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August 29, 2012
A message from the Town of Penfield Tax Receiver

School tax bills will be mailed Friday, August 31. If you do not recieve your bill the first week of September please contact the Tax Receiver's Office at 585.340.8626. Please note that the tax office will be closed Monday, September 3 in observance of Labor Day. Tax collection begins on Tuesday, September 4. The Tax Receiver's Office is open Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM. Full payments can be made at any of three M&T Banks in Penfield. For your added convenience, payments may be deposited in the drop box located next to the main entrance of the Penfield Town Hall, 3100 Atlantic Avenue.

For additional information please call 585.340.8626.

August 29, 2012
New Signal at Penfield Road (441) and Linden Oaks

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) will add a rare, yellow flashing left-turn arrow at the intersection of Route 441 and Linden Avenue and Linden Oaks driveway in the town of Brighton, Monroe County on Thursday, August 30.

This intersection has been the site of numerous left turn accidents where motorists attempting left turns collide with oncoming vehicles. A yellow flashing arrow will provide an added sense of caution for the driver thereby reducing the frequency of this type of accident.

“By installing a yellow flashing arrow at this location, we can maintain existing efficiency of the intersection while modestly improving safety particularly for drivers trying to make a left onto Linden Avenue or into the driveway to Linden Oaks Office Park,” Regional Director Bob Traver said. “The flashing yellow arrow basically says, ‘Go ahead, but be careful.’ You can make your left turn but only after yielding to oncoming traffic. This is one more tool that can be applied to keep traffic safely moving along our highway system.”

The yellow flashing arrow will appear in a cycle of other familiar arrow indications. It will fall into a cycle displaying a red arrow which indicates the left turn is prohibited; a green arrow that indicates the driver turning left has the right-of-way at the intersection; and a yellow arrow indicates the drive should proceed with caution and be prepared to stop. A yellow flashing arrow indicates that vehicles may turn left when it is safe to do so. Oncoming traffic and pedestrians will have the right-of-way, so drivers attempting to make a left turn during the flashing yellow phase must yield to both.

At certain times of the day, left turners will only be allowed to turn when there is a green arrow. At other times of the day, the flashing yellow arrow will operate, typically after the green arrow. It will add a level of safety during hours when it is most needed while keeping the delay of left turners to a minimum, helping to save time and fuel.

A national study conducted by the Transportation Research Board as part of the National Cooperative Highway Research Program found that drivers made fewer mistakes with the new signals, compared to traditional left-turn arrows. The flashing yellow signal configuration is included in the Federal Highway Administration’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), the standard for signs, signals, and pavement markings in the United States.

This new signal configuration has been implemented successfully at three locations in the Binghamton area as well as other states including Missouri, Washington, Oregon and Kentucky.

Flashing Yellow Arrow Info Sheet

August 27, 2012
Supervisor’s Column: Week of 8/27

The Daytime Education at Recreation (DEAR) series will be holding an open house and picnic on Monday, September 17 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The program will include lectures, demonstrations, lunch and tea. Come learn about the exciting fall and winter programs planned to see what exciting topics have been selected. Play pickle ball or see a magic show; talk about ghosts, the Civil War and rare coins; take a dance lesson or learn to knit. All activities this day are FREE, the picnic lunch is just $4.00. To learn more or to purchase your lunch ticket, contact the Pen-Rec office at 340-8655 or log on to , I hope to see you there!

Budget update 2013: All of the pieces and parts have come together to allow me to prepare the “Tentative Budget” for presentation to the town board at the September 5 meeting. Challenges continue to mount as we look for ways to absorb double digit cost increases in most every aspect of the budget, no different than what all of us face in our personal budgets. This year our increases include: a 21 percent pension increase as I mentioned in last week’s column; a 12 percent increase in health care costs; a 15 percent increase in workers compensation costs; and a projected 10 percent increase in general insurance costs. So percentages are one thing; however everyone is more interested in the bottom line. So what is that bottom line? We are looking at increases of approximately $400,000 above the 2012 budget! In order to keep the tax rate flat, we need to absorb this amount and any other costs associated with new projects planned across the community. The primary goal of the town board is to control spending and reduce the cost of government. Once the Tentative Budget is shared with the town board, it will also be available on line for review and comment.

