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December 26, 2018
Supervisor's column December 26, 2018

Attention Pen-Rec enthusiasts! We accidently left these amazing programs out of our Winter/Spring 2019 program brochure and we did not want you to miss them just because we messed up!

Zumba…come enjoy the workout that feels like a party and is adaptable for everyone! Zumba is a fusion of dance music/moves from around the world, combined with fitness movements. There are no right or wrong steps and no experience or dance ability is needed. Just do what feels comfortable for you and enjoy. Burn up to 900 calories in one hour with instructor, Shelley (Contento) Ball. Shelley has been teaching Zumba, dance, and fitness classes for all levels and populations, both locally and internationally for over 15 years. She is extremely passionate about her classes, her students, and her routines. Come feel the music and get hooked on the energy!

Shelly (Contento) Ball
133860-01    Mon    Jan 14-Feb 18     6:00-7:00PM        $36                  
133860-02    Mon    Mar 4-Apr 8         6:00-7:00PM        $36
133860-03    Mon    Apr 15-May 20    6:00-7:00PM        $36                                   
Penfield Community Center

Knitting Refresher…need a little help getting that next project started or finished? Join the knitting circle lead by avid knitter Joyce Bossard. No experience is necessary; she will teach anyone looking to learn as well as encourage life-long knitters who want an idea or an excuse to knit. Joyce has hundreds of patterns to share as well as a relaxed fun-filled atmosphere to knit in. Don’t knit, but crochet? No problem, any textile hobby is welcome!

Joyce Bossard 
162640-A      Mon      Jan 28-Mar 25     1:00-3:00PM     $24
(no class 2/18)
162640-B      Mon      Apr 1-May 20      1:00-3:00PM     $24
Penfield Community Center

Register online now at

Did you receive a new TV, computer, monitor, tablet, or other electronic device this holiday season? We are reminded by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) this it is illegal to dispose of old, unwanted televisions and other covered electronic equipment (CCE) in the trash. Ecopark (located at 10 Avion Drive near the airport) is a partnership between Monroe County and Waste Management; they will accept most electronic waste as well many other materials. For more information including hours of operation, items they will and will not accept for recycling, and to find alternate drop-off locations, go to

I am reminded by the Tax Receiver that the town and county tax bills will be available on December 31. If you are traveling and need your bill to go to a winter address, please contact the Tax Office at 340-8626.

Christmas tree recycling is once again available at the DPW facility, 1607 Jackson Road. All trees will be ground up and made part of the free mulch pile at the town hall from early spring until we run out of material for the year. Thank you in advance for not sending your tree to the landfill.

Reminder…program registration for Pen-Rec’s Winter/Spring 2019 offerings begins on Wednesday January 2, 2019 so do not delay as our programs fill up quickly due to their popularity!

The January 2 town board meeting is the organizational meeting for the year. At this meeting appointments are made for boards and committees, salaries are established, various contracts are authorized, banking arrangements are confirmed, consultants are named, and many other similar administrative tasks are addressed. Please tune-in to watch town board meetings live on Penfield Government Access cable channel 1303. You can also log on at for live streaming video and to view recorded videos of past meetings of interest. Please stay connected to your local government.

Important dates and events in history: December 31, 1970 : The United States begins withdrawing troops from Vietnam; December 31, 1999 – Panama gains control of the Panama Canal from the United States; January 1, 1863 – President Abraham Lincoln delivers the Emancipation Proclamation freeing slaves.

Until next week, enjoy the short week between Christmas and New Year’s Day with family and friends!


December 20, 2018
A Message from Supervisor LaFountain: Shadow Pines Maintenance Update

As has been the plan, earlier this month DPW crews began clearing dead, diseased, and compromised trees from the perimeter and interior of roughly 113 acres south of Clark and Whalen Roads—the former “back nine” of the golf course. DPW will continue this project along with traditional seasonal work in between snow and ice events and will be on site as much as possible as weather and schedules permit.

This cleanup is similar to the work we performed on the old front nine last spring/summer and consistent with our maintenance plan to make the long-neglected golf course safe for public use. That section was open to the public September 1, and we are now fulfilling our commitment to clean up and open the old back nine. 

Our goal is to open this section to the public by the end of January 2019 for passive activities like hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding. No motorized vehicles are permitted. 

As I have stated before, public safety is our priority. During this cleanup period the public is not allowed on any portion of the former back nine–signs stating this have been placed on the property. We will get the word out when maintenance is complete and it is safe to enjoy this area. 

I will keep everyone posted on our progress in my column and this website. In the meantime, if you give or receive cross country skis, snowshoes, or a sled as a gift this season you can try them out at any time on the land north of Clark Road. Then, if schedules go as planned, you can explore the trails, fields, and hills of the southern section later next month.

