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Supervisor Documents

Supervisor Documents
2017-07-26 Town BoardMeeting Cancellation Notice
2017-07-21 Supervisors State of Emergency Order No. 10
2017-07-11 Supervisors State of Emergency Order No. 8
2017-07-06 Supervisors State of Emergency Order No. 7
2017-06-26 Supervisors State of Emergency Order No. 5
Penfield Annual Financial Report 2016
2017-02-08 Shadows - LaFountain Letter to Moratorium Committee
2017 Resident Town and County Tax Letter from Supervisor
2016-10-25 Letter to Moratorium Committee from Town Supervisor
I am writing to give you an update on activity regarding the committee’s recommendations for future land use for the Shadow Pines property.
2017 Preliminary Budget
2016 Town and County Tax message from Supervisor LaFountain
2015-03-05 Message from the Supervisor - Child Safety Act Hearing
2015-03-03 Supervisors Shout Out regarding Master Kims Studio Award
2015-02-26 Message from Supervisor regarding Sex Offender Law Update and Bill
2015-02-24 Message from Supervisor regarding Sidewalks and Safety
2015-02-23 Message from Supervisor regarding Snow Piles and Safety
Message from Town Supervisor - Winter Road Maintenance
Message from Town Supervisor - Level 3 Sex Offender
2015 Combined Town & County Tax message from Supervisor LaFountain
2015 Tentative Budget Presentation
Penfield Town Supervisor Tony LaFountain and Finance Director Robert Beedon presented the 2015 Tentative Budget proposal to the Penfield Town Board and community on Wednesday, September 3.
2014-08-20 Special Town Board Meeting
2014 Adopted Budget-October 16, 2013 with attachments
OCTOBER 16, 2013
2014 Preliminary Budget
2014 Preliminary Budget Legal Notice
2014 Tentative Budget Letter from the Supervisor
2014 Tentative Budget with Index
2013 Town,County Tax Bill Letter to Taxpayers
2013 Preliminary Budget w/Summary
2013 Tentative Budget Presentation
2013 Tentative budget
Annual Financial Report 2011
Annual Financial Report Update document for the Town of Penfield, County of Monroe for the fiscal year ended 2011/12/31.
2012 Town Final Adopted Budget
2012 Town Preliminary Budget
2012 Budget Presentation 2011-09-07
2012 Tentative Budget Detailed
This document shows the town's tentative budget broken down by individual line.
Tolewood and Baird Roads pond fencing
Letter from Supervisor re: Fencing around Town owned ponds at Tolewood and Baird Roads.
2011 May Safety Month Proclamation
Annual Financial Report 2010
Annual Financial Report Update document for the Town of Penfield, County of Monroe for the fiscal year ended 2010/12/31.
2011 Supervisors Appointments
2011 Preliminary Budget Legal Notice and Elected Officials Salaries
2011 proposed salaries of each member of the Town Board, the Supervisor, Town Clerk and Justices are included in this document.
2011 Adopted Budget
The Penfield Town Board adopted the towns 2011 town budget on October 20, 2010.
Budget Final 2011.pdf 10598.46 kb
2011 Preliminary Budget
The Supervisor's Tentative Budget becomes the Preliminary Budget after it is presented to the Town Board for review. On October 6, 2010 at 7:30 PM there will be Public Hearing on the 2011 Preliminary Budget; this is an opportunity for public comment
2011 Supervisors Tentative Budget
The 2011 Supervisor’s Tentative Budget, summarized in the attached, proposes no tax increase for 2011. The property tax rate will remain at $2.64. A major impact on 2011 expenses is the full funding of the retirement cost at 15% of salary, a 13% increase in the medical insurance cost, and using $80,000 to fund the general reserve fund for future upkeep and maintenance of our town buildings. All departments have cooperated in controlling expenses, and with growth in the property tax assessment of 1 %, the Tentative Budget will adequately fund operations.
Spotlight on Business Vitality in Penfield
Town Supervisors Tony LaFountain, PowerPoint presentation, presented at the Penfield Business Association Luncheon, February 4, 2010


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