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October 31, 2018
A message from the Department of Public Works re winter safety and rules

Winter, snow, and ice will soon be upon us. Our Department of Public Works is prepared for the season and ready to keep Penfield roads safe for all who travel in our town. DPW crews manage 18 plow routes covering 445 miles of roads with 21 plow/salt trucks. We also plow 45 sidewalk miles with 3 plows.

Even with all our resources, we depend on residents to do their part to keep roads clear and safe for all. 

With that in mind, please note the following winter rules and safety reminders:

Never race or pass a snowplow.

For your own safety, never pass a plow on the right, stay back 100 feet, be aware of your surroundings, and remember that many of our trucks weigh in excess of 30,000 lbs. with plow, wing and a load of salt. When in an accident, plows tend to suffer minor damage but cars can be totaled and injuries can be serious. Please give yourself time to travel to your destination and give our crews the space they need to perform their duties to clear roadways.

Do not move snow from your property onto the roadway or a neighbor’s property. 

Section 1219 of the Vehicle and Traffic law and section 214 of the Highway Law of New York State specifically prohibit placing snow, ice or other substances upon the highway, including pavement, shoulders, and ditches. These restrictions include pushing snow across a highway or into a cul-de-sac. 

Your snow is your snow—you may only plow, blow or shovel snow onto your own property. Many neighbors complain about violations of this law during the winter months. Failure to comply with these laws may result in a visit, tickets, and fines from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. If you contract with a snow plowing service please share this communication and ask them to ensure you are in compliance with the law. 

Winter parking rules are in effect November 15 to April 1.

This means no parking is allowed on all roads and highways between 2:00 AM and 7:00 AM to allow DPW crews to safely and effectively maintain roads. Vehicles in violation of this rule will be towed at the owner’s expense.

The town will replace mailboxes only when damaged by a direct strike from a town-operated plow blade.

Regrettably, mailboxes are damaged by plows in extreme winter conditions and during storm events. (Roadside mailboxes are placed in the highway right-of-way as a courtesy to the US Postal Service, making them vulnerable to damage by town and private plows or passing cars in winter months.)

Mailbox damage from plows occurs either from the extreme force of snow coming off a blade or from a direct hit from a blade. In most cases, snow force it the cause of damage, especially when there is rapid snowfall and low visibility. 

When a damaged mailbox or post shows evidence of an impact, it was probably struck directly by a town or private contractor’s plow blade or a passing vehicle. The angle at which the mailbox has fallen can help determine the source of damage. Before moving a damaged mailbox try to determine if the angle is consistent with traffic flow or a nearby driveway. Take a photo if you can.

If you believe your mailbox was damaged by a town plow blade strike please call the DPW at 585.340.8710. If you have a photo of the damaged mailbox please email it to along with your address and contact information. If the damage is determined to have been caused by a blade strike from a town-operated plow the Town of Penfield will replace the mailbox with a standard-issue silver metal box and a single 4x4 post. However, if damage was caused by snow force alone, the town will not replace the mailbox. 

If you hire a private contractor to plow your driveway please be sure to learn the company’s policy regarding damage to your (or your neighbor’s) property caused by their operators or equipment. 

Thank you for your cooperation on these public safety matters. Together, we will do our best to keep Penfield roadways safe for all this winter season. If you have questions or concerns about any of this information please contact us at 585.340.8710.


Town of Penfield Department of Public Works

October 29, 2018
Public Info meeting Nov 13 to gather Shadow Pines land use ideas

The Town of Penfield’s Shadow Pines Land Use Advisory Committee will host a Public Information Meeting on Tuesday, November 13 at 7:00 PM in the town hall auditorium to solicit resident ideas for future land uses for the former Shadow Pines Golf Club property now owned by the Town of Penfield. 

The purpose of the meeting is to give Penfield residents an opportunity to speak before the committee to present ideas and suggestions for land uses of the 212-acre property. The committee will collect and consider all suggestions as it prepares its land use recommendations in a final report to the Penfield Town Board by the end of the first quarter of 2019. No decisions will be made at this meeting.

Town staff will provide a brief overview of terms of the purchase, land characteristics, and permitted uses. Maps of the property and other resources will be available for review before and during the meeting. The public will be invited to speak following this presentation.

Residents who wish to submit ideas but cannot attend the meeting may submit written comments online at any time at or by mail to Town of Penfield, Planning Department, 3100 Atlantic Avenue, 14526.

