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October 31, 2019
NYSEG and RG&E Preparing for High Winds and Rain

NYSEG and RG&E, subsidiaries of AVANGRID, Inc., are preparing for high winds and rain associated with incoming storms expected to hit their service areas Thursday evening through Friday. As a result of the storm, customers may experience service disruptions. The storm is expected to impact the entire NYSEG and RG&E footprint, which includes the Western New York, Rochester, Southern Tier, North Country, Capital Region, Hudson Valley and Westchester regions. 

As members of the public head out to trick-or-treat during Halloween, the companies urge folks to be aware of their surroundings, as downed wires could be hidden under leaves or other debris on the road and sidewalk. They also encourage residents to pay close attention to any warnings issued by local emergency management officials. 

Current forecasts call for rain to begin Thursday afternoon and continue throughout the overnight period. Early Friday morning, high winds with gusts reaching upwards of 60 mph are expected. Softened soil conditions as a result of Thursday’s rain, coupled with gusty winds on Friday, have the potential to bring down trees and limbs, causing damage to overhead power lines and other electrical equipment.

The companies urge customers to monitor forecasts and prepare for the possibility of service interruptions. The companies’ storm readiness teams have been monitoring weather forecasts, planning, readying crews and equipment, mobilizing employees for storm duty and have additional contract tree and line crews ready to help restore service should outages occur. The companies are also coordinating preparations with state and local emergency management authorities and have dedicated additional resources to locations where early voting is taking place.

NYSEG and RG&E will provide updates throughout the event to the general public on their website and social media channels (Facebook and Twitter). The companies also offer customers the following reminders to prepare for the storm and stay safe if power outages do occur.

Before a storm strikes:

Sign up for Outage Alerts to receive updates automatically by phone, text, or e-mail as the company updates the status of the restoration process in their area. Customers can sign up for outage alerts by visiting here for NYSEG and here for RG&E. 

Keep battery-operated flashlights and radios on hand, along with supplies of drinking water and non-perishable foods.

Make sure that smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices are fully charged.

Fill your car’s fuel tank.

Stay Away From Downed Wires: 

Stay at least 30 feet from a downed power line. If a downed wire comes in contact with your vehicle, stay inside and wait for help. If you must get out because of fire or other danger, jump clear of the vehicle to avoid any contact with the vehicle and the ground at the same time. Land with your feet together and hop with feet together or shuffle away; don’t run or stride. NYSEG customers should call 1.800.572.1131 and RGE customers should call 1.800.743.1701 to report downed power lines or other hazardous situations.

October 29, 2019
DPW Crew Replacing Second Little League Stairs

A message from Supervisor Tony LaFountain:

Construction of the second set of stairs at the Penfield Little League fields in Veterans’ Memorial Park is underway to replace the former wooden stairs that help traverse the three tiers from Rose’s concession stand up to the town hall complex level. 

The original wooden stairs that were installed as part of many Eagle Scout projects served the complex well for many years. Over time, many repairs were made to ensure safety; however, the Little League Board of Directors and our DPW leadership team determined that the stairs finally needed to be replaced and upgraded. 

New concrete stairs with hand railings will be completed this fall to be ready for the 2020 season. Our DPW crews replaced the first set of stairs earlier this spring before the season began.


October 28, 2019
New playground set within Harris Whalen Park

A message from Supervisor Tony LaFountain:  

Last week the Parks Department removed the playground set at upper Harris Whalen Park due to age and current safety regulations. The new playground that was approved by the Town Board several months ago will be delivered this week. The contractor will assemble it over the next two weeks and we look to have it open for all to enjoy before mid-November. 

We waited until the end of the season before starting this project as this is a very popular playground. We also wanted to install the new playground now rather than in the spring so it will be ready for the 2020 season. It is also more cost effective to install a playground this time of the year and we were able to get more features at a lower cost—a win/win for all! 

See the renderings of the new playground below. We look forward to many years of fun for our youngest residents at this location!


October 28, 2019
Supervisor’s column October 28, 2019

It’s that time of year again to prepare for the transition from fall to winter. This means sustainable and cost effective leaf management, optimizing drainage in yards and neighborhoods, and preparation for snow.

