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Penfield DPW Highway crews repair and maintain approximately 130 miles of town roads, storm sewers and drainage systems throughout the town. During winter, snow and ice control operations are performed on more than 200 miles of state, county and town roads. More than 75 vehicles and pieces of equipment are kept in top working order to handle the department's many responsibilities.

Snow plow photoWinter Parking Rules are in Effect November 15-April 1

Snow plow rules are in effect in the Town of Penfield from November 15 through April 1. This means no parking is allowed on all roads and highways between 2:00 AM and 7:00 AM to allow highway crews to safely and effectively maintain roads.

Snow Plows and Mailboxes

Regrettably, in extreme winter conditions, mailboxes can be damaged during snow removal because they are installed close to the road in the highway right-of-way as a courtesy to the US Postal Service. In most cases, damage to mailboxes is a result of the force of snow coming off a plow's blade. This scenario is dependent on weather conditions, amount of snowfall, and the weight of snow.

At times, a Town or private contractor plow will accidentally hit and damage a mailbox. This is an unfortunate consequence of snow removal with heavy equipment in challenging weather conditions

How can you determine how your mailbox was damaged? Typically, if a mailbox is pushed over and has no impact marks, it was probably knocked over by the weight of snow coming off a plow's blade. If the mailbox or post shows evidence of an impact, it may have been struck by a Town or private contractor plow blade or a passing vehicle. The angle at which a mailbox has fallen also helps to determine the source of damage.

If a Town of Penfield plow directly hits and damages a mailbox, the Town will replace the mailbox with a standard issue black or silver metal box and a single 4x4 post. If you believe this has happened to your mailbox, please call the Highway Department at 340-8710. If you have a photo of the damaged mailbox please send it to with your address and contact information.

If a mailbox is damaged from snow coming off a plow blade, the Town will not replace the mailbox. 
If a private contractor plows your driveway, we recommend that you learn their policies regarding damage to your (or your neighbor's) property caused by their operators or equipment.

Snow Plows and Driving

When the snow does come, please allow for extra drive time. Clear all snow from your vehicle including headlights and tail lights. Give plow operators plenty of room to do their job for you. Don't try to race a plow or make quick moves to "get away." Cars are not always visible and big trucks cannot always stop quickly to respond to sudden moves by cars. Please be smart and safe this winter.Snow Removal and Placement

Another important snow reminder: New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law and New York State Highway Law prohibit depositing any snow upon the highway or its shoulders. This includes pushing snow across a highway or into a cul-de-sac. Plow contractors must push the snow up onto a customer's property. Many neighbors complain about this during the winter months. Everyone should know Monroe County Sheriff Deputies will issue tickets if this occurs.

Oil and Stone

The Town of Penfield surface treats 10 to 12 percent of 136 miles of town-owned roads every spring with an application of “oil and stone” to preserve the asphalt surface and extend the life of town roads. Project schedules vary depending on weather conditions and equipment availability.

The town does not apply oil and stone as an alternative to paving; rather, surface treatment is preventative maintenance to prolong the life of roadways, similar to the practice of residential driveway sealing.

Oil is applied to seal the pavement surface and fill any small surface cracks that allow water to get into the pavement and cause premature failure, shortening the life of the road. Crushed stone adds friction as a “wear surface” to minimize slippery roads and improve safety. Cul-de-sacs receive a slurry treatment of oil and stone.

The resurfacing process moves along quickly, and access to treated roads is disrupted only 10 to 15 minutes. Roads can be driven on immediately at a reduced speed of 10 to 15 mph. DPW street sweepers follow the application within a few weeks to clean up loose stone.

Link: Annual Oil and Stone Projects

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