“It is important to get all potential thoughts and ideas for the use of this property on the table to best serve all Penfield residents, not just small groups with a single focus,” said Supervisor Tony LaFountain. “Planning multiple uses throughout the property will provide individuals and families with the broadest use of this land for generations to come.” 

Future uses of the six-acre parcel that includes the Clark House and grounds are being reviewed separately by the town board and are not included in the scope of the Shadow Pines Land Use Advisory Committee.

The Town of Penfield purchased the former Shadow Pines Golf Course, Clark House, and other site structures on April 27, 2018 following a February 27, 2018 public referendum in which residents voted four to one in favor of the town’s acquisition of the 212-acre property. On July 18, 2018, the town board passed a resolution forming the Shadow Pines Land Use Advisory Committee. The committee is charged with presenting a written report to the town board with recommendations for future land uses that best serve the greater Penfield community.

Residents are encouraged to review background information and details in advance of the meeting at The Shadows project page at For more information please call the Planning Department at 340-8640.

October 29, 2018
Supervisor's column October 29, 2018

Harris Hill principal Marc Nelson and his team recently invited a group of community leaders to visit and observe the school’s Kinesthetic Movement Lab. Kinesthetic is a multi-sensory approach to teaching math and literacy that incorporates physical exercise (hop, walk, crawl, dance, and stretch) to encourage students to practice concepts such as addition and subtraction, telling time, mapping, managing money, and other skills. 

The Kinesthetic program helps students master concepts while simultaneously offering teachers and students an overall sense of well-being. Incorporating these exercises during the day, before testing, or during transitions allows teachers and students to feel energized, focused, and prepared to learn. Here are a few comments we heard from students about the program: “It makes learning fun,” “It is good to move around and learn (rather) than just sitting in class all day,” and “I can better focus.”

I would like to recognize and thank Principal Nelson, Physical Education Teacher Pam Stark, and fourth grade teacher Janine Roode and her class, for allowing us to join in for part of their school day—it was a wonderful experience! Programs like this help to make the Penfield School District one of the leaders in Monroe County and New York State.

Over the weekend, I attended the 13th annual closing reception and awards ceremony for Penfield Art Association’s Autumn Show and Sale at Legacy Willow Pond. This was the ninth year I had the honor of selecting and presenting the award for the “Best Penfield Scene.” All of the artists do a wonderful job of capturing a part of Penfield that they enjoy from the past or present. This year the award went to Kathy Lindsley for her watercolor work entitled “The Clark House.”

The Penfield Art Association (PAA) presents three annual shows: one in October at the Legacy at Willow Pond Way of Penfield, one juried show in February at Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Pittsford, and the Spring Show and Sale at the Penfield Community Center in June. Additionally, the group has rotating exhibits of members' artwork in various public and business establishments. To learn more about this organization that has been part of the Penfield Community for more than 55 years, please visit

The next guided scenic trek hosted by the Penfield Trails Committee will be held on Saturday, November 10 from 10:00 AM to noon at the Webster Four Mile Creek Preserve. Join the committee and meander through deep woods pockets along the twisting water course glens winding toward Lake Ontario. Meet in the parking lot at the southeast corner of Phillips and Lake Roads and look for the hike signs. While the hike is free you are asked to register by contacting the Penfield Recreation department at 340-8655, option 0.

As we are knocking on November’s door and the Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching, please consider donating to the Penfield Ecumenical Food Shelf (PEFS). The food shelf is a wonderful resource to help support individuals and families in Penfield with fresh and non-perishable food. Each week the PEFS supports more than 95 families; during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays they will provide more than 470 dinners. Thank you in advance for supporting this wonderful organization. Your donations do make a difference in many lives. For more information on PEFS or to see their current list of needed items, please go to

Join the Penfield Recreation Department for a trip to Geva Theater on Wednesday, November 7 from 12:45 to 5:00 PM for the performance of Thurgood, by George Stevens, Jr. and directed by Lou Bellamy. This is the inspiring story of the first African-American to sit on the Supreme Court of the United States. Thurgood spans the impressive 58-year career of Justice Thurgood Marshall from his early days as the civil rights lawyer arguing the landmark case of Brown vs. Board of Education to the end of institutionalized segregation in 1954, and his appointment to the highest court in the land. The bus leaves the community center at 12:45 PM and returns at 5:00 PM. For more information, please contact Pen-Rec at 340-8655. 