The Shadow Pines Land use Advisory Committee continues its work to recommend future uses of all the land to the Penfield Town Board. 

Thank you for your patience as we perform this necessary work. 

Happy Holidays,


December 17, 2018
Supervisor's column December 17, 2018

Last Thursday evening Councilwoman Paula Metzler and her family sponsored a Christmas tree lighting in the Four Corners at Schaufelberger Park to honor the brave men and women serving our country who will not be home for the holidays. Paula’s own nephew is one member of the military who will be serving and away from home and missed by family this Christmas. The American Legion, Braman Post 1229, members of various veterans service agencies, Boy Scout Troop 312 of Penfield, and many others were on hand to light this tree for all to enjoy this holiday season. On behalf of our town board and all Penfield residents, we say thank you to all who are currently serving and those who have served to provide us the freedom we have in our great country.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is sharing an appeal for “Less Waste & More Cheer” during the holiday season. Between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, Americans will generate 25 percent more trash than any other time of the year. Reducing, reusing, recycling and properly disposing of waste will help ensure the environment is clean and safe for generations to come while protecting wildlife and ecosystems.

What can you do to give more with less?

·         Avoid single-use disposables—ditch single use disposables during mealtime, snacking, and on the go. Give a gift that never stops giving by gifting a reusable water bottle or travel mug. Forgo the ribbon and wrapping and give gifts in attractive reusable bags.

·         Gift experiences over objects—plan a weekend getaway to go hiking, skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing. Enjoy a cooking, art, or fitness class with a friend or family member, visit a museum, or attend a musical or theater production together. Donate to a non-profit organization in the name of a loved one.

·         Instill a love of nature—purchase an Empire Pass or campground gift card to experience NYS parks and campgrounds with family and friends.

And be sure to recycle right! Do not place the following items in your recycling bin:

·         Ribbons—reuse ribbons where you can or dispose of in your garbage.

·         Holiday lights—replace broken or blown bulbs for continual use or check with large home improvement stores for a recycling program.

·         Plastic bags—return plastic bags and other film plastics to retail stores. Find a recycling location near you.

·         Batteries—different types of batteries require different handling. (Read more about recycling batteries.)

·         Wrapping paper—not all wrapping paper is recyclable; for information on this topic and more information on undertaking a sustainable holiday season, visit DEC's website at

RG&E would like to share these important and potentially lifesaving winter reminders:

Keep vents and meters free from snow and ice

Keep vents and gas meters clear of snow and ice to prevent hazardous conditions. Snow, ice, and other debris can block exhaust vents for furnaces, water heaters and similar appliances, causing toxic fumes and poisonous carbon monoxide to build up indoors. Furthermore, snow and ice accumulation around natural gas meters and regulators can prevent gas company personnel and first-responders from locating and accessing them during an emergency.

Note the location of outdoor vents (including sidewall vents, meters and regulators) to make sure they remain clear and accessible. After storms, gently remove snow and debris by hand or with a broom to avoid damage. Be alert to potential ice accumulation on rooftops and gutters. Falling ice and snow can damage utility meters and regulators.

Always report emergencies

Call RG&E at 1.800.743.1702 to report gas leaks, odors, or damaged gas equipment. If you suspect a leak, get up and get out, leave the area or building and call from a safe place. If there’s an immediate danger call 911.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be located on every level of your home and outside all sleeping areas. Test them monthly and replace the batteries at least twice a year.


Never use your stove or oven to stay warm. Only space heaters intended for indoor use should be operated indoors or in enclosed spaces, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are unable to keep your home safely and comfortably heated call 311 for resources that can help you and your family.

Home Generators

Any generator that plugs into a home’s wiring should be connected via a transfer switch by a licensed electrician. This ensures that when the generator is in use, house wiring is isolated from utility lines. Improper installation can damage the generator and create hazards for utility employees working on poles and even the general public. If adding a natural gas-fired generator, consult your gas company to ensure there is adequate pressure. Generators should be placed outdoors and away from doors and windows to prevent exposure to carbon monoxide.

One more plug for this very important event this Friday…the American Red Cross will be holding its annual Holiday Blood Drive on Friday, December 21 at the Penfield Community Center, 1985 Baird Road from 1:00 to 6:00 PM. Blood shortages are dangerously low! To schedule a donation appointment to help save a life during the holiday season, please call 1-800-Red Cross or go to Walk-ins are also welcome. Thank you in advance for making a difference in the give of life!

This is the last column before Christmas; on behalf of the town board and all of the employees of the town of Penfield, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season!