Penfield residents are looking for more opportunities to recycle, reuse and up-cycle! We have recently received many calls with questions regarding what more can be done to recycle materials beyond what we can place in our blue boxes for weekly residential pick-up. The answer is Ecopark, located at 10 Avion Drive near the airport. Ecopark is a joint effort between the County of Monroe and Waste Management. This impressive drive-through facility offers an expanded list of items that can be recycled including Styrofoam, cooking oil/grease, fluorescent lights, clothing, sneakers and sharps and syringes. Ecopark has regular collections Wednesday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. all for NO FEE. There are also special collection days for household hazardous waste and pharmaceutical and medication disposal. For more information and details of accepted materials, please log on to . I just did some fall cleaning at home and took a load of items over to be recycled and kept them out of the landfill…a true win-win!

Reminder to all…fall registration for Pen-Rec programs begins September 4. To register you can use regular mail, drop off at the recreation office or register online. Please note we do not accept phone registrations. For more details, please refer to page 49 of the fall 2012 Pen-Rec brochure or log on to and choose ‘Parks and Recreation’ for the online version of the brochure. You can also keep up with Pen-Rec on Facebook and Twitter:

At this time of the year, I always like to give a special plug to all our local farmers. Please stop by and support the many farm markets and farm stands throughout this great community. Everything is ready and fresh. Our farmers are a key business component in Penfield, please support them every chance you get; their healthy businesses provide healthy products for our families, which supports our personnel health and wellness!

Until next week enjoy your family and friends!



August 20, 2012
Low-Flying Helicopters

Rochester, NY - NYSEG and RG&E, subsidiaries of Iberdrola USA, will be inspecting their natural gas transmission pipeline rights of way from low-flying helicopters today and tomorrow in parts of Niagara, Livingston, Ontario, Monroe, Wayne and Seneca counties. In the event of inclement weather the schedule will be pushed out.

"We are conducting routine inspections of our natural gas transmission pipeline rights of way and other facilities to help ensure safe, reliable delivery of natural gas to our customers," said Mark S. Lynch, president of NYSEG and RG&E. "These lines are the backbone of our natural gas delivery system, and we want to spot potential problems and correct them before they inconvenience our customers."

Lynch said helicopter inspections are quick and efficient, and the helicopters provide an excellent vantage point.

For more information, visit  and

August 20, 2012
Supervisor's Column: Week of 8/20

Budget update 2013: Since last week's column, I have received several questions about the term "unfunded mandates." People have asked what they are and how they affect the Town of Penfield. The largest unfunded mandate is the growing cost of pensions; for 2013 the state is telling municipalities to plan for a 21% increase. Even though the New York State legislature added a "Tier VI" pension plan, the current system cannot sustain itself over the long term without capping expenses or making changes to current plans. So how does this happen? Well, beginning in 2012 all town, village and school district budgets were required to comply with a 2% CAP on spending. However, this did not apply to the state budget. Many municipal leaders believe that if New York State followed the same CAP that this effort would bring true tax reform to our taxpayers and help better manage overall costs so we would not be faced with 21% increases. Therefore, in early 2012, the Monroe County Council of Governments unanimously passed a resolution calling for the state to enact a CAP on all state mandated expenses at the lesser of 2% of costs or the rate of inflation. If the state legislature does not step up and address pension costs, it has the potential to bankrupt many cities, counties and towns! Over the next several weeks I will highlight a number of other mandates that local governments are faced with as we prepare annual budgets and attempt to keep taxes flat.