Important dates and events in history: October 29, 1929 – The New York Stock Market crashes to an all-time low (referred to as “Black Tuesday”), signaling the start of the Great Depression; November 1, 1952 – the United States detonates the 1st thermonuclear device; and on November 2, 1783 – the Continental Army is disbanded. 

Reminder: Please check catch basins near or in front of your home for leaves that may be blocking the flow of storm water. We do not want to see anyone’s property flooded by the recent heavy rains we have experienced and will be seeing again later this week…thank you in advance for your attention.

Until next week, keep a watchful eye out for the safety of our youngest residents as they are out trick-or-treating this Wednesday in the dark and dreary weather. We want everyone to have a good time and get home safely!


October 24, 2018
2018 Community Recreation Input Survey

Penfield Recreation Department, with assistance from the Recreation Master Plan Committee, is seeking feedback to help us better serve the public and update the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. Please take a moment to take a brief survey regarding the Town of Penfield's recreation programs. All responses will be included in a full report which will include results of the needs assessment, general public input, and focus group sessions. We greatly appreciate your time and support.




October 22, 2018
Supervisor's column October 22, 2018

Attention fans of the Penfield Public Library…there is an opening on the library’s nine-member Board of Trustees due to the retirement of a longtime board member. Board of Trustee members are responsible for crafting a strategic plan and vision in conjunction with library personnel, developing and reviewing policies, reviewing and approving the budget and financial matters, and communicating with the community and local legislators.

The Board of Trustees meets regularly at 7:00 PM on the third Tuesday of each month in the Ruth Braman Room of the Penfield Public Library. Meetings are open to the public and they usually end by 9:00 PM. Residents of the town of Penfield interested in applying for the Penfield Public Library Board of Trustees must submit a letter of interest and a resume to Chris Fluit, Personnel Committee Chairman, Penfield Public Library, 1985 Baird Road. Applications must be received by November 10, 2018. Interviews will be scheduled for late November and the new trustee will begin their term in January 2019.

The Town Board adopted the Final 2019 Budget at the October 17 legislative meeting. The final budget, including special districts, is $20,259,606, an increase of $1,120,212 from 2018. The Town Operating Budget, without special districts, is $17,300,547. With this budget, the 2019 town tax rate is $2.78 per $1,000 of assessed property value, an increase of approximately 9 cents from 2018. (At this tax rate, a property in Penfield with a valuation of $190,000 will pay $528.20 for general governmental services, which is an increase of $17.10 over last year.) Once again, the town tax levy increase is below the increase allowed by the New York State tax cap. As of October 19, print copies of the Final 2019 Budget are available at the Penfield Public Library, 1985 Baird Road or by contacting the Office of the Comptroller in the Penfield Town Hall, 3100 Atlantic Avenue. The Final Budget is also available online at  (go to ‘Quick Links,’ ‘Town Budget’). 

Say NO to bullying! Over the weekend I had the honor of joining more than 50 principals, teachers and other educators at Master Kim’s Taekwondo Institute (located in Panorama Plaza) to break a board in support of their annual “bully busting” program. More than 175 students were in attendance to learn about this very important topic. They watched a bully prevention movie, participated in active role playing, and listened to a detailed lecture about how to deal with bullies. 

I was so impressed with all the teachers who took time out of their weekend to participate. They have made a commitment to “bully busting” in our community—and they are all great role models. I also want to recognize and thank Master Kim and his staff for all they do in the Penfield community. His commitment to our youth is a benchmark in Penfield and across this county with the many classes, after school programs, fun camps, and more that he offers. As a grandfather, I have had first-hand experience with Master Kim’s Taekwondo Institute by watching both our granddaughters gain confidence and grow their character, which will help them and all the students of the institute become our future leaders. To learn more about the wonderful programs and to see the teachers break their boards, log on to

As the Shadow Pines Land Use Committee prepares for a November 13 public information meeting to listen to residents’ thoughts and ideas for future use and development of the property, we have developed a “public input page” on the town website for those unable to attend the meeting to offer up their input and feedback. The link is now available in the quick links at All resident input will be valuable to the committee as it looks to make recommendations to the town board by the end of the first quarter of 2019. Thank you in advance for participating in this very important process.