Autumn is also a time when some residents ask why the Town of Penfield does not provide curbside leaf pickup. The Town has studied the topic and run the numbers many times over the past several years and administrations. And over the years, the reasons for not getting in the business of municipal leaf pick-up bear out: avoiding a tax increase for all property owners, customer service, and sustainability. 

First, the cost of town-wide collection would raise taxes and be more expensive for every single taxpayer compared to individually supporting local businesses by private pickup by those who wish to have their leaves removed from their property. While leaf pickup has become the norm in some towns, it comes with a price tag in the form of tax dollars. Towns that provide leaf pick-up have significantly higher town tax rates compared to Penfield. 

To get in the business of leaf collection, previous studies show the Town of Penfield would need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars outfitting trucks for the service, labor (including overtime and seasonal), and tipping/composting fees for an eight week period with no opportunity for intermunicipal sharing, given that leaf pickup must be done within a short time frame. A past financial study looked like this: $1 million startup followed by an estimated $500,000 in subsequent years. That is $83 per household to start up and $40 a year thereafter. The cost would be passed on to every household, including those who are opposed to funding a leaf service, or who have no leaves that need to be removed.

From a customer service point of view—given the logistics of town-wide collection for more than 14,000 properties—crews could make only one pass through town within a finite number of days between last leaves falling, residents’ ability to rake, and an unpredictable first snowfall when trucks must be equipped and dedicated to plowing snow. Given these constraints, it’s unlikely the Town would make it to your house exactly when your leaves are ready at the curb, leaving you frustrated with wet piles of leaves killing grass or dry leaves blowing around. Further, leaves spilling into roadways narrow driving lanes, block storm drains causing potential neighborhood flooding, and pose safety hazards for runners, walkers, children waiting at bus stops, and cyclists.

In contrast, a local landscape service will collect leaves curbside—at your convenience—for a negotiated price that would be below your cost of an increase in town taxes. Landscapers and leaf removal companies who live and do business in Penfield would certainly welcome new customers and you would be supporting businesses who employ residents. If you would like to hire a leaf pickup service, use your favorite search engine or business directory to find one you like. The Town has always advocated for residents who want leaf collection to team together in their neighborhood to get better pricing and scheduling from private contractors. The Town Hall is resource for names and addresses of residents in neighborhoods. If you have questions please call my office at 340-8630.

From an environmentally conscious and sustainability point of view, mulching and composting is recommended by agencies such as the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The DEC just published its Solid Waste and Recycling newsletter. The lead article is “Leaf Me Alone: Why You Should Keep Your Leaves in Your Yard.” The article points out that “many of us will use our time or money to rid our lawns of leaves. Keeping our leaves nearby is a simpler, more environmentally-friendly solution, as leaves contain nutrients that are good for the soil.” Here is the link if you would like to read the full article for tips and suggestions for sustainable leaf management:

With leaves down and mulched, composted, or taken away, we prepare for the arrival of snow. This means keeping swales and storm drains clear so that rain, sleet, and snow melt can move freely and prevent localized flooding. The Town appreciates your help in checking storm drains near your property to keep them clear and free of leaves and debris, enabling our highway crews to focus on fall drainage projects and winter readiness. 

Until next week, enjoy the mild weather. It looks like we will have a wet Halloween, so please keep your walkways clear and well-lit for our youngest residents to enjoy safe trick-or-treating.


October 25, 2019
RG&E Presee Release: NYSEG and RG&E Warn Customers of New Scam Attempts

NYSEG and RG&E, subsidiaries of AVANGRID Inc. (NYSE: AGR), are urging customers to be vigilant of scammers posing as representatives of the energy companies.

NYSEG and RG&E have recently received reports of customers having accepted calls from people who claim to be “consultants” of the companies, some with a corresponding forged caller ID.  Customers are urged to never give out personal or account information to unsolicited callers.

Additionally, customers have reported calls threatening to cut service unless an immediate payment over the phone is made using a prepaid debit card such as ‘Green Dot”. This is a sure sign of a scam. In some cases, the caller seems to have specific knowledge about the customers they are calling and will provide a callback number that spoofs a recorded greeting similar to that of the companies’ customer service line.  Please note that NYSEG and RG&E provide advance notice before terminating a customer’s service for nonpayment, and employees do not perform shut-offs during hours when the Customer Service Center is closed.

