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If you have an emergency please call 911

Animal Control is located in the Don Mack Building,
1587 Jackson Road, (map)

The Town of Penfield Animal Control department is staffed by one full-time and two part-time animal control officers. An officer is always on call. Officers are responsible for responding to resident calls and enforcing the town's Animal Control Ordinance that defines the rules and responsibilities of dog ownership including leash requirements, barking, improper animal waste disposal and suspected rabies cases. New York State law also requires cats to be vaccinated against rabies.

The Animal Control department loans have-a-heart traps to residents from April through November.  Animal Control Officers also conduct a dog census and assist with licensing. In addition, the Animal Control department provides residents with education on wildlife and domestic animal safety.

Animal Control does not manage wildlife unless an animal is sick, injured or is aggressive. In general, wildlife should be left alone. Issues relating to wildlife should be directed to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation at 585-226-5380 (also see Frontier white pages).

When to call Animal Control
(585) 340-8616

  • If you suspect a domestic or wild animal has rabies
  • To report animal abuse (or call the Humane Society of Greater Rochester Animal Cruelty/Law Enforcement 24-Hour Hotline at 585-223-6500)
  • To report an unleashed dog at large
  • To report any violation of the Animal Control Ordinance
  • If you have captured a wild animal in a trap (call for special details regarding skunks; there is a limit of five trapped animals per year).
  • To request a have-a-heart trap (loaned on Saturdays, call ahead to arrange)
  • To request an educational presentation
  • To report a lost or found pet

Missing and Found Pets 
Post missing or found pets on this web site and on PenfieldTV.  Please complete the form (above) for missing or found pets and drop it off in the Animal Control office, or mail it to Animal Services, 3100 Atlantic Avenue, Penfield, NY 14526 (map). You may also use the form as a guide and phone the information in to 340-8616.  No personal information will be distributed. If you have any questions about this or other animal matters, please contact Penfield Animal Control. 


When NOT to call Animal Control and Alternatives

  • To retrieve a wild animal in your house or other structure.
    Although Animal Control cannot remove the animal, please call for a referral to a wildlife nuisance operator or rehabilitator.

  • To report a dead animal on a roadway.
    Instead, call the Town Highway Department at 340-8710. (The Town removes dead animals from town and county roads. New York State DOT removes carcasses from state-owned roads. The Highway Department will contact NYSDOT if needed.)

  • To remove a dead animal from private property.
    To dispose of deceased wildlife such as raccoon or possum you may bury it (hole should be at least 3 feet deep) or place in a plastic garbage bag (should place bag into second bag) and place in trash container.  Any questions call Animal Services or the DEC number at top of page.


Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester
99 Victor Road
Fairport, NY 14450
585-425-4183 Fax
Animal Cruelty/Law Enforcement 24 Hour Hotline: 585-223-6500



Animal Control Documents
Missing Pet Report Form
2016-02-01 Town of Penfield Dog License Brochure
RABIES - What you should Know Information
Lost and Found Pet

June 5, 2019
Lost Cat named McGee


Lost Cat named McGee from 10 Peabody Circle in Penfield, 14526.  McGee is a 7-Yr-Old Grey/Tan Tiger Mix with Black Markings.

If found, please call (585) 764-7075.


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