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This page is a collection of resources and information from the Town of Penfield regarding the sale and development of Shadow Lake and Shadow Pines golf courses within the town.


February 27, 2018 Referendum FAQs

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Golf - The Shadows

October 31, 2016
October 25, 2016 - Dear Moratorium Committee members:

I am writing to give you an update on activity regarding the committee’s recommendations for future land use for the Shadow Pines property. 

Since the submission of your report to the town board we have been actively reviewing and following through on next steps related to your recommendations. Although no actions have been taken in any final direction, we have undertaken a property appraisal and continue to discuss all potential land uses. It is also important for us to have on-going communications with the Dolomite Corporation. 

The site has sparked the imagination of a number of entities. On the table are open space, senior living, recreation, and continued use of the Clark House as a food-based enterprise. I anticipate that some combination of these ideas will lead us to a sound future for this property.  

I will comment in order of committee’s recommendations:

Option 1: The Committee recommends that the Town of Penfield purchase the Shadow Pines property to preserve open space and recreational opportunities for the community.

Regarding your recommendation to purchase the land, the town board has received and is reviewing a formal appraisal of the property. Along with the appraisal, the town board needs to make a preliminary assessment of the environmental condition of the property. This is a standard and necessary “Phase I” procedure for any project involving land use. This option also requires a series of steps which are being reviewed by our legal team that could ultimately lead to a public referendum. I will provide an update on these items as the town board and legal completes their review.

Option 2 (alternative): The Town purchases the four Shadow Pines parcels to develop an independent senior living environment featuring significant expanses of green spaces.

If we are not able to achieve Option 1 (for a number of possible reasons), this Option 2 makes sense as an alternative for all the reasons set forth by the committee. Interest in Option 2 has been expressed from senior living professionals and many residents who are closely watching the progress of the moratorium.  

Option 3 (alternative): Allow cluster development pursuant to Town Law Section 278 

My vision for the site takes this option is off the table. From your work and comments from residents, this solution is not right for the immediate neighborhood or town at large. 

As I noted in my last communication, because of this process and related learnings, I have asked the town board and staff to begin the town’s next Comprehensive Plan Update in 2017 instead of 2019 as was originally intended. The matter of future land use and zoning of Shadow Lake and other golf/recreational sites in the town need to be addressed for the long-term benefit of the Penfield community. 

The town board and I are sensitive to the moratorium timeline and will continue our ongoing work towards an outcome that offers the best solution for the Penfield community. 

On behalf of the Penfield Town Board and the residents of Penfield, I thank you again for your service. 

R. Anthony LaFountain

Penfield Town Supervisor


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