I was notified this week by the staff at Legacy Willow Pond that they began working with DeConinck Farms to host a "Traveling Market" which is open to the public for fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables and baked goods. The market will run every Monday in August from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. in their front parking lot. The residents and staff of Legacy invite everyone to stop by and pick up some of your favorite garden items for your next meal.

The Town's Employee Wellness Committee asked me to remind you that self-care is simple and smart. "Self-care smart" means knowing when to see the doctor or when easy at-home care works well. Managing your health can be easier and less expensive if you practice good self-care. The two major health care providers in the Rochester region provide free, easy and quick links to help you get the information you need to make well-informed decisions about your health, so you can take on life and live well.

Several weeks ago I noted in this column that we would be starting the Baird Road re-construction from Atlantic Ave. to Whalen Road and it would be done over a two-year period. The project has been delayed waiting for materials to install the drainage system for the road; manufacturers are behind due to a heavy demand this construction season. We hope to get started the week of August 27 and we apologize for the delay.

Mark your calendars for the Penfield Library Annual Used Book Sale presented by the Friends of Penfield Public Library to be held September 12 to 15. For more details, please log on at .

The Penfield Players theatre company will be holding auditions for its fall production, "Dearly Departed," by David Bottrell and Jesse Jones. Director Wyatt Doremus will conduct auditions on Tuesday, September 4 and Wednesday, September 5 at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Center on Baird Road. For more information or to get a copy of the script, contact Mr. Doremus at (315) 524-2368 or go to .

Until next week, be well and be safe!



August 16, 2012
Penfield Library Used Book Sale Sep 11-15
The "Friends of the Penfield Library" (FPL) present their 36th Annual Used Book Sale September 11-15 at the Penfield Community Center, 1985 Baird Road.

More than 75,000 items will be for sale including books, videos, DVDs, CDs, vinyl records, games, puzzles, and software. Items are conveniently sorted by category.

"With their proceeds from the Book Sale, the Friends generously support programming for all ages here at the library," said Bernadette Brinkman, Penfield Library Director. "The Friends also pay for enhancements to library service for the community beyond the provisions of our operating budget, such as our recent wireless upgrade and our new digital signage."

The sale begins with a members-only pre-sale on Tuesday, September 11 from 2:00 to 9:00 p.m. Supporters may join at the door, however because of crowds, the Friends recommend joining or renewing in advance of the sale at the Penfield Library. A one-year membership is $5.00.

The general public is welcome to attend the sale September 12-15. Hours and daily specials are as follows:
Wednesday, 9/12 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Thursday, 9/13 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Friday, 9/14 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (half-price day)
Saturday, 9/15 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. ($3 bag, bag provided)

Shoppers should bring their own bags. Food and drink are not allowed. Also, because of narrow aisles, please do not bring baby strollers or shopping carts.

August 14, 2012
Penfield Players Audition for 'Dearly Departed'
The Penfield Players theatre company is announcing auditions for its fall production Dearly Departed, by David Bottrell and Jesse Jones.

Director Wyatt Doremus will hold auditions on Tuesday, September 4 and Wednesday, September 5 at 7 p.m. at the Penfield Baird Road Community Center.

Roles are available for eight women and six men between the ages of 20 and 70.

Dearly Departed takes place in the Baptist backwoods of the Bible Belt, the beleaguered Turpin family proves that living and dying in the South are seldom tidy and always hilarious. Amidst the chaos, the Turpins turn for comfort to their friends and neighbors, an eccentric community of misfits who just manage to pull together and help each other through their hours of need, and finally, the funeral.

The production will be held Fridays November 2, 9, 16 and Saturdays November 3, 10, 17. All performances will be held at 8:00 p.m. at the Penfield Community Center, 1985 Baird Road.

