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On November 1, 2017 the Town of Penfield adopted Local Law No. 3 of 2017 for the creation of the Mixed Use District (MUD) in the Town’s Zoning Ordinance under Chapter 250 of the Town Code and accepted the Mixed Use District Development Manual.  The creation of the new zoning district and the Manual was made possible by the work of the Mixed Use District Steering Committee, which was made up of residents from the Town of Penfield.  The project began as a planning study from the recommendations set forth in the 2010 Comprehensive Plan.  Below is background information about the project including a timeline of events and key documents.  Residents and developers interested in reviewing the zoning ordinance can visit

Background on Mixed Use

Throughout the 2010 Comprehensive Plan process the general public emphasized the need for residential options beyond the common single family residences that are widely available all over town. Mixed use development was identified as having a variety of residential options blended with community uses and neighborhood-scale commercial uses. A safe transportation system offering multi-modal options designed to accommodate a spectrum of all people is desirable.

Other key observations and viewpoints from the Town's planning processes that must be recognized include:

• Mixed use developments have proven to be the most sustainable communities compared to typical suburban conventionally zoned single use districts.

• Promote a coordinated approach to access management, traffic circulation, safe multi-modal elements, appropriate interconnections, lighting, landscaping, and community.mixed-use-development-content_Colonel_Cohoe_Walkway_Smaller_.jpg

• Well-designed, higher-density development is more sustainable in terms of reducing the development footprint, the cost of infrastructure and energy use.

• There is an unmet need in the Town and region for alternatives to traditional suburban tract housing that can enhance "quality of life" through higher standards for design and layout to improve walkability, safety, and proximity to jobs, services, and entertainment.

• The commercial component of a future mixed use district is expected to be neighborhood scale and not anticipated to serve regional markets.

• Mixed-use zoning must be flexible to allow developers to respond to a variety of market conditions.

For more information on mixed use development and how it can be applied in Penfield, please refer to the Mixed Use Development Manual (PDF) available below on this page.

Project Participants

Key participants include the Town of Penfield, area businesses, neighborhood representatives, Monroe County Department of Parks, New York State Department of Transportation, and the Genesee Transportation Council. A Steering Committee of stakeholders was appointed by the Town Board to assist with the project.

SEQRA Process

Following the completion of the Scoping Document, town staff and its consultants began preparing a Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS).  On April 5, 2017 the Town Board passed resolution 17T-093, thereby making a determination of completeness of the DGEIS document and setting a public hearing for the DGEIS for the creation of a new Mixed Use Zoning District.  The public hearing meeting was scheduled by the board to be held at the Penfield Town Hall, 3100 Atlantic Avenue, Penfield NY, 14526, in the Auditorium Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 7:00 PM. The associated documents have been made available below on this webpage. 

A public comment period was opened by the Town Board on April 6, 2017 for public input on the DGEIS document and was set to close at 5:00 PM on Friday, May 26, 2017.  Comments may be submitted via mail, hand delivery, email, and fax to: Town of Penfield, Attn: Planning Department, 3100 Atlantic Avenue, Penfield, NY 14526; email:; fax: (585) 340-8754.

At its meeting on Wednesday, June 7, 2017, the Town Board passed resolution 17T-126 to accept the Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) for the proposed creation of the new Mixed Use Zoning District. The project Findings Statement was prepared as one the final steps in the SEQRA process and was accepted on August 9, 2017.

