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November 25, 2019
Supervisor’s column November 25, 2019

This week I would like to celebrate an auspicious anniversary in Penfield that you may not know of, even though all Penfield residents have all benefitted from the existence of this important office. Here’s the news…November 2019 marks a 100-year-old tradition of having an official town historian in the Town of Penfield! 

The Town of Penfield, Monroe County, had its first historian appointed on November 8, 1919, seven months after an April 11 law that created the office of government-appointed historians. The man named to this position was Aristides Francis Church, known as “Tide,” (1849-1937). Tide had been recording local history events in his daily diary since 1864. In 1896, he created a log book of the town’s Civil War soldiers, contacting veterans and their families to collect stories of their service and get current updates on their lives. He later compiled a similar record for the soldiers of WWI. Tide also wrote about various events that occurred during his childhood, which help to provide insight into the Town of Penfield in the late 19th century. 

Historians to follow were Claude Lewis, Kay Thompson, and then Maude Frank. Our current Town Historian, who many of you may know, is the eminent Kathy Kanauer who took this position in 2005 after several years of working alongside Town Historian Maude Frank. If you have been to the local history room, attended a local history lecture, or joined a ghost walk in Oakwood Cemetery, you will have crossed paths with Kathy. Also, if you are a history buff you may have read “Calvin Wooster Owen: Diary of a Nineteenth Century American” that was edited by Ann H. Stevens and Kathy Kanauer (copies are still available, call 340-8740 to learn more). In recent years, Kathy has been working diligently with volunteers to digitize the many documents and photographs in our archives. We are fortunate to have Kathy serving our community, preserving our past and keeping it fresh for contemporary audiences. 

I received the following important article regarding Thanksgiving safety from Syed Ahmed Mustafa, MBA, President, Board of Directors NYS-EMT Paramedic, Northeast Quadrant Advanced Life Support and Webster Emergency Medical Service. He has asked me to share this with the entire Penfield community. Please read and take note: 

As we get ready for my favorite holiday of the year, Thanksgiving, here are some tips to make this holiday as safe as it can be.

Turkey is one of the most popular main courses for this holiday, and while many of us bake the turkey, some of us also smoke or deep fry it. No matter how you prepare the turkey it is important to be sure it is cooked properly. Read the instructions on the turkey’s wrapper or grab your favorite cookbook, but ensure the turkey is cooked to at least 165 degrees F. If a meat thermometer isn’t handy, a good way to confirm a bird is cooked fully is by poking it to the bone and ensuring the juices are clear, not pinkish. 

For those who prefer frying a turkey, it is absolutely critical that you dry the turkey before placing the bird in the hot oil. Wet turkeys can cause the oil to boil over and potentially ignite. Never, ever, fry a frozen turkey. And never fry a turkey in your garage. It is best to deep fry your fully thawed and dry turkey a safe distance from the house on a flat, stable surface.

Remember, after you touch raw poultry, wash your hands with soap and water before touching other utensils or ingredients to avoid the spread of bacteria which can cause stomach upset later.

One other thing to pay attention to is food allergies. During holidays we fry turkeys in peanut oil, put pistachios in baklava, and we cook with a variety of ingredients that could spur food allergies. Check with your guests to ensure they don’t have any allergies you should be aware of, or if you or someone in your party has a food allergy, let your hosts know before cooking begins. If you think someone is having an allergic reaction, call 911 immediately. Don’t waste time seeing if the reaction resolves itself or giving over the counter medicines to treat at home. Food born allergies can quickly become life threatening and it’s better to get help on the way, let the patient be assessed by EMS professionals and transported if necessary.

With guests coming over and many leaves still on the trees, be sure your sidewalks and driveways are well lit and cleared of leaves and snow. You don’t want your guests slipping on the way to dinner or on the way home after a lovely meal. Slips and falls are one of the most avoidable accidents.