Scammers often target commercial establishments such as restaurants, sandwich shops, or markets shortly before their busiest lunch or dinner periods. However, residential customers have also reported receiving calls. Any customer who is uncertain whether a call is genuine should hang up and call NYSEG or RG&E at the number listed on the bill or on the company’s website. 

Here are some  helpful tips:

Customers can research their energy supply choices at NYSEG or RG&E. Never give out unsolicited account information over the phone or in person.

 NYSEG and RG&E will never call customers for payment if the account is in good standing. Be suspicious of callers asking for payment for an account that is current.

If unsure of the identity of the caller, ask for the last five digits of the account. If they do not have this information, hang up and alert local authorities. You can also report this to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center. Never give out personal or account information to a caller.

Be suspicious of unexpected emails from NYSEG or RG&E, especially if you’re not an eBill customer, and think twice before clicking links. If you’re not certain, you can make credit card payments, check balances and find other information at and

When making a payment by phone, always use company phone numbers: NYSEG customers can call 800.600.2275 . RG&E customers can call  800.295.7323. You can also check your account status over the phone.

Do not make any payments over the phone to anyone who has contacted you or asked you to dial a number that is different than the one on your bill or the companies’ website.

Pay in person at an authorized payment agent, a Walmart location or one of the NYSEG or RG&E walk-in office locations. For a listing of payment agents, visit and

NYSEG and RG&E employees carry company-issued photo ID with a unique employee number. Ask for ID before providing personal or account information, or granting access to your property. If you are not certain, call to confirm using the number on your bill or the company’s website.

The companies will never ask customers to purchase debit cards such as Green Dot cards to make payments. NYSEG and RG&E accept a variety of payment methods, and Customer Care representatives will work with individual customers to help them pay down outstanding balances and maintain service.

October 22, 2019
Supervisor’s column October 22, 2019

At last week’s Town Board meeting, the board adopted the 2020 Final Budget; with this budget the tax rate remains at $2.78 per $1,000 of assessed property value, the same rate as 2019. Eight cents of every tax dollar goes towards general governmental services that includes snow plowing, library, recreation, sidewalks, parks, open space, street lighting, and more. A property in Penfield with a valuation of $190,000 will pay $528.20 for these services.

Penfield’s property tax rate remains one of the lowest of the 19 towns in Monroe County. The town general taxes continue to account for 8 percent of each tax dollar. County taxes account for 24 percent and school taxes account for the remaining 68 percent.

Print copies of the 2020 Final Budget are available at the Penfield Public Library or by contacting the Office of the Comptroller in the Penfield Town Hall. The Final Budget is also available online at (go to “Quick Links”).

I received the following important article regarding Halloween safety from Syed Ahmed Mustafa, MBA, President, Board of Directors NYS-EMT Paramedic, Northeast Quadrant Advanced Life Support and Webster Emergency Medical Service; please take note: 

“As we approach Halloween 2019, area first responders would like to remind parents and guardians of some basic tips to ensure a safe and pleasant Halloween. The first thing we think of when considering Halloween Safety is costumes. Please make sure that costumes fit the trick-or-treaters appropriately. It is important to ensure that masks allow for good vision, legs are the appropriate length to prevent trip hazards and any make-up worn is from a reputable source so that no skin reactions take place. If kids are using bags, make sure the bags are manageable in size and have good handles so the children don't trip over them. 

Another point to think about is making sure that costumes can be seen by others, especially automobile drivers. Tying a glow stick or two to a costume or giving each child a working flashlight is a great idea. It is also important to make sure a responsible adult is with kids, especially young ones or those in busy neighborhoods, to ensure they stay out of traffic and that passing cars slow down as they go by.

Costumes bought at stores should be safe. However, each year children come home with reactions from masks or make-up. If your child is sensitive to latex or certain cosmetics, please read packaging labels before you dress your kids up. In the event of a reaction, please call your pediatrician, or, if it is severe, 9-1-1.