The Town’s employee wellness team would like to remind everyone of the importance of getting a flu vaccination. The flu shot works because it prompts your immune system to produce antibodies. In turn, these antibodies help the body fight off the types of flu virus that are present in the vaccine. After receiving the flu shot it takes about two weeks for these antibodies to fully develop. The shots are not 100 percent effective in preventing the flu; however, they are the most effective method to protect against this virus and its related complications. Here is hoping for a season free of the flu!

Until next week, here’s a reminder from our Fire Marshal’s Office…October is National Fire Prevention Month, please make sure to replace batteries in smoke alarms twice a year. A good reminder is to change the batteries when the time changes in the spring and fall. This includes alarms wired directly into your ceiling because they will operate the smoke alarm by battery during a power outage. Also replace smoke alarms every 8 to 10 years to ensure the highest level of safety for your family.


October 18, 2018
Penfield 2019 Final Town Budget Adopted

Penfield Town Supervisor Tony LaFountain and the Penfield Town Board adopted the town’s Final 2019 Budget at the October 17 legislative meeting. The final budget, including special districts, is $20,259,606, an increase of $1,120,212 from 2018. The Town Operating Budget, without special districts, is $17,300,547.

With this budget, the 2019 town tax rate is $2.78 per $1,000 of assessed property value, an increase of approximately 9 cents from 2018. (At this tax rate, a property in Penfield with a valuation of $190,000 will pay $528.20 for general governmental services, which is an increase of $17.10 over last year.) Once again, the town tax levy increase is below the increase allowed by the New York State tax cap.

The planning process for the 2019 budget was unique because of the purchase of Shadow Pines Golf Course property that was approved by 80 percent of voters in a February 2018 special election. Because of the results of that vote, the town board entered this budget cycle anticipating a tax increase of 10 to 12 cents to cover the new debt along with ownership and maintenance costs.

However, through the efforts of the town board and town staff, this budget delivers a lower than projected town tax increase of nine cents that covers the Shadow Pines debt as well as an investment in capital equipment to maintain town services for the coming years.

A few factors contributed to the lower than expected tax increase. First, following the public referendum to purchase Shadow Pines, the town board chose to purchase the Clark House portion of the Shadow Pines with cash on hand, reducing the bond debt and related interest by $260,000. Next, revenue came in higher than expected due to an increase in sales tax distribution and additional income from DPW paving projects for the Penfield Central School District and Monroe County. Further, the town board chose to use reserve funding that grew in 2018 (rather than borrowing) to finance capital equipment for DPW, and a new playground at Harris Whalen Park will be financed through a dedicated recreation trust.

As in previous years, expenditures not under the Town of Penfield's control continued to increase with a projected 8.5 percent increase in health insurance premiums and continued contributions to the New York State retirement system of approximately 15 to 20 percent of payroll. The cost of workers compensation will remain flat at nearly six percent of payroll.

"This budget, with a lower than projected increase, provides the same level of services, finances the Shadow Pines purchase and maintenance, updates DPW equipment, and adds a new playground at Harris Whalen Park," said Supervisor Tony LaFountain. "We continue our long-standing financial discipline of forecasting a five-year outlook as we mange debt, expenses, revenue, and special districts."

Penfield's property tax rate remains one of the lowest of the 19 towns in in Monroe County. The town general taxes continue to account for approximately 8 percent of each tax dollar. County taxes account for 24 percent, and school taxes account for the remaining 68 percent.

Penfield's growth rate was one percent in 2018, resulting in a positive impact of actual new "bricks and mortar" properties and therefore more contributors to the tax levy.

With its history of fiscal discipline, the financial world consistently recognizes Penfield as one of the most financially responsible towns in New York State. Moody's Investors Service continues its Aa1 credit rating of Penfield--one of the highest in the county and state. This rating allows Penfield to secure low-interest financing for capital projects (sewers, roadways, bridges), and assists with cash flow throughout the year. The Moody's rating also reflects Penfield's history of stable financial operations and strong management practices.

Further, the Town of Penfield continues to receive a respected "no designation" in New York State's Fiscal Monitoring system. With a low score of just 1.7 in 2017, the Town of Penfield is once again well below the 44.9 percent tolerance point that New York State deems to be an indicator of possible fiscal stress. Factors included in the NYS's review include cash ratio, employee salaries, debt burden, and fund balance.

Town Comptroller Barbara Chirdo stated, "Though we have received "no designation" each year since this program of fiscal monitoring began, the Town's position at the end of 2017 was even stronger receiving one of the lowest scores in our region. The Town Board structures fiscally sound budgets that continue to offer quality services to our residents.

