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Open Space Update Committee

Members: Jim Almstead, Jim Britt, Mark Wood, Ann Buck, Zach Nersinger, Bob Kanauer, Linda Kohl, Tony LaFountain, Channing Philbrick, Mark Valentine. 

The Open Space Update Committee meets on an as-needed basis. No meetings are sheduled at this itme.

Contact the Planning Department for additional information at 340.8640 or .

Parcel Nomination

The committee invites Penfield property owners to nominate their own parcels for consideration of open space preservation. Parcels must be at least five acres with attributes like environmentally sensitive features, proximity to other open spaces, the potential for active or passive recreation, and preservation of plant or wildlife species.

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Statement of Purpose

The following statement of purpose is from the Town of Penfield Open Space Plan, adopted by the Penfield Town Board on September 5, 2001.

The Town of Penfield, in an effort to be prepared for the 21st century, needs to be mindful of the features that make Penfield unique and desirable. It is with this premise that the Town pursues a preservation strategy for open space. It is intended that this plan become a living document and tool for a structured implementation program that will preserve those areas that define the character of our community. The recommendations contained herein are intended to be used in making sound land-use planning decisions at the local government level.

This Penfield Open Space Plan is dedicated to continuing the spirit and legacy that has made Penfield a wonderful place to live and raise a family. This plan provides a logical strategy for preserving the Town's natural landscape, environmental features and residential/rural character. It will help lay the foundation for a proud legacy to leave to future generations.

This Open Space Plan Update is the logical addendum to the original Plan and provides a continued vision for maintaining a desirable quality of life in Penfield.

Historical Summary

The Open Space Plan evolved from a series of earlier initiatives and plans. In 1999 the Town of Penfield Conservation Board published the Open Space Inventory Report, intended as an update of the Town's Environmental Atlas. The report was compiled by a small committee, to fulfill a role of the Board with assisting Penfield in developing sound open area planning and assuring preservation of natural and scenic resources. Shortly thereafter, in 2001, the Town Board adopted the Town of Penfield Comprehensive Plan 2000. The Town Board sat with a large 38- member citizen's committee to prepare this plan. The 2000 Comprehensive Plan contains a list of general community goals, and an entire chapter is dedicated to parks, recreation and open space. The Open Space Plan was driven by a series of goals laid out in the Comprehensive Plan. Three Town Board members assisted a small citizens committee in developing the Open Space Plan. Its adoption, by Resolution No. 233 of 2001, was completed by the Town Board.

In February 2002, the Penfield Town Board voted unanimously to let local residents decide whether or not the community should borrow up to $10 million dollars to purchase properties and development rights targeted for preservation in the Open Space Plan. Through mailings to all residents, local cable television spots, regional media coverage and public information meetings the Town Board pursued bringing a vote to the people.

The Open Space Referendum was held on April 23, 2002. A grass-roots group of dedicated citizen volunteers assisted with promotional and educational efforts, including production of a 10-minute DVD video, participation in multiple public information meetings, going door-to-door in their neighborhoods and manning a "phone bank" to remind citizens to vote. This referendum vote was widely publicized and the voter turn-out was the largest non-election turn-out in Penfield history with voters approving the referendum by a 2:1 margin.

Copies of the 2001 Open Space and 2006 Open Space plan update are available on the Town’s Plans and Studies page for Download.

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