction.

Please carefully review payment instructions on each bill. Details regarding how, when, and where to pay taxes differ. Also note payment schedules and additional interest fees for late payments, installment payments, and payment by credit card.

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From the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance:

New York State Property Tax Calendar

Follow the budget process

If you are concerned with the amount of property taxes being collected in your community, you may wish to be involved with the local budgeting processes. There are public meetings you can attend and voice your opinion, and you also have the opportunity to vote on your school budget.

For school district taxes, in addition to voting on the budget, you can attend budget meetings. Generally, the budget meetings are held in the spring through early April.

For municipal and county taxes, budget meetings are held in the fall through mid-November. Special districts (fire districts, sewer districts, etc.) also hold public meetings, but the dates vary. Contact the district for more information.


Krystina H. Lizak
Receiver of Taxes
(585) 340-8625


First Floor
Penfield Town Hall
3100 Atlantic Avenue
Penfield NY 14526

Walk-up window hours: Monday–Friday, 9:00 AM–5:00 PM

Town of Penfield
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