As of October 19, print copies of the Final 2019 Budget are available at the Penfield Public Library, 1985 Baird Road or by contacting the Office of the Comptroller in the Penfield Town Hall, 3100 Atlantic Avenue, in Penfield. The Final Budget is also available online at (go to "Quick Links," "Town Budget").


June to September 2018- Town Supervisor, Town Comptroller and staff conduct budget work sessions; prepare 2019 Tentative Budget

September 12, 2018: Town Supervisor, Town Comptroller present a summary of the 2019 Tentative Budget to the Town Board and community; document made public for review (during this period, Tentative Budget becomes the Preliminary Budget)

September 12-October 11, 2018: Public comment period

October 3, 2018: Public hearing on2019 Preliminary Budget; public comments received

October 4-16, 2018: Town Board reviews comments, develops a Final Budget

October 17, 2018: Town Board legislative meeting, adoption of a Final 2019 Budget

October 19, 2018: Town submits the Penfield Adopted 2019 Budget to County of Monroe, Adopted Budget made public

October 15, 2018
Supervisor's column October 15, 2018

The next Flapjack Saturday Community Fundraiser sponsored by the First Baptist Church of Penfield (FBP) will be held on Saturday, October 20 from 8:00 to 10:00 AM at 1862 Penfield Road. FBP invites you for delicious pancakes, pure maple syrup, scrambled eggs, sausage, and more…all for just $5.00 per person. All October proceeds will go directly to benefit Resolve of Greater Rochester, a group dedicated to intervening and preventing domestic and sexual violence against women ( So bring the whole family, meet up with friends, or make new ones. Fellowship Hall is handicapped accessible and the breakfast is outstanding! For more information and details, please log-on at

Last week, I had the opportunity to join the Penfield Business Chamber in a ribbon cutting cutting for Orangetheory Fitness Baytowne, located at 1900 Empire Blvd. just down from DiBella’s Subs. Orangetheory Fitness offers 60-minute workout sessions split into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training with heart rate monitors to track intensity and maximize metabolic burn. Increase energy, get visible results, and burn more calories—even after leaving the studio. That's the Orange Effect! Please stop in and visit one of Penfield’s newest businesses and sign up for a class.

Seats are still available for the November and December AARP Driver Safety Program through the Penfield Recreation Department. This program is designed for the mature licensed driver to tune-up driving skills, update knowledge of age related physical changes and adjust driving for these changes. Upon completion, participants may receive up to a 10 percent multi-year discount on auto insurance and DMV may assess up to a four-point reduction. The program is $20.00 for AARP members and $25.00 for non-members. Program dates are November 13 and 15 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and December 11 and 13 from 9:00AM to 12:00PM. For more information, please go to or call 340-8655.

Pen-Rec‘s next van day trip is Wednesday, November 14 for a visit to Vidler’s Five and Dime! Take a trip down memory lane as you walk down the store’s wooden floors and eat a 10 cent bag of popcorn. Vidler’s is much more than a store…it is shopping entertainment at its best! So relax and take a step back in time as you stroll through this amazing five and dime. Lunch is on your own in town. After lunch there will be a quick visit to the Copper Shop Gallery on the Roycroft campus for a little more shopping before heading back to Penfield. The van departs the community center at 9:30 AM and returns at 4:30 PM. The fee is $20.00.

Two reminders: The first is the Family Halloween Fun event this coming Friday, October 19 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the community center. Come enjoy games, trick-or-treat, hayrides, crafts, and more!

Next, the Penfield Symphony Orchestra kicks off its 2018-2019 season at the Penfield High School Auditorium with “Wonderful Williams.” The concert begins at 7:30 PM. For more information about this concert and the season, please visit

The Penfield Library has many programs for our youngest residents to enjoy including Spooky Halloween Snacks, Little Maker Mondays, Pumpkin Science, Nutcracker Storytime, Tales for Tails, Library Lego Lab, Gingerbread House, Doll’s Winter Tea Party, and the New Year’s Eve Family Game Day. For complete details check out the Pen-Rec Brochure page 43, log-on at, or call 340-8720. 

Important dates and events in history: October 15, 1991 – National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial dedicated; October 17, 1946 – Winston Churchill proclaims “an Iron Curtain” has swept across the continent (Europe), beginning the Cold War; October 19, 1845 – US Naval Academy at Annapolis is founded; and October 22, 1861 – the transcontinental telegraph is complete.  