For more information or to get a copy of the script, call Wyatt Doremus at (315) 524-2368 or go to:


August 13, 2012
Supervisor's Column: Week of 8/13

Great music at the amphitheater began June 1 with the Wegmans Music Fest and ended August 4 with Gap Mangione and his Big Band; everything in between was a hit with Penfield residents-what a great summer at the Penfield Amphitheater & Kiwanis Stage. These quality programs were made possible in part by the support of several local businesses and service organizations that assisted with underwriting costs. Sponsors include Baker Commodities, Costich Engineering, ECC Technologies, M&T Bank, MRB Group-Engineering Architecture Surveying, Passero Associates Engineering Architecture, Penfield-Perinton Kiwanis, Synergy Global Solutions, Legacy at Willow Ponds and Wegmans. On behalf of the entire Penfield community, I would like to recognize and thank these businesses for their support in making the 2012 music season one of our best!

But wait, we have one last exciting event before the amphitheater is taken down for the season-and this one has become a community favorite-so mark your calendars for "Tastin' the Blues" on September 15 from noon to 4:00 p.m. "The Scandals" will open up for "Steve Grills and the Roadmasters" who bring their hard-driving Chicago style blues. Dundee will be providing a lineup of locally brewed beer for sampling, and I will be cooking up gallons of the "Supervisor's Favorite Chili" recipe to compete with all the local chefs, culinary specialists, short-order cooks, hash slingers and mess sergeants out there, so bring it on and show us your best chili recipe. A great time is had by all who attend; I hope to see you there.

Budget update 2013: The town board has asked several departments to make modifications to their submitted budgets. We have asked all departments to reduce costs and cut spending so that we can absorb inflation and some of the unfunded mandates being pushed down by New York State. We recognize this is not always a popular decision; some programs may need to be modified and we may even need to stop performing certain tasks. Our goal continues to be managing costs in all departments. There is a need to reduce the size and cost of government at all levels. We continue to look at innovative ways to accomplish the same tasks at lower costs so we do not have to increase taxes. This objective helps residents and businesses across the community.

Keep an eye on your mail boxes, the 2012 fall edition of the PenRec Brochure should be arriving this week. Please do not take it directly from mail box to blue box; read it through, there is great information about programs, activities and more inside. Fall registration begins September 4 unless otherwise noted. I would like to recognize Recreation Director Chris Bilow and his entire team for pulling this season of wellness together for our residents, it certainly adds to our quality of life in Penfield.

On behalf of the town board, I would like to welcome Dr. Stephen L. Grimm as the new Superintendent of Schools for the Penfield Central School District, we look forward to partnering with Dr. Grimm and his team on projects that support our residents.

Important dates and events in history: August 15, 1914 - The Panama Canal opened for business. August 21, 1959 - Hawaii is the 50th State admitted to the Union.

As summer quickly seems to be coming to a close, enjoy these last few weeks on vacation, at the pool, visiting family or just relaxing. Be well and be safe in all you do...I hope you are having a great week!











August 6, 2012
Supervisor’s Column: Week of 8/6
Three exciting public hikes are planned for August in the Thousand Acre Swamp Sanctuary. Saturday, August 11 at 8:00 p.m. is "Perseid Meteor Shower Over the Swamp" hosted by Steve Gooding, Jackson Thomas and Diane Taggart. Bring a flashlight and lawn or lounge chairs and dress for a cool evening; Saturday, August 18 at 10:00 a.m. join hosts Rick Iuli, Frank Crombe and Carl Herrgesell for "Ferns" (a hand lens is suggested); and Friday, August 24 at 8:00 p.m. is the "First Quarter Moon Over the Swamp" hike. Leaders will provide telescopes, hikers are welcome to bring their own flashlights, binoculars or telescopes. All hikes are free and open to the public; they begin in the parking lot located at 1581 Jackson Road. The driveway is adjacent to Penfield Volunteer Emergency Ambulance. If you have questions or require additional information please contact Marie at (585) 773-8911.