Besides dressing in ghoulish costumes for the evening, one of the highlights of Halloween is getting candy. It is important that children and adults look at the candy and treats prior to consuming them. First, any packaged candy should be checked to ensure that packaging is intact and not tampered with in any way. Any items, such as apples, fruit, or homemade goods should be checked prior to consumption. If there is any doubt about the safety or quality of any of the treats your kids get on Halloween, throw it out. Also, some families will give out pencils, toys, and small candies which can be choking hazards for young children, so please be careful when inspecting your candy and ensure chokables are out of the reach of small children. 

When the evening is done, makeup has been washed off, costumes are put away and candy has been inspected, remember that all treats are best consumed in moderation. Don't let your kids eat all the candy and treats at once, or the day after could be a bad one. Parents should monitor candy consumption to ensure that children don't overdo it with the treats…the family of first responders wish all of you a safe and happy Halloween!”

Ahmed and many other dedicated men and women volunteer their time as emergency medical services responders to serve the Penfield community. We are fortunate that these individuals give so much back to our community by serving and protecting…thank you for your service! If you have a question about the services provided by Northeast Quadrant Advanced Life Support (NEQALS) please reach out to Ahmed at the office: 585-787-9060 or email:

Last reminder…The 2019–2020 concert series of the Penfield Symphony Orchestra opens this coming Monday, October 28 with “Brahms and Castanets.” This concert is sponsored by Heathwood Assisted Living. All concerts are held at the Penfield High School auditorium and begin at 7:30 PM. For more information on this concert or the 2019–2020 schedule please go to

Until next week, enjoy the mild weather!


October 22, 2019
A message from Supervisor LaFountain: Rothfuss Park Box Field Update


After completing all the required New York State paperwork and working through a number of engineering changes, modifications and corrections, the new LAX box field at Rothfuss Park is beginning to take shape! This is a very exciting time in Penfield for all the boys, girls, and families involved with Youth Lacrosse.

The drainage and infrastructure work has been completed, the foundation for the boards and netting poles is done, and the boards will start to take shape later this week. Once this work is finished, the final surface material will be installed and the turf will be laid.

This project was made possible by a grant received from Senator Rich Funke, and we are looking forward to hosting a ribbon-cutting and the first games at this facility in early November. Watch for a press release in the coming weeks. I have attached a photo of the work completed to date!

October 18, 2019
Supervisor’s Message

Whalen Road/Shadow Pines…starting today you will notice a significant amount of activity going on along Whalen Road. First the County of Monroe requested that our DPW clean the ditch along the north side of the road and dump the materials removed on the south side to help complete the filling operation that was started several months ago.

Secondly you will see several construction trailers and equipment staged in front of the white maintenance barn by O’Connell Electric and Ironwood Construction. RG&E is installing a new underground electric line that originates from the Panorama Plaza sub-station and ends at the sub-station on Whalen Road. This new line will replace an outdated overhead line that runs through the former back nine of Shadow Pines. Once completed all of the current poles and wiring will be removed. This project is expected to last through late spring 2020. Once completed all equipment and trailers will be removed.

Lastly, the town’s Parks and Facilities Departments continue to work on and around the Clark House site as we look to lease this property in 2020.

As always any questions may be directed to my office at or 340-8631.

October 17, 2019
Penfield 2020 Final Town Budget Adopted

Penfield Town Supervisor Tony LaFountain and the Penfield Town Board adopted the 2020 Final Budget at the October 16 legislative meeting. The Final Budget, including special districts, is $20,671,392; an increase of $411,786 from 2019. The Town Operating Budget without special districts is $17,724,044.

With this budget, the 2020 town tax rate remains at $2.78 per $1,000 of assessed property value, the same rate as 2019. (At this tax rate, a property in Penfield with a valuation of $190,000 will pay $528.20 for general governmental services) Once again, the town tax levy increase is below the increase allowed by the New York State tax cap.

As in previous years, expenditures not under the Town of Penfield’s control continued to increase including contributions to the New York State retirement system of approximately 10 to 19 percent of payroll. The cost of workers compensation will remain flat at nearly six percent of payroll.