Until next week…as the leaves fall and collect in gutters and catch basins, please help keep these areas clear to avoid flooding of your property and that of your neighbors. Thank you in advance for your attention and assistance on this matter.


October 9, 2018
Supervisor's column October 9, 2018

Join our annual Family Halloween Fun event on Friday, October 19 at the Penfield Community Center. Enjoy the free activities from 6:00 to 8:00 PM including games, trick-or-treat, hayrides, crafts, music, and more! A special thanks to Woody Acres and the Rothfuss Family Farmers for their generous contributions to this event.

Also on Friday October 19, the Penfield Local History Room and Penfield Recreation will host Penfield's annual Ghost Walk in Oakwood Cemetery. Guided tours will begin at 6:00 PM; tickets are $5.00 per person and are available in advance at the Penfield Recreation office. Tickets may be purchased the night of the event, but they are limited.

This year’s theme will be historical ghost stories about Penfield. The guided walk will be held in the oldest section of the cemetery. Park at Penfield Community Center then follow the sidewalk along Baird Road to the marked ghost walk entrance. The last tour of the evening will be at 7:30 PM. For more information or to purchase tickets online visit our online registration site, or call (585) 340-8655.

Looking for a great idea for a group or special party? Consider “Escape the Spirit Room” on Friday and Saturday, October 26 and 27, at the Penfield Community Center. The cost is $10.00/person; please register at Penfield Recreation Department. For more information call 340-8655 or log-in at

At the last town board meeting, the board held a public hearing on the 2019 budget. The proposed Town Operating Budget for 2019 is $17,300,547; with all the special districts (water, lighting, drainage, and sewer) the total is $20,259,606, an increase of $1,120,212 from 2018. The 2019 town tax rate is $2.78 per $1,000 of assessed property value, an increase of 9 cents from 2018. At this tax rate, a property in Penfield with a valuation of $190,000 will pay $528.20 for general governmental services, which is an increase of $17.10 over last year. Adoption of the 2019 budget is planned for Wednesday, October 17 at the regularly scheduled town board meeting.

The Penfield Players present their fall comedy, “Over the River and Through the Woods,” by Joe DiPietro and directed by Tom Bigongiari. Evening and matinée performances will run October 26 through November 10 at Penfield Community Center. “Over the River and Through the Woods” is the story of a family and how they deal with one another with love, support, and humor. In the story, Nick is a single, Italian-American guy from New Jersey who sees both sets of his grandparents every Sunday for dinner. This is routine until he has to tell them that he's been offered a dream job as a marketing executive in Seattle. The news doesn't sit so well and thus begins a series of schemes to keep Nick around, including introducing him to the lovely, single Caitlin! “Over the River and Through the Woods” is guaranteed to make you love your family all over again.

Performance dates for “Over the River and Through the Woods” are October 26, October 27, November 2, November 3, November 9, and November 10 at 8:00PM. There will also be a special matinée performance on November 4 at 2:00 PM. Advance tickets are $12 and tickets at the door are $15. Pre-sale tickets may be purchased online at; online sales will end at 4:00 PM on Friday for all of that weekend's shows. Ticket availability may be checked by calling (585) 340-8655 Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM; group discounts for purchases of ten tickets or more are also available by calling this number. All tickets are general admission and all performances will be held at Penfield Community Center, 1985 Baird Road.

About the Penfield Players: The Penfield Players is a non-profit community theater organization sponsored by the Penfield Recreation Department, in its 53rd season of great performances. It is one of the oldest continuing theatre groups in the Rochester area. The Penfield Players is open to anyone who has an interest in theater, whether it be acting or other aspects of production such as costumes, makeup, lighting, or set design and construction. Current members reside throughout Monroe County and beyond. New volunteers are always welcome. For more information, please visit, or The Penfield Players Facebook page.

We recently lost a good friend of the Penfield Recreation Department and the Penfield Senior Citizens with the passing of Gary L. Perkins. Gary was the warm and friendly face that greeted the seniors at the weekly lunch program at the community center and was the driver for many van trips throughout the Finger Lakes region for fall foliage, performing arts, out to lunch, and much, much more. Although Gary was born in the Town of Silver Springs, Wyoming County, he called Penfield home. He will be missed but will remain in everyone’s heart…peace be with you.

Until next week, enjoy the wonderful fall weather and please visit Penfield’s many farm markets to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, pumpkins, great baked goods, special gifts, and fall flowers.