December 10, 2018
Supervisor's column December 10, 2018

Steady progress continues on the solar array located adjacent to the DPW facility on Jackson Road. As I last reported, all of the I-beams had been driven for the foundation and work had begun on the rack bracing that will support the solar panels. This bracing will be completed in the next few days. The conduit containing the wiring is being buried, and the last four utility poles that will connect us to the electrical grid were set last week. We are projecting this system will generate enough electricity to cover approximately 70 to 75 percent of our total electrical usage for the town hall, community center, and DPW facility. 

We took delivery of 3,648 solar panels last week and the contractor (Tesla) will begin installation of those panels this week. At this point we are running ahead of the projected February 22 “permission to operate” from RG&E. We hope to begin testing in January and delivering electricity to the grid by early February.

This week, DPW crews will begin clearing dead, dying, and diseased trees on the former back nine of Shadow Pines—roughly 113 acres on the south side of Clark and Whalen Roads. The very wet weather this fall delayed work on many DPW projects such as installation of snow fencing, preparation of vehicles for salting/plowing, mowing of major drainage ditches, and other seasonal tasks. Our plan is to work on tree removal between snow and ice events with the goal of opening that portion of the property for hiking, sledding, cross-country skiing, and other passive activities in early 2019. I will keep everyone posted via this column and our website.

Please join Councilwoman Paula Metzler, her family, and boy scouts from Troop 312 for a tree decorating and lighting ceremony in Schaufelberger Park in the Four Corners this Thursday, December 13. Tree decorating begins at 5:30 PM and the lighting ceremony is at 6:00 PM. Paula and her family are sponsoring this patriotic tree in honor of the brave men and women serving our country who will not be home for the holidays. All are welcome to participate.

Reminder…the next Flapjack Saturday Community Fundraiser sponsored by the First Baptist Church of Penfield (FBP) will be held on Saturday, December 15 from 8:00 to 10:00 AM at 1862 Penfield Road. FBP invites you for delicious pancakes, pure maple syrup, scrambled eggs, sausage, and more…all for just $5.00 per person. There will also be a special guest for this Flapjack Saturday…Santa will be joining you for breakfast! Fellowship Hall is handicap accessible and the breakfast is outstanding! For more information and details, please go to

The AARP Driver Safety Program is designed for the mature licensed driver to tune-up driving skills. This program will run each month from January to May. The class runs six hours over two mornings; upon completion, participants may receive up to a 10 percent multi-year discount on auto insurance and DMV may assess up to a four-point reduction. The first program will be held January 15 and 17 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The cost is $20.00 for AARP members and $25.00 for non-members, payment may only be made by check payable to AARP. For more information and details on remaining programs please refer to page 28 of the Winter/Spring 2019 Pen-Rec brochure or go to

Do the winter months limit your activity? Are you looking to try something new or different? Why not join in on the hottest new sport in the country for all ages including adults 60-plus? Consider signing up for Beginning Pickleball. A cross between tennis and ping-pong, this sport is a great way for mature athletes to stay fit. This program begins on January 14 and will introduce participants to the basic rules of play and allow novice players to get familiar with serving, scoring, rules, and equipment. Find more details at

HERO drivers are needed for the Bri-Pen Senior Rides. Bri-Pen rides is a community volunteer transportation service for seniors age 65 and older who require transportation to medical appointments, religious services and town community centers. This service is available to seniors who live or pay taxes within Brighton or Penfield. Training and insurance coverage are provided. If you are interested in learning more about this program and how to get involved, please call 340-8674.

The American Red Cross will be holding a Holiday Blood Drive on Friday, December 21 at the Penfield Community Center, 1985 Baird Road from 1:00 to 6:00 PM. Each presenting donor will receive a FREE long-sleeve Red Cross T-shirt while supplies last. To schedule a donation appointment to help save a life during the holiday season, please call 1-800-Red Cross or go to Walk-ins are also welcome.

Important dates and events in history: December 11, 1941 – Germany and Italy declare war on the United States; December 12, 1800 – Washington, D.C. becomes the official capital of the United States; and December 15, 1791 – The First Ten Amendments to the Constitution known as the “Bill of Rights” are ratified. 

Until next week, enjoy the stretch of mild in the coming days.