“This ‘no tax increase’ budget for 2020 has allowed for DPW equipment and infrastructure updates that are necessary to keep pace with current level services for snow removal, sidewalk construction, parks improvement, and expanded recreational programs for residents of all ages,” said Supervisor Tony LaFountain. “Local government—government closest to the people—works hard each day to provide the highest and best service to its residents. Runaway spending at the federal and state levels has placed undue burdens on towns to keep taxes stable; Penfield has a long history for very sound spending.”

Penfield’s property tax rate remains one of the lowest of the 19 towns in in Monroe County. The town general taxes continue to account for approximately 8 percent of each tax dollar. County taxes account for 24 percent, and school taxes account for the remaining 68 percent.

Penfield’s growth rate was one percent in 2019, resulting in a positive impact of actual new “bricks and mortar” properties and therefore more contributors to the tax levy.

With its history of fiscal discipline, the financial world consistently recognizes Penfield as one of the most financially responsible towns in New York State. Moody’s Investors Service continues its Aa1 credit rating of Penfield—one of the highest in the county and state. This rating allows Penfield to secure low-interest financing for capital projects (sewers, roadways, bridges), and assists with cash flow throughout the year. The Moody’s rating also reflects Penfield’s history of stable financial operations and strong management practices.

Further, the Town of Penfield continues to receive a respected “no designation” in New York State’s Fiscal Monitoring system. With a low score of just 1.7 in 2018, the Town of Penfield is once again well below the 44.9 percent tolerance point that New York State deems to be an indicator of possible fiscal stress. Factors included in the NYS’s review include cash ratio, employee salaries, debt burden, and fund balance.

“We have another fiscally sound budget adopted by the Town Board for 2020,” stated Town Comptroller Barbara Chirdo. “The Town’s levy increase for 2020 is below the levy cap established by the State Comptroller. And, once again, we received a ‘no designation’ in regard to susceptibility to fiscal stress. With ‘no designation,’ I am proud to say the Town’s financial health is well below any level of risk as determined by the Office of the State Comptroller.”

As of October 18, print copies of the Final 2020 Budget are available at the Penfield Public Library, 1985 Baird Road or by contacting the Office of the Comptroller in the Penfield Town Hall, 3100 Atlantic Avenue, in Penfield. The Final Budget is also available online at (go to ‘Quick Links,’ ‘Town Budget’).


June to September 2019
Town Supervisor, Town Comptroller, and staff conduct budget work sessions; prepare 2020 Tentative Budget

September 18, 2019
Town Supervisor, Town Comptroller present a summary of the 2020 Tentative Budget to the Town Board and community; document made public for review (during this period, Tentative Budget becomes the Preliminary Budget)

September 18-October 10, 2019
Public comment period

October 2, 2019
Public hearing on 2020 Preliminary Budget, public comments received

October 3-10, 2019
Town Board reviews comments, develops a Final Budget

October 16, 2019
Town Board legislative meeting, adoption of a Final 2020 Budget

October 18, 2019
Town submits the Penfield Adopted 2020 Budget to County of Monroe, Adopted Budget made public

October 15, 2019
Supervisor's column October 15, 2019

Time is running out to take advantage of the Shepherd Home’s mum sale that is being held through Thursday, October 31. Just stop in at Bauman's Farm Market to purchase your mums and tell them it's for the Shepherd Home at checkout! Mums are $10 and for every mum sold the Shepherd Home will receive $5 back to continue their beautiful mission. They provide comfort and compassionate care to members of our community with a terminal illness, in a way that cherishes the dignity of each individual and meets their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Thank you in advance for supporting the Shepherd Home…they make a difference in so many lives!

