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The Historical Preservation Ordinance of the Town of Penfield was adopted by the Town Board on September 4, 1973.

The Purpose of the ordinance is to preserve the historical and architectural character of designated structures or districts within the town; to prevent the impairment of or injury to their historical, architectural, and cultural value to the community.

The Historic Preservation Board was formed to provide implementation of the Ordinance.

The Ordinance requires that the owner of a designated landmark must have a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Historic Preservation Board before any exterior changes are made to the building. Interior changes do not require action by the board.

The Historic Preservation Board designates Penfield Landmarks and oversees Historic Preservation Districts. The seven-member board meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM in the Town Hall.

Historic Preservation Board:

Joan M. Belgiorno (Chair)
Thomas J. Combs
Glenn Enderby
Mira Mejibovsky
Michael Pignato
Don Crumb
Stephen Golding

Permitted actions that do not require a Certificate of Appropriateness:
  • ordinary maintenance
  • repair of any exterior architectural feature of a Landmark or property in a District that does not involve a change in design, material, or outward appearance
Actions that do require a Certificate of Appropriateness:
  • exterior alterations
  • restoration
  • reconstruction
  • demolition
  • new construction
  • moving structures
  • any material change in the exterior appearance such as windows, shutters, light fixtures, signs, sidewalks, fences, steps, paving, changes in grade, change in exterior colors, change in siding material

Application for a Certificate of Appropriateness or Contact the Developmental Services Office at (585) 340-8642

Penfield has three Historic Preservation Districts that include:

  • First District - 1872, 1874, 1876, and 1880 Blossom Road
  • Second District- 1862-1895 Penfield Road
  • Third District - 1931-2212 Five Mile Line Road

The following properties are designated landmarks in the Town of Penfield:

  • 1880 Blossom Rd.
  • 1960 Clark Rd.
  • 1363 Creek St.
  • 1931 Five Mile Line Rd.
  • 1932 Five Mile Line Rd.
  • 2129 Five Mile Line Rd.
  • 2131 Five Mile Line Rd.
  • 2204 Five Mile Line Rd.
  • 1941 Penfield Rd.
  • 1996 Penfield Rd.
  • 2040 Penfield Rd.
  • 1620 Qualtrough Rd.
  • 1684 Scribner Rd.
  • 1689 Scribner Rd.
  • 1720 Sweets Corners Rd.
  • 992 Whalen Rd.
  • 1140 Whalen Rd.
  • 1784 Penfield Rd.
  • 2635 Penfield Rd.
  • 2780 Penfield Rd.

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