Project Schedule

January 25, 2012 Authorization from the town board to proceed with the project
March 15, 2012 Received final confirmation of the $25,000 grant from GTC
April 3, 2012 Submit Scope of Work to GTC for approval
April 12, 2012 Present the Scope of Work to GTC Committee at meeting; Scope of Work approved
May 2012 The advisory committee (town staff and GTC representative) is established; Prepare the RFP
June 2012 Town board resolution to accept GTC grant; town board resolution to issue RFP
July 2012 Receive and review the submitted proposals
August 2012 Select a consultant; town board to appoint the steering committee
December 2012 Town board resolution to authorized selected consultant to commence work; town board to appoint the steering committee
January-July 2013 Steering committee meetings; consultant will generate the draft documents
June 2013 Public Information meeting
July 2013 50% draft Mixed Use Manual
November 2013 80% draft Mixed Use Manual
March 2015 95% draft Mixed Use Manual
September 2015 Final Draft Mixed Use Manual submitted to the Penfield Town Board
May 4, 2016 The Town Board held a public hearing meeting open to the public, on the Mixed Use Development Manual and proposed Mixed Use Zoning District. The Town Board will accept comments in written form until the public hearing is closed on a later date this month.
Augest 9, 2017 Complete SEQRA process
November 1, 2017 Implementation: Amending Official Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map including the creation of a New Mixed Use District, and Acceptance of Mixed Use Development Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Who worked on this project?
In January of 2013, the Town Board appointed a vast cross section of residents to three committees to help guide the project. The first is the Manitou Lake Sub-committee made up of representatives within the project area. The second is the Route 250 Sub-committee made up of representatives within the project area. The third is the Core Committee which will attend both sub-committee meetings and serve as an umbrella over the process. The Core Committee consists of residents; business owners; design professionals; a retired real estate appraiser; a farmer; representatives from the NYS Department of Transportation, Monroe County Planning, and the Genesee Transportation Council; a Penfield Town Board member; and staff. We worked hard to make sure many stakeholders in the process have representation on the steering committees. All committee members bring unique skills to the project. A complete list of committee members is available below.

Sub-committees role is to provide recommendations to the Town Board for their review, consideration, and eventually approval.

How is this being funded?
The Town was fortunate to receive a federal grant through the Genesee Transportation Council’s (GTC) Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP). The UPWP is intended to help integrate strongly-valued local priorities with regional transportation goals. You can access additional information on GTC’s website by clicking on the following link: The remaining project costs were budgeted within the Town’s 2012 and 2013 budgets.

What are the boundaries?
The project identified study areas in the NYS Route 250 area from the Penfield Center Road down to the Eastside Y.  The Committee worked to refine the study areas and ultimately made a recommendation to the Town Board to rezone a group of select parcel along NYS Route 250.  A map of the properties included in the Mixed Use District is available in the Documents of Interest on this webpage and in the Mixed Use Development Manual.

Who are the project consultants?
After putting the project out to bid, the Town Board hired James Sipes of Sand County Studios and Stephen Lovett of ELM

Who do I contact for more information?
If you have a question pertaining to the Town’s Mixed Use project that is not listed here, please e-mail it to the Planning Department at and we will happily provide you with an answer.

Documents of Interest

Mixed Use Development Documents and Resources
2017-11-01-Town of Penfield Mixed Use Development Manual
2017-11-01-Town of Penfield Mixed Use District Zoning Ordinace
2017-11-01- Resolution - 17T-191 Acceptance of Mixed Use Development Manual
2017-11-01- Resolution - 17T-190 Local Law 3 of 2017 Mixed Use District
2017-11-01 Mixed Use District Boundary Map
2017-08-09 Penfield MUD Findings Statement
Penfield Mixed Use Final GEIS
Penfield Mixed Use Final GEIS Appendices
Town Board Resolution 17T-126 - Accepting the Final GEIS
2017-03-20 Penfield Mixed Use DGEIS
Penfield Mixed Use DGEIS Appendices
2017-04-05 Town Board Resolution: 17T-093 Determination of Completeness of DGEIS
Resolution 16T-187: Acceptance of Final Outline of Proposed Mixed Use District
2016-07-20 Adopted Resolution 16T-164 Acceptance of Lead Agency Mixed Use Declaration
2016-09-07 Penfield Mixed Use District Final Scoping Document
2016-07-20 Penfield Mixed Use Zoning District Pos Dec Form
2016-07-20 Penfield Mixed Use Zoning Distrcit Pos Dec Scoping ENB
2016-07-13 Final GTC Lead Agency Response Letter
2016-07-13 Lead Agency Letter - Penfield Mixed Use District
2016 The Proposed Mixed Use District Presentation
2016-05-04 Public Hearing Notice for Mixed Use District and Attachments
Proposed Mixed Use Zoning District Ordinance - DRAFT

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