Penfield Town Hall will be one of the early voting sites across Monroe County beginning on Saturday, October 26 and running through Sunday, November 3. Any registered voter who lives within Monroe County, not just Penfield, may vote during the following times:

  • Saturday, October 26
  • Sunday, October 27
  • Monday, October 28
  • Tuesday, October 29
  • Wednesday, October 30
  • Thursday, October 31
  • Friday, November 1
  • Saturday, November 2
  • Sunday, November 3

9:00AM – 2:00PM
1:00PM – 6:00PM
7:00AM – 3:00PM
12:00PM – 8:00PM
12:00PM – 8:00PM
7:00AM – 3:00PM
7:00AM – 3:00PM
1:00PM – 6:00PM
9:00AM – 2:00PM

The polls will be open the normal time on Election Day, Tuesday, November 5 from 6:00AM – 9:00PM and you will vote at your assigned polling location that day. If you are not aware of that location you may visit and click on “departments” at the top of the banner, then on “Board of Elections,” and select “polling location.” Thank you in advance for exercising your right to vote. Voting and democracy is very important because it provides residents an opportunity to voice their opinion and vote for what they believe in; it holds elected officials accountable while in office; and it prevents a minority from dictating the policies of a majority. Please exercise your right to vote during one of the early voting dates/times or on Election Day…your vote does make a difference!

Last week I had the honor of joining the Penfield Business Chamber for a ribbon-cutting event at the new AcuteKids Pediatric Urgent Care Facility at 1243 Bay Road. This center offers complete medical services for infants through young adults. We are so fortunate in our community and this region to have access to such wonderful health care facilities to treat our residents and their families. Congratulations to AcuteKids Pediatric Care and their team on this new facility and thank you for being part of our community!   

The ninth annual Penfield Community Bike Drop last week, sponsored by the Penfield Rotary and Penfield Recreation Department, collected 420 bikes to be donated to R Community Bikes, Inc. This is the biggest turnout since the event's inception, and to date this event has collected and donated 1,890 bikes to this amazing organization. A special thank you to everyone who donated--you made a difference in someone else’s life. To learn more about RCommunity Bikes, Inc. and the support they provide to the Rochester-Monroe County region, please visit

Mark your calendar for the next Penfield Players program as they present the southern-fried mid-life crisis comedy entitled “Rex’s Exes”, a Jones Hope Wooten Comedy by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten. The Verdeen cousins are teetering on the brink of disaster…again! Gaynelle stubbornly refuses to face the fact she’s turning the BIG 5-0, and Peaches is determined to throw Gaynelle a surprise party anyway. Jimmie Wy, riding high on the success of her new wedding gown boutique for big gals known as “Wide Bride” reluctantly agrees to help Peaches surprise Gaynelle, but it turns out the surprise is on them when the party plans shift to a hastily thrown together family funeral instead! The hilarity escalates when Peaches’ recently declared dead husband expectantly returns, and his romantic links to each of the cousins revealed!

Show dates are Friday and Saturday, October 25, 26; November 1,2,8,9 at 8:00PM. There is a Sunday matinee on November 3 at 2:00PM. All performances will be held at the Penfield Community Center, 1985 Baird Road. Pre-sale tickets are $12.00 and may be purchased at the Penfield Recreation Office in person or by calling 340-8655 or via the web at with Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Remaining tickets will be sold at the door for $15.00. Advance tickets are strongly recommended, all ticket sales are final!

Until next week enjoy the beautiful fall weather and please do not forget to support our many farm markets across the town, as they have some wonderful products for all ages!




October 15, 2019
Penfield Players Presents Rex's Exes

The Penfield Players’ fall show, Rex’s Exes, by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten, opens on Friday, October 25 for seven performances. Directed by Sue Zuris of Webster, Rex’s Exes is a comedy that continues the story of the Verdeen cousins, first seen in The Red Velvet Cake War performed by Penfield Players in 2017. Gaynelle stubbornly refuses to face the fact that she’s turning the big 5-0, and Peaches is determined to throw Gaynelle a surprise birthday party anyway. Jimmie Wy, riding high on the success of her new wedding gown boutique, reluctantly agrees to help Peaches surprise Gaynelle. But it turns out the surprises are all on them. The hilarity escalates as various neighbors and relatives are introduced and culminates with more than one unexpected return. 

