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2017 Windstorm Brush Pickup Update
Due to the severity of a windstorm that came through our region on Wednesday, March 8, the Town of Penfield will provide residents with a town-wide, roadside pick-up for fallen limbs, branches, and brush. 
Visit our webpage for details: CLICK HERE
Property Under Review

If you have received a postcard in the mail or have seen an "Under Review" sign on a property, this section of the town’s website will help you to learn more about these communications.  Use the list below to determine which Board is reviewing the project and at which meeting it will be discussed.  Then use the link below to access the required meeting agenda.

To view Board or Committee meeting agendas, please 
click here .

Mapped location for properties under review.

Properties Under Review by the Town of Penfield
Property: Empire Blvd. Area, Runabout Lane; Woodhaven Drive, and Wilbur Tract Road
SBL Number:
Applicant: ,
Application Number:
Project / Application Description: PROPOSED JOINT CONSOLIDATION AGREEMENT F OR THE TOWN OF PENFIELD CONSOLIDATED SANITARY SEWER DISTRICT AND PENFIELD SANITARY SEWER DISTRICT NO. 12 (EMPIRE BOULEVARD DISTRICT) ______________________________ The Town Board of the Town of Penfield, shall meet at the Town Hall, 3100 Atlantic Avenue, Penfield, New York, on April 5, 2017, at 7:00 PM for the purpose of conducting a public hearing regarding the pro posed agreement to consolidate Sanitary Sewer District #12 into the Penfield Consolidated Sanitary Sewer District, at which time and place all persons interested in the subject thereof may be heard concerning the same.
Review Board: Town Board Public Hearing, April 5, 2017

Property: 1185 Empire Boulevard, 1211 Empire Boulevard, and 41 Woodhaven Drive
SBL Number: 108.05-2-8.5, 108.05-2-8.33 and 108.10-1-1.111
Applicant: Passero Associates, 242 West Main Street, Suite 100, Rochester, NY 14614
Application Number: 16P-0004
Project / Application Description: Midlakes Management, LLC, requests under Chapter 250 Articles VI-6.1, XI-11.2 and XII-12.2 of the Code of the Town of Penfield for Preliminary and Final Site Plan, Subdivision, and EPOD Permit approval under Town Law 278 for the construction of 33 townhomes with associated site improvements on 32.67 +/- acres. The parcels are located at 1185 Empire Boulevard, 1211 Empire Boulevard, and 41 Woodhaven Drive. The properties are now or formerly owned by Howitt-Bayview, LLC, and are zoned LLD and R-1-20 **TABLED** to next meeting
Review Board: Planning Board Work Session, April 13, 2017

Property: 667 Panorama Trail West
SBL Number: 123.20-2-39.11
Applicant: Alan Hanford, Penfield Sport & Fitness, 667 Panorama Trail West, Rochester, NY 14625
Application Number: 17Z-0005
Project / Application Description: requests a Special Permit for Signage under Chapter 250 Article X-10.3 from Chapter 250 Article X-10.12-B of the Code to allow a larger freestanding sign at 667 Panorama Trail West. The property is owned by Hanford Health LLC and zoned BN-R **TABLED** to next meeting
Review Board: Zoning Board Work Session, April 20, 2017

Property: 1677 Penfield Road and 10 Plaza Circle
SBL Number: 138.08-1-31 and 138.08-1-42.4
Applicant: Spencer Read-Mitchell Design Build, 7607 Commons Blvd, Victor, NY 14564
Application Number: 17Z-0014
Project / Application Description: On behalf of Penfield Self Storage requests Variances from Chapter 250 Article V-5.6(D)(2), Chapter 250 Article V-5.6(D)(3), Chapter 250 Article V-5.7(D)(2), Chapter 250 Article V-5.7(D)(3), Chapter 250 Article VII-7.2(A) and Chapter 250 Article VII-7.2(B) of the Code to allow the construction of an apartments and self-storage buildings with less setback, more lot coverage and less buffer at 1677 Penfield Road and 10 Plaza Circle. The properties are owned by Lynn Perry Properties, LLC and zoned LB and GB **TABLED** to next meeting
Review Board: Zoning Board Work Session, April 20, 2017

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