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Property Under Review

If you have received a postcard in the mail or have seen an "Under Review" sign on a property, this section of the town’s website will help you to learn more about these communications.  Use the list below to determine which Board is reviewing the project and at which meeting it will be discussed.  Then use the link below to access the required meeting agenda.

To view Board or Committee meeting agendas, please 
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Mapped location for properties under review.

Properties Under Review by the Town of Penfield
Property: 125 Panorama Creek Drive
SBL Number: 138.12-1-1.1
Applicant: BME Associates, 10 Lift Bridge Lane East, Fairport, NY 14450
Application Number: 19P-0001
Project / Application Description: on behalf of 777 Panorama Properties LLC, requests an informal discussion before the board with plans for an office park with associated site improvements on a total of 55.3 +/- acres at 125 Panorama Creek Drive. The property is now or formerly owned by 777 Panorama Properties LLC and zoned LI
Review Board: Planning Board Sketch Plan, January 24, 2019

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