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The Town currently owns and operates approximately 700 streetlights across Penfield. Most of these streetlights are located at the intersections of main Town, County and State Roads within the Town and along main roads such as Penfield Road, Five Mile Line Road, Browncroft Boulevard and Empire Boulevard. Other streetlights are located within certain subdivisions in which the developer installed these lights as part of the development.

In August of 2001 the Town concluded negotiations with RG&E to purchase streetlights from the utility. This was done in a cost saving effort, to avoid paying ongoing lease rates on the lighting equipment and allow the flexibility of shopping for the best electric rates. Now that Penfield owns the lighting equipment we purchase only electricity from a local supplier and we outsource required maintenance. This move has saved the Town taxpayers many thousands of dollars and has allowed us to expand the system even further.

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Lighting Districts

The Town of Penfield currently utilizes two (2) categories to define street lighting:

  • Townwide Street Lighting District – The goal of this district is to increase the safety of the traveling public through illumination of intersections. These intersections are defined as those of dedicated subdivision streets with main Town, County Roads and/or State Highways, as well as intersections of main Town Roads with County and State highways. Because this type of street lighting benefits the traveling public at large, the associated capital, operating and maintenance costs shall be levied to all properties within Penfield, on an ad-valorem basis.

  • Intensified Street Lighting Districts – The goal of this type of lighting district is to allow for increased levels of roadway lighting, primarily along subdivision streets or to provide thematic lighting within special improvement areas. Where Intensified Street Lighting is installed within a subdivision development the primary benefit from these improvements are those properties within the district and therefore any debt, operation and/or maintenance costs shall be levied uniformly to all these properties.

Priorities for New Locations

Street lighting improvements shall be prioritized by the Town Board on an annual basis. These annual priorities shall be set using pending recommendations from County or State agencies, public input, recommendations of the Transportation Committee and/or town staff. 

The Town Board and Street Lighting staff shall periodically update a list of intersections without street lighting, working towards the eventual goal of providing street lighting at all intersections, as described under Townwide Street Lighting District.

Request Street Lights

Townwide - From time to time the Town Board will receive a petition from a resident or group of residents to have street lighting facilities installed at a particular location or intersection. On an annual basis the Town Board shall review all requests and assign a relative priority ranking for the location. Based on these annual priorities the Town staff will arrange to have these streetlights installed. 

Intensified - If a group of residents or a neighborhood association wishes to have street lighting installed within their subdivision they may petition the Town Board to establish an Intensified Lighting District for the purpose of providing intensified or thematic/decorative lighting within a specific improvement area. In this case the neighborhood association would request that the Town Board have a plan and report prepared which outlines proposed district boundaries, lighting layout, estimate of costs, debt service implications and operating and maintenance costs. In this case the property owners within the benefited area would pay for the cost of the improvements through a bond obtained through the Town. Town staff is available to assist in determining the financial impacts within the proposed district.


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