This summer has seen above average temperatures and an abundant amount of sunshine. Although some may enjoy this stretch of heat, these conditions have added to an excess growth of algae in the more than 110 ponds throughout the town of Penfield. Algae growth is directly attributed to storm water runoff of lawn and garden fertilizers and car washing soaps that contain phosphorous. Decomposing algae depletes oxygen levels causing fish kills and offensive odors. While algae is a natural part of an aquatic ecosystem, decreasing the amount of nutrients like phosphorous from entering the ponds will greatly reduce the amount of algae. You can help. Consider using phosphorous-free fertilizers which are now widely available at home and garden centers. Also, keeping organic debris including grass clippings and leaf litter from pond water will also reduce the introduction of troublesome nutrients. For more information and remedial steps that you can take to help alleviate this problem, please log on at or contact the Monroe County Health Department at 753-2991 or the Cornell Cooperative Extension at 461-1000.

For those of you who regularly traverse the intersection of Empire Blvd. and Plank Road, you will be pleased that intersection improvements are finally complete after several years. I want to thank Town Engineer Geoff Benway for working with the NYS Department of Transportation to bring in the right contractor to finish the long overdue project for the safety and convenience of our residents. Next up are the left turn arrows in the Four Corners--this will be a welcome addition to help to control and manage traffic through this very busy intersection.

Beginning Monday, August 13 residents may apply for a Deer Management Permit (DMP) at the Penfield Town Hall or at any licensing outlet. The DMP deadline will close at day's end October 1, 2012. DMPs are available to all big game hunters age 14 or older who purchase or possess a regular big game hunting license. For more information please log onto the NYSDEC website at  or call our Town Clerk at 340-8629.

In the coming months I will provide short weekly updates on the 2013 budget process to keep you informed of how the Penfield Town Board is addressing unfunded mandates while meeting tax cap requirements and minimizing the impact to overall services. However, for the board to maintain no increase to the tax rate, we must run the Town of Penfield leaner and more efficiently year-on-year. This will be accomplished by improving overall service delivery, continuing to create efficiencies across all departments, expanding our ongoing benchmarking process to include the private sector, and by continuing to promote economic development.

The 2013 budget calendar is as follows:

September 5 - Town Supervisor and Finance Director present a summary of the Tentative Budget to the town board and community; the entire document is made public for review (note: during this period, the Tentative Budget becomes the Preliminary Budget)

September 5-October 10 - Public comment period

October 3 - Public Hearing on 2013 Preliminary Budget; public comments received

October 3-12 - Town Board reviews comments, develops a Final Budget

October 17 - Town Board Legislative meeting, adoption of a Final 2013 Budget

Until next week, be well and be safe!













August 2, 2012
Town Clerk Steklof Elected VP of Cornell Municipal Clerks Institute

Penfield Town Clerk Amy M. Steklof attended the Cornell Municipal Clerks Institute (CMCI) July 8-12 at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY and was elected Vice President of CMCI’s first year class by her peers.

CMCI is a premium educational opportunity provided by a partnership between the City and Village Clerks, the Town Clerks Association of the State of New York, New York State Association of Clerks of County Legislative Boards and Cornell University’s Community and Regional Development Institute.

Forty-two clerks from around New York State and Pennsylvania attended the Institute, and 11 officials and clerks visited for a one-day program on July 11.

Chris Sampson, a former telecommunications industry executive with an MBA in Executive Management, and currently the First Vice President of the New York State Town Clerks Association, said that “CMCI provides a level of technical training and management development experiences analogous to the training I received in the private sector as part of my preparation for executive management.”

Amy Steklof commented, “Attending the Cornell Municipal Clerks Institute was a unique experience and strong professional development opportunity. It was especially meaningful to learn alongside my peers from across the state.”

The awards banquet was held at the Finger Lakes Wine Center, where graduates of the Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) and Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) programs were recognized.

More information about the Cornell Municipal Clerks Institute can be found at For more information on IIMC, visit or contact the IIMC headquarters at (800) 251-1639 or


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