October 1, 2018
Supervisor's column October 1, 2018

Last week I had the honor of attending the Kiwanis Club of Penfield-Perinton’s annual Community Awards Dinner. Kiwanis International, founded in 1915, is a global community of clubs, members, and partners totaling more than 600,000 members dedicated to improving the lives of children one community at a time. Each community has different needs, and Kiwanis empowers members to pursue creative ways to serve the needs of children through local service projects and fundraising. Kiwanis clubs host nearly 150,000 service projects each year. The Penfield-Perinton Kiwanis Club was founded in 1962 by a small group led by Robert A. Calabrese, a Charter Member and Legion of Honor 56-year member.

The dedicated men and women of the Penfield-Perinton Club host several fundraisers annually and give back 100 percent of funds collected. The membership supports programs and projects aimed at the youth, seniors, and troubled areas of our community. Administrative operational costs of the club are paid for by the members themselves. 

This year, the following organizations received contributions from the club in recognition of their service to the broader Monroe County community: East Rochester Resource Center, Fairport Food Pantry, Flower City Outreach, Golisano Children’s Hospital, MDA Rochester, Mary Cariola (Memorial Garden), Multiple Sclerosis, Penfield Ecumenical Food Shelf, Penfield High School Key Club, Penfield Volunteer Emergency Ambulance, Penfield Volunteer Fire Department, Shepherd Home, Villa of Hope, Bethany House, Don Mack Scholarship Fund, and Saint Peter’s Kitchen. 

Additionally, the Robert A. Calabrese Award was presented to Betsy Inglis who retired as the Director of the Shepherd Home at the end of 2017. Betsy became the first Executive Director of Shepherd Home when it was being built in 2005 and helped to establish the facility as one of the most recognized and respected comfort care homes in our region. This award recognizes Betsy’s leadership, dedication, passion for making a difference, and support of the community, families and individuals faced with a terminal illness. Betsy, congratulations on receiving this award! By recognizing you with this award, the Penfield-Perinton Kiwanis Club truly honored an individual who models their organization’s values; I cannot think of a better person to receive this very prestigious award! 

The employees of our Building/Zoning/Fire Marshal/Code Enforcement Department have placed a food collection bin in the town hall rotunda to collect non-perishable food for the Penfield Ecumenical Food Shelf. Donations will be delivered to stock shelfs on a monthly basis. This spirit of giving by our employees is what helps make our community so special. If you have business to conduct at the town hall, please feel free to drop off a donation. The Penfield Ecumenical Food Shelf supports more than 85 families every week and they are always in need of your generous donations. I would like to give a special shout-out to our employees who have organized and coordinated this effort: Heidi, Kristine, Kathy, Andy, Luke, Phil, and Jeff…great job team!

Last reminder…the Town of Penfield’s sixth annual “Fall Recycling Day” for residents is Saturday, October 13 from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM at the DPW complex, 1607 Jackson Road. Services for the day are secure document destruction, metals and appliance recycling, brush disposal (no leaves or grass), and clothing and linens donations at the on-site St Pauly textile shed. There will be NO ELECTRONICS recycling at this event due to the ever-changing electronics recycling market. Monroe County’s “ecopark” will accept electronics for a fee, please go to for more details.

I close this week’s column on a sad note as we have lost two individuals who have had a lasting impact on East Penfield and the entire Penfield community. First is G. Peter Wilbert of Wilbert’s, Inc. This family business started in 1952 and spans more than three generations with four automotive recycling facilities, the original operation in East Penfield, and Wilbert’s Christmas tree farm. Pete was known for his love of his family and extended family—the employees of Wilbert’s businesses. He had an amazing work ethic and a great sense of humor. Penfield’s second loss is Rosario A. “Ross” Schillaci. I knew Ross and his family for 40 years. He served our community in countless ways on many committees and boards. Ross was active in farming, construction, and much more. I would often hear him say, “you always look to give back to the community you live in, that is what helps it be a great community.”

Both Pete and Ross will leave a lasting mark on Penfield through their hard work, family involvement, and community involvement. Peace be with both of you and your families.

Until next week and in honor of both Pete and Ross, please consider performing a random act of kindness for a family member, a neighbor, or someone who may need a helping hand. It will make a big difference in their life and yours.



Town of Penfield
3100 Atlantic Ave, Penfield, New York, 14526 - (585) 340-8600
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