Those with diabetes should monitor what you eat and your glucose levels carefully during the holidays as we all tend to eat more and different foods than normal. Also, changes in routine because you are getting up early to cook or staying up late with guests can also change blood glucose levels outside normal ranges. 

Lastly, while having a glass of wine or a few beers with dinner may be fine, please don’t ever drink and drive. If you feel you’ve had anything to drink, please consider getting a ride from a friend, designate a non-drinker in your party, or just hang with your family and friends after dinner while you have some non-alcoholic beverages to ensure that whoever is driving home can do so safely. 

From my family of firefighters, police officers and EMTs to all of you, have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. 

Syed Ahmed Mustafa
President and Paramedic
Northeast Quadrant Advanced Life Support

Thanksgiving Day is about celebrating the harvest and other blessings of the past year. Americans generally believe that their Thanksgiving is modeled on a 1621 harvest feast shared by the English colonists (Pilgrims) of Plymouth and the Wampanoag people. This holiday is particularly rich in legend and symbolism, and the traditional fare of the Thanksgiving meal typically includes turkey, bread stuffing, potatoes, cranberries, and pumpkin pie. Sadly, many have forgotten why the day was established. Its meaning has slowly deteriorated, and is now almost completely lost under a cloud of media hype, sales pitches, marketing tactics, and blitz commercialism. During this coming Thanksgiving Day holiday please take some time to gather with family and friends to give thanks for the many blessings enjoyed…from our family to yours…Happy Thanksgiving!


November 20, 2019
A message from Supervisor LaFountain: NYSDOT studying Atlantic Ave/Five Mile Line intersection for improvements

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) has been studying the Atlantic Ave/Five Mile Line Road intersection in preparation of a project to improve traffic flow and safety at this busy intersection. It is their intent to widen the intersection with the inclusion of left turn lanes and a southbound right turn lane.

In early designs NYSDOT was considering a roundabout; however, based on the size of the area and traffic volume, they have abandoned that design and look to move forward with traditional turn lanes. NYSDOT is studying utility infrastructure, sidewalks, and other possible intersection features as they prepare preliminary designs. Earlier this week field technicians were on site assessing utilities and other structures. This activity will continue throughout the planning and design phase. Inspectors also conducted survey work and deep hole tests this past summer. 

NYSDOT will host a public information meeting in Penfield once they have completed their studies and preliminary designs so residents can see and discuss what is being planned for that intersection. Scheduling is tentative, but at this point we anticipate public information meeting in the spring of 2020. Utility work could occur in the fall of 2020, with intersection construction in 2021. Once meeting details are established we will share information at and on social media.

November 19, 2019
Supervisor’s column November 19, 2019

This past Saturday, a hardy group gathered for the ribbon-cutting for the new box turf field at Rothfuss Park. The temperatures were cold, however the sun was shining on the this wonderful event as members of the Penfield Youth Lacrosse joined Senator Rich Funke, local elected officials, and many residents who came together for the celebration. I was honored to cut the ribbon with Senator Funke who provided an $80,000 grant for this newest sports turf field for use by our youngest residents. We were also honored to have Heidi Rothfuss, who is recognized as one of the top women LAX players in the region, in attendance.

The Rothfuss family did not want to see this land developed for homes once they stopped farming the land; they worked with the Town and the Nature Conservancy to preserve this area for generations to come. Since 2002 the Town has been developing the property for use by all residents for hiking, soccer, playgrounds, and now a box field. A special thank you to Senator Funke for helping to make this dream a reality. I look forward to watching many games at this field in the future!

Over the summer the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) conducted survey work and deep hole tests at the corner of Atlantic Ave and Five Mile Line Road as they study this intersection for improvements. It is their intent to construct turn lanes in all directions over the next several years. They will look to conduct public information meetings once they have finished some preliminary designs to allow all residents to see what is being planned for that intersection. In early designs they were considering a roundabout; however, based on the size of the area and—more importantly—traffic volume, they have abandoned that design and look to move forward with traditional turn lanes. Once we have received dates and times of the information meeting details will be posted at and information will also be shared on social media.

Last week the Penfield Business Chamber (PBC) held its annual meeting. The Town and Penfield Central School District attended and provided updates on business development in Penfield and the state of the school district. This is always a wonderful event and opportunity to provide our local businesses with an overview of all the exciting things going on in the town and schools. I want to thank the PBC for hosting this annual event. 

The annual Holiday Luncheon with Daytime Education at Recreation (DEAR) will be held on Thursday, December 5 at the Penfield Community Center. The menu will include unbreaded chicken cutlets, ziti with vodka cream sauce (gluten-free pasta will be available), pork tenderloin with a chive mustard honey cream sauce, broccoli salad, and dessert. The party will continue after lunch with live music from Kit Nelson. The program begins at 12:00 PM; the fee is $10.00. 

The next senior adult day trip is “Dickens Christmas” scheduled for Saturday, December 7. The group will depart from the Penfield Community Center at 9:30 AM and return at 4:30 PM; the fee is $15.00. 

The December scenic trek sponsored by the Penfield Trails Committee will take place on Saturday, December 14 from 10:00 AM to noon at the Thousand Acre Swamp. This guided hike will tour the paths and boardwalks of the Nature Conservancy’s Thousand Acre Swamp. A variety of habitats including woods, meadows, and a pond will be covered. The guide will emphasize winter lore such as identifying trees in their winter dress, looking for tracks (if there is snow), and other signs of animals. Meet at the rear of the Penfield Volunteer Emergency Ambulance Building on Jackson Road and look for the hike signs.  

Save the date for the next PSO concert to be held on Monday, December 16 at 7:30 PM at the Penfield High School Auditorium. The program, entitled “Holiday Gifts,” is sponsored by Canandaigua National Bank & Trust.

Until next week, as you start to think about a holiday wreath, Christmas tree, or special gifts for family and friends, please remember to visit one of our many farm markets and farm stands—you will be amazed by the number of decorations and unique gifts they have to offer…be well and be safe!


November 13, 2019
A message from Supervisor LaFountain: Ribbon-cutting Nov 16 for new LAX field at Rothfuss Park

The Town of Penfield will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new LAX box field at Rothfuss Park on Saturday, November 16 at 11:00 AM. New York State Senator Rich Funke—who secured a significant grant to support construction of this facility in Penfield for youth lacrosse and other sports—will join Town officials and guests for the celebration. 

The community is invited to attend the ceremony to see the new enclosed box field that includes artificial turf and bleachers.

Penfield Recreation and Penfield Youth Lacrosse will present exhibition-play activities following the ribbon-cutting. 

November 13, 2019
Supervisor's column November 13, 2019

The next Flapjack Saturday Community Fundraiser sponsored by the First Baptist Church of Penfield (FBP) will be held this Saturday, November 16 from 8:00 to 10:00 AM at 1862 Penfield Road. FBP invites you for delicious pancakes, pure maple syrup, scrambled eggs, sausage and more…all for just $6.00 per person. All November breakfast proceeds will go directly to help support the Penfield Ecumenical Food Shelf (PEFS); PEFS is a supplemental food relief organization serving the 14526 and 14625 areas and families of children in the Penfield school district since 1997. Fellowship Hall is handicapped accessible and the breakfast is outstanding! For more information and details, please go to

PLEASE NOTE…I have been told there will be a special Ho-Ho holiday guest at the Saturday, December 14 Flapjack Saturday Fundraiser…mark your calendars and bring the children and grandchildren!

Also on Saturday November 16, at 11:00 AM, there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new box lacrosse field at Rothfuss Park. We will be joined by Senator Rich Funke, who provided a significant grant to help sponsor this new field that will be enjoyed by the Penfield Lacrosse community as well as other sports teams for many years to come. Following the ribbon-cutting there will be exhibition-play by boys and girls. Please stop out and see this newest asset in action…maybe after you’ve enjoyed a hearty pancake breakfast at FBC!

I recently had the honor of judging the “Best Penfield Scene” at the fifteenth annual Penfield Art Association and Legacy at Willow Pond Art Show. This is the tenth year I have enjoyed this privilege, and as I have said in the past, it becomes more difficult each year to select the winner as all of the artists’ works are worthy of selection. After several visits and a wonderful lunch with some of my dear friends at Legacy, I selected the work of Marilyn Nosky, entitled “Oak and Apple.” I would like to recognize show co-chairs Patricia Gough, Marilyn Nosky, and Brenda Lyness for all their hard work with the 2019 show and sale. The residents of Willow Pond enjoy this program each year, and many purchase paintings for their apartments and gifts for family and friends. I am already looking forward to the 2020 Art Show and Sale at Legacy Willow Pond.  

As much as we many not want to admit it, the Christmas holiday season is already just around the corner. The next “Friends Night Out” with Nancy Marrer of The Root Tender’s Garden features a Christmas Fairy Garden project on Thursday, December 12 from 6:00 to 8:30 PM at the Dolomite Lodge, 1600 Jackson Road. This program will help you create a Christmas holiday garden to decorate your home. Demonstrations, instruction, and assistance will be provided to help you create a wonderful festive garden. All materials will be provided including a variety of containers, planting materials (Christmas cactus) and a couple of decorations to get you started. Decorations will include lights, bulbs, stockings, holiday figures, and much more. If you want to add to your creation, additional decorations will be available for purchase. Wine and snacks will be also provided, this is an adult program! 

With our recent snowfall, I must remind everyone that winter parking rules are in effect beginning Friday, November 15 and running through Wednesday, April 1. This means NO PARKING is allowed on any roadway in Penfield from 2:00 to 7:00AM to allow our DPW crews to safely and effectively plow and salt roadways. Thank you in advance for observing these rules, your cooperation gives us the opportunity to get plows through the town more quickly and avoids the potential of you receiving a ticket from the Sheriff’s Office.

I was honored to be part of the St. Joseph School Field of Honor Salute to all of our veterans this week. Pack 260 Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts provided the opening flag ceremony, Peter Pirro sang the National Anthem, and U.S. Navy Veteran Michael Reyda was the guest speaker. The entire school joined in on the singing of “America”!  It was a very moving and special ceremony to recognize all veterans. Veterans Day gives Americans the opportunity to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of all U.S. veterans. A special thank you to Jennifer Gearinger for organizing this event and for Principal Amy Johnson who emceed the ceremony.

Until next week be well and be safe!


(585) 340-8631 

November 4, 2019
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony set for new Box Field at Rothfuss Park

Message from Supervisor Tony LaFountain 

SAVE THE DATE! We are planning a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new LAX box field at Rothfuss Park on Saturday, November 16 at 11:00 AM. Senator Rich Funke—who provided a significant grant to support construction of this wonderful facility in Penfield for all the boys and girls involved with youth lacrosse—will join us for this celebration. 

Penfield Recreation and Penfield Youth Lacrosse are planning some short exhibition-play activities on the new field for all to enjoy following the ribbon-cutting ceremony. 

Since my last update, all the LAX box field perimeter boards have been installed and leveled; two concrete pads—one for bleachers and another for teams—are in place; the walkways around the field are paved; and cross-arms on the netting poles will be completed this week.

The construction team will begin laying turf this week, then we will complete the final grading and seeding of disturbed areas around the field. Our goal is to finish the entire project by Veterans Day if Mother Nature cooperates.

I will keep you posted with more details as we get closer to November 16.


November 4, 2019
Supervisor's column November 4, 2019

The Genesee Valley Recreation Parks Society (GVRPS) recently announced its annual award winners, and I’m pleased to share that Penfield was selected for two awards: a multimedia award for the “Penfield Photo Scavenger Hunt” from last summer, and a Program of Merit award for “Dogs Day Out” that was held at Tastin’ the Blues. Congratulations Sabrina Renner and Pam Gerace for all of your efforts in coordinating these programs. Once again, Penfield is recognized as a leader in program development!

Mark your calendars for Penfield’s Daytime Education at Recreation (DEAR) Arts and Craft Fair on Saturday, November 9 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the Penfield Community Center, 1985 Baird Road. Vendors from Penfield and surrounding areas will welcome you with handmade goods for sale. For more information, please contact the Penfield Recreation Department at 340-8655.

A last reminder…The next Penfield Trails Committee hike will be held this Saturday, November 9 at Webster’s Whiting Road Nature Preserve. Meander through deep woods pockets along twisting watercourse glens winding toward Lake Ontario. This hike will begin at 10:00 AM and is expected to last about two hours. Meet in the west side parking lot midway between Lake Road and Shoemaker Road and look for the “hike” signs. While the hike is free, participants are asked to pre-register by calling Penfield Recreation at 340-8655, option 0.

The Penfield Town Hall and Community Center will be drop sites for this year’s “Matt’s Coats for Kids,”  an organization started by the family and friends of Matthew J. Fitton who lost his life in a tragic car accident at the age of 20 in August 2003. To date, they have collected and distributed more than 9,000 coats and other needed items to area children in need. Matt’s family’s goal is to keep the good feelings that Matt shared with everyone by helping children. This year’s collection runs November 2 to December 2. Their FREE distribution days are Friday, December 6 and Saturday, December 7 at the Brockport Fire Department. For more information, go to or call (585)721-5289.

Next Monday, November 11, is Veterans Day. This day is the anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended World War I hostilities between the Allied nations and Germany in 1918. Veterans Day, formerly known as Armistice Day, was originally set as a U.S. legal holiday to honor the end of World War I, which officially took place on November 11, 1918. In 1954, after lobbying efforts by veterans' service organizations, the 83rd U.S. Congress amended the 1938 act that had made Armistice Day a holiday, striking the word “Armistice” in favor of “Veterans.” President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the legislation on June 1, 1954.

Our military members risk their lives so we can live in a better country. For all our war troubles throughout history, we have depended on our soldiers to keep our country safe and free. They had to fight for their country, while also fighting for their lives. Any time we see or meet a veteran we should take a minute to thank them for their service to our country. I would encourage everyone, especially this weekend, to make it a point to reach out to a family member, friend, or neighbor who has served in the military to say “thank you for your service!”

The last two “Nels Carman Big Band Nights” of the season are scheduled for this Tuesday, November 5 and Tuesday, December 3 from 7:30 to 9:30PM at the Penfield Community Center. The fee is $2.00 and you pay at the door.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 5, is Election Day. Voting is the cornerstone of a democracy but sadly far too few people vote. The ability to vote allows citizens to act on their opinions and choices on a variety of issues. In the American political system, voting allows registered citizens to cast their choice for political leaders they believe can accurately make the choices that will better their communities. Please exercise your right to vote tomorrow…it does make a difference!

Until next week, please keep leaves out of the gutters and away from catch basins to avoid flooding on your property and that of your neighbors…thank you in advance for your assistance. 




November 1, 2019
A Message from Supervisor LaFountain: Wind Storm

As of 4:30PM, Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E) is reporting 3,500 power outages in Monroe County, down from 7,644 at 9:00AM this morning, 131 of which are in Penfield down from 580 at 9:00AM this morning. Wind damage in Penfield included trees, wires, and poles down. RG&E is working to repair and restore power at this time. They plan on working through the night to get as many people back on-line as possible. Additionally, did you know you can sign up for RG&E alerts? Now is an excellent time to set up an account and choose which alerts you wish to receive and how you want to receive them: text, email, phone, or all three. Go to and have your account number handy. We will post updates as we receive them. Please stay tuned to weather reports, stay warm, and be safe.


Penfield Town Supervisor




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