The cast features:

Mary Ellen Blanchard (Brighton) as Mama Doll Hargis

Andrew Cowen (Brighton) as Wild Bill Boudreaux

Doug Curry (Rochester) as Aubrey Verdeen

Judie Clawson-D’Ambrosio (Greece) as Gaynelle Verdeen

Kelly Hobbins (Penfield) as CeeCee Windham and Gentle Harmony

Karen Luna (Rochester) as Bitsy Hargis

Marie Pellett (Brighton) as LaMerle Verdeen Minshew

Elizabeth Saunders (Fairport) as Peaches Verdeen Belrose

Laruen Shapow (Penfield) as Jimmie Wyvette Verdeen

Michael J. Tedone (Fairport) as Theodore Rexford Belrose

Laura Thompson (West Irondequoit) as Marlissa Crutchfield.

“It’s been so much fun working on this production,” says Zuris. “I think the audience is going to have as much fun seeing the show as we have had rehearsing it.”

All performances are at the Penfield Recreation Center, 1985 Baird Rd., in Penfield. Performances are on Oct. 25, Oct. 26, Nov. 1, Nov. 2, Nov. 8, and Nov. 9 at 8:00 p.m. There is a matinee on Sunday, Nov. 3, at 2:00 p.m.

Tickets are on sale online at, by phone at 585.340.8655 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, and in person at the Penfield Recreation Center. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door. Group rates are available for groups of ten or more.

About the Penfield Players

The Penfield Players is a non-profit community theatre organization sponsored by the Penfield Recreation Department, now in its 54th season of great performances. It’s one of the oldest continuing theatre groups in the Rochester area. The Penfield Players is open to anyone who has an interest in theatre, whether it be acting or other aspects of production such as costumes, makeup, lighting, or set design and construction. Current members reside throughout Monroe County and beyond. New volunteers are always welcome.

October 10, 2019
RG&E and AAA New York State Join Forces to Remind Drivers About Dangers of Distracted Driving

Companies Urge Drivers to be Aware of Surroundings After Recent Accidents

Rochester, NY — October 8, 2019 — RG&E, a subsidiary of AVANGRID, Inc. and AAA New York State, an advocate for traffic safety and security, today announced that they are working together to remind passenger and commercial drivers about the dangers of distracted driving.

“RG&E has seen an uptick in the number of passenger vehicles that strike electric poles and commercial construction vehicles that come into contact with power lines and other electric equipment,” said Trish Nilsen, Director of Emergency Preparedness for RG&E. “It’s dangerous for those who cause the crash, first responders and the nearby public. It may also lead to neighbors and communities losing power while crews repair the damage. The company extends our thanks to AAA for helping to spread the message about the dangers of distracted driving.”

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 88% of drivers believe distracted driving is on the rise, with nearly half of all drivers admitting to recently talking on hand-held phones and another 35% reporting that they have sent a text or email while driving.

“Studies show that drivers who talk on cellphones are four times more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle crash,” said Elizabeth Carey, Director of Public Affairs for AAA of Western and Central New York. “When you text and drive, your chances of crashing increase eight times more than those who wait. Distracted driving can not only cost you your life, but can also negatively impact society in other tangible ways – as RG&E has pointed out.”

The companies jointly urge drivers to use caution when operating motor vehicles by increasing awareness and resisting the urge to use devices that require you to take your eyes off the road. They also caution operators of commercial construction vehicles to make sure the dump beds of their trucks are down before entering the roadway.

Finally, RG&E and AAA offer the public the following safety tips should a fallen power line touch your car:

  • Stay inside your car. The ground around your car may be energized.
  • Sound the horn, roll down your windows and call for help.
  • Warn others to stay away. Anyone who touches the equipment or ground around your car can be injured.
  • Use your mobile phone to call 911.
  • Wait until the fire department, police, or RG&E workers tell you it’s safe to get out of your car before exiting the vehicle.

If your car is in contact with a fallen power line and starts on fire, follow these guidelines:

  • Remove loose items of clothing.
  • Keep your hands at your sides and jump clear of the vehicle so you are not touching the car when your feet hit the ground.
  • Keep both feet close together and shuffle away from the vehicle without picking up your feet

October 7, 2019
Supervisor’s column October 7, 2019

Time to provide public input on the 2020 Comprehensive Plan is coming to an end this week. If you would like to share your thoughts regarding future planning goals for the Town of Penfield with the 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update Committee as it continues its important work, please use this online form to offer input and express your ideas by the end of business Friday, October 11. If you were unable to attend the town's September 24 public information meeting regarding the 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update you can view a video of the meeting at You can also view the last committee meeting that was held on October 1 at Thank you in advance for your thoughts and ideas on the 2020 Comprehensive Plan.

