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Engineering Department


M-F 9 AM - 5 PM
Town Hall, 2nd floor
3100 Atlantic Ave
Ph: (585) 340-8681
Fx: (585) 340-8754

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DPW-Enginer-001.jpgThe Engineering Department provides technical support to the Town Board, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, and other Town departments. It oversees public works projects involving drainage, sidewalks, and construction. The Engineering Department coordinates projects with other county, state and federal agencies.

The Town of Penfield Engineering office is responsible for a variety of projects that include working with everyone from town residents to state officials. 

It is the responsibility of the Town Engineer to:


  • Coordinate with other town, county, and state agencies regarding projects of mutual interest.
  • Provide input to Town Supervisor and various board members regarding planning, facility, drainage, highway, traffic, water, sewer, or other technical issues.
  • Provide field observations and consultation for all development in the town, and that it complies with the resolutions provided from the appropriate approval boards, and to verify that such financial obligations of the development are met and properly administered.
  • Assist with revisions to the Town's Development Specifications and keeps it current with updates.
  • Receive drainage complaints, and review and recommend improvements for drainage issues that affect the town and its residents.
  • Oversee the Town’s sidewalk program that prioritizes where new sidewalks are to be installed and where repairs will be made.

Penfield Flood Zone information is available at FEMA’s  Map Service Center .


Mark Valentine, P.E., Town Engineer
Phone: (585) 340-8645

Mike O'Connor, Assistant Engineer
Phone: (585) 340-8619

Sarah Clauser, – Engineering Assistant 
Phone: (585) 340-8683

Linda Cummings – Clerk 
Phone: (585) 340-8681

Town of Penfield
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