December 5, 2018
A Message from Supervisor LaFountain: National Day of Mourning for President George H.W. Bush

Today is a National Day of Mourning for our 41st president, George H.W. Bush. As our former president is laid to rest today, citizens throughout the United States honor his service and memory. In our town of Penfield, we also remember and honor the Bush family’s humble Penfield roots. President Bush’s third great-grandparents, Timothy and Lydia Bush, were early Penfield residents. Timothy (1766-1850) worked as a blacksmith in Penfield; he is buried in Oakwood Cemetery alongside Lydia and daughter Lovina. President Bush acknowledged his Penfield lineage in a 1988 letter to former Rep. Frank Horton: “Now I can claim Monroe County as yet another home base.” We are indeed honored to count the Bush family among Penfield’s first families. The Town of Penfield thanks President George H. W. Bush for his lifetime of service to our nation, and we offer our condolences to the entire Bush family.

December 3, 2018
Supervisor's column December 3, 2018

The Winter/Spring 2019 Pen-Rec Brochure should have hit mailboxes over the weekend or will early this week, and the online version is now available at Program registration begins January 2, so don’t miss out on signing up for your favorite programs!

Wisdom at its finest hour…the new lineup of Daytime Education at Recreation (DEAR) programs presents an exciting offering of classes and lectures for lifetime learners. Engaging in intellectual, socially viable cognitive activities to helps keep minds sharp and alert while reducing the risk or delaying the onset of age-related concerns. DEAR at the Penfield Community Center has become an important staple for adults who understand the significance of this concept and would like to reshape the way they spend their leisure time while meeting new and interesting people. Come join the national movement to learn and share life experience with others, exploring the multitude of FREE programs available. PLEASE NOTE MOST CLASSES ARE FREE BUT REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED! For a complete listing of programs please review pages 36-42 in the Winter/Spring 2019 Pen-Rec brochure or go to and click on the PDF.

Did you know that the Penfield Public Library, located at 1985 Baird Road, is a “Safe Place” community partner? Young people seeking assistance with housing, safety, or other crisis situations will be connected at the library with outreach workers from the Center for Youth who will assess the needs of the young person in question and access necessary services.

Adults 55+…come join Pen-Rec for lunch every Tuesday at the Community Center for only $4.00—this is no ordinary lunch! Menus are carefully selected and cooked on the premises that day using the freshest ingredients. We also partner with wonderful organizations like Legacy at Willow Pond to provide lunches. Lunch tickets must be purchased 24 hours in advance as we shop the morning of the lunch. Menus for “Tuesday Lunch” are available at the community center and online at Here’s are samples from the lunch menu: Grilled Chicken Provolone with pesto and sundried tomato spread topped with baby spinach, blueberry cucumber salad; individual pizzas topped with smoked mozzarella and roasted vegetables; warm pasta bruschetta salad with balsamic glaze and fresh basil; marinated pork tenderloin sandwich on French bread topped with a crunchy Asian coleslaw and mustard chive sauce. Where else can you go for an amazing $4.00 lunch?

SportsNet is a service for residents with disabilities in partnership with CP Rochester, Rochester Rehabilitation, and the Al Sigl Community of Agencies. This partnership enhances SportsNet's offerings and provides a greater selection of fitness, adaptive sports, and inclusive recreation opportunities to individuals with disabilities. For more info, call the SportsNet office at 334-6000 ext.1120.

Penfield Television has been an integral part of the Public, Education, and Government Access network for more than 33 years. It serves the Penfield Community with a broadcast signal through Spectrum Cable, channels 1301 and 1303, high definition web stream at, and through ROKU. Penfield TV broadcasts LIVE proceedings of Town, Planning, and Zoning Board of Appeals meetings, along with informational meetings and public hearings. Additionally, school district, county, state, and national programs are also submitted for broadcast. Board meetings and other local programs are made available on-demand through YouTube, Vimeo, and ROKU under channel “Penfield Television.” Please tune in to see what is going on in your community!

I was recently reminded of the upcoming annual ”Wings of Light Luminaria” and open house at the Shepherd Home, 1959 Five Mile Line Road. The Shepherd Home is a two-bedroom home that operates under the hospice philosophy, providing 24-hour care for the terminally ill in a residential setting. Please join Shepherd Home Executive Director Ashley Tack, the Board of Directors, and many of the amazing volunteers for an evening of remembrance on Monday, December 10, 5:00 to 7:00 PM. Remember your loved ones or honor other angels by ordering your luminaria online at They will be lighting and displaying luminaries on the grounds of the Shepherd Home; refreshments will be served and everyone is welcome.

As we head into the first full week of December, let us not forget National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day this Friday. Each year on December 7, Pearl Harbor survivors, veterans, and visitors from all over the world come together to honor and remember the 2,403 service members and civilians who were killed during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941. Also, 1,178 people were injured in the attack that permanently sank two U.S. Navy battleships (the USS Arizona and the USS Utah) and destroyed 188 aircraft. The flag should be flown at half-mast to honor those who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Until next week…be well and be safe!



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