The town board held a public hearing on the 2020 Preliminary Budget last week to hear any and all residents who had questions or comments. Several questions were received and they will be answered and placed on for review. Additionally, the town board is accepting questions and comments through Friday, October 11. The 2020 budget is proposed to be adopted on Wednesday, October 16. All related budget documents are on the website for review (see Quick Links).

The next Flapjack Saturday Community Fundraiser sponsored by the First Baptist Church of Penfield (FBP) is Saturday, October 19 from 8:00 to 10:00 AM at 1862 Penfield Road. FBP invites you to join them for delicious pancakes, pure maple syrup, scrambled eggs, sausage and more…all for just $6.00 per person. October is domestic violence awareness month, therefore all October breakfast proceeds will go directly to help support Resolve, an organization dedicated to intervening and preventing domestic and sexual violence against women. Fellowship Hall is handicapped accessible and the breakfast is outstanding! For more information and details, please go to

Shadow Pines update…Several weeks ago I reported that Monroe County would be removing some trees within their right-of-way adjacent to Shadow Pines. Several of those trees were removed next to the cemetery; however the rainy weather did not allow project contractor Terry Tree to complete its work. It is our understanding they will complete that work this week. Additionally, Monroe County extended two drain pipes just east of Clark Road, and the Town of Penfield’s DPW will complete its filling and grading project over the next seven to 10 days, provided the weather cooperates. Also, the next Penfield High School X-Country meet will be held this week along the trails of Shadow Pines; this has been a great partnership between the town and school district.

The next guided hike by the Penfield Trails Committee will be held this coming Saturday, October 12 at Lucien Morin Park. Meet at Empire Blvd. at the south end of Irondequoit Bay. There is parking just east of MacGregor’s. The hike runs from 10:00 AM to noon, rain or shine. Please look for the Monroe County Parks sign and the hike signs.

The 2019–2020 concert series of the Penfield Symphony Orchestra opens on Monday, October 28 with “Brahms and Castanets.” This concert is sponsored by Heathwood Assisted Living. This season marks the twentieth year that Dr. David Harman has lead this wonderful orchestra as Music Director and Conductor. All concerts are held at the Penfield High School Auditorium and begin at 7:30 PM. Free rides to concerts are available from Lifespan, please call 872-0774 two weeks before the concerts. For more information on this concert, the 2019–2020 schedule, please go to

Mark your calendars for the annual Family Halloween Fun night to be held on Friday, October 18 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the Penfield Community Center. Enjoy games, trick-or-treats, hayrides, crafts, and more…FREE fun for all ages!

Please note that the Town of Penfield Offices will be CLOSED on Monday, October 14 in observance of Columbus Day. This includes the Town Hall, DPW, Recreation and Town Courts. The Penfield Public Library will be OPEN during normal business hours.

This week is National Fire Prevention Week (October 6–12) with the theme “Not Every Hero Wears a Cape, Plan and Practice Your Escape!” This program works to educate everyone about the small but important actions they can take to keep themselves and those around them safe. When it comes to fire safety, anyone can be a hero. It is easy to take the first steps, just make an escape plan for your home! Mere seconds can mean the difference between a safe escape and a tragedy. Additional fire safety information is available at or

Until next week be well and be safe…and make an escape plan for your home!


October 2, 2019
A message from Supervisor LaFountain: Sat. Oct 5 is Fall Recycling Day for Penfield residents at DPW

REMINDER: The Town of Penfield will host a one-day recycling event for Penfield residents on Saturday, October 5, from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM at the Department of Public Works Complex, 1607 Jackson Road. Services for the day are secure document destruction, metals and appliance recycling, brush disposal (no leaves or grass), and clothing and linens donations at the on-site St. Pauly shed. 

(There will be NO ELECTRONICS collection at this event. Follow the events calendar at for sponsored community